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Established in early 1996, The Syndicate® is the most successful Virtual Community in the history of Online Gaming with hundreds of members across many gaming worlds. Learn more about us at (


An ancient organization shrouded in secrecy, there are believed to be many hundreds of members, across many universes of which Star Citizen is but one. This is a highly exclusive society where membership is earned and turnover virtually non-existent. For centuries, their members have walked across the skin of many worlds, and there are uncounted tomes filled with their deeds. Although some of the tales seem to have grown with the telling, and speak of impossible things like slaying dragons and saving entire civilizations, research has proven that the legend of The Syndicate is likely far larger than what is publicly known about them . In fact, it is clear that throughout history, their involvement has greatly influenced the development of all of the universes within which their armies roam.

While the numbers and identities of The Syndicate remain largely unknown, the few identified members of this organization are unique and capable individuals. They represent some of the highest ideals in humanity, and are known for their honesty and generosity. They rarely speak of their status within their organization, and never talk about its internal affairs. Apparently, what happens within is a secret to anyone not already a member, and they are extremely selective of those who wish to join their august ranks.

Often imitated but never surpassed, they are no mere collection of pilots. In fact, if the tales are to believed, they generally are a force of good for humanity. Certainly the incredible duration of their existence, combined with the many things they have managed to achieve speaks volumes about their dedication to their association, and to each other.

Perhaps their motto, “In Friendship We Conquer” says it best.

Often imitated, but never surpassed, they are known only as The Syndicate.

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There is a mighty fortress known only to members of the Syndicate, ancient and impregnable. Its name is Arx Draconis, and within its hallowed walls, legends walk. There are huge tomes of history to be found within the vaults there, and the treasure of the ages as well, but its history is not dead. It is alive, and being written even now, shaped by the veterans of this shadowy organization as events unfold throughout all the ‘Verses.

There is a plaque there, which reads:

“There are worlds unknown to many,
secret lands full of adventure and danger.
Strange places where nature has been corrupted.
It is these worlds that The Syndicate rules,
crushing the bones of our enemies
and wielding the burning light of Justice.”

While our goals and directives remain our own, and are not to be shared, know this: from our newest recruit to our most venerable veterans, The Syndicate accepts only the best, and demands nothing less from its members.

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The Syndicate is the oldest, largest and most powerful online gaming community. Literally over 60,000,000 guilds have risen and fallen in our lifetime. A portion of our success derives itself from a set of core values and laws that govern the guild. We strive not only to continue to lead the online gaming world as its premier guild but also to be unified and have fun! As with any successful guild, member participation is key. Here are some of our core guild goals, rules, policies etc… that prospective members should know before joining:

Overall Guild Mission Statement
The Syndicate is an virtual online gaming community. We do not exist for any one specific game. We are a community of adult, mature, veteran gamers. We seek to make The Syndicate community the strongest, most well known, and most successful gaming community in the history of online gaming. We are dedicated to a friendly, team focused, fun-loving gaming environment where every member is important and not just a number on a roster. We seek to foster long term friendships among members and enhance the online gaming experience by virtue of those friendships.

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