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LOCE Corporation, well-known as a premier research and engineering corporation, traces its founding and incorporation to 2782. Initially, this corporation was the 342 Solar Development Corporation headquartered in Terra’s capital of Prime, ten years prior to the massacre of Garron II.

As the original name suggests, the chief product of 342SDC was in the research, production, and trade of high capacity solar crystals found in many plants at that time.

However, in 2920, economic scarcity was on the rise. This turmoil led to a struggle towards the best hold of the markets. Antitrust corporate espionage involving local government corruption and collusion with the profit-driven corporations towards the Xi’an, led to an eventual relocation to the outer territories.

This has not yet been noted in the Historical Truth Act of 2941 and a complaint has been filed requesting the records release. The reply to date has been ‘the records in question have not yet been archived and, therefore, do not classify as “history”.’

These circumstances and corresponding historical events well-known, led to a change in the Articles of Incorporation and Organization into LOCE Corporation. LOCE Corp has since invested its resources in Engineering and Trade on the fringe of the known galaxy to discover a solution to the Vanduul conflict. The reader is referred to the current Roles and Ranks documentation for existing board members of LOCE Corp.

Recognizing that throughout history, the largest discoveries in weaponry and defense have been on the outskirts of civilization, the past 27 years of LOCE Corporation have been devoted to applied research and commerce in armaments and ship systemization. This specialization has led to numerous contracts with Aegis Ship Building. LOCE Corp is also a leader in the trade of excess resources and materials to contribute in the fight against the Vanduul.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.