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Roberts Space Industries

Logix / LOGIX

  • Syndicate
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  • Infiltration
  • Piracy

Here at LOGIX We believe in quality over quantity and working in a small cohesive group, rather than a large unorganized mess.
Right now we are looking to expand our member base and bring in the right people to our family.

Visit us on Discord!


Who are we?

LOGIX comes from a friend group with over 15 years of playing together. We are built from a player group of nerds who enjoy getting drunk on tuesdays, playing games and stressing out from our regular day jobs. LOGIX comes from various space games, but EVE was our home. If you’re a fellow NC., -10.0, BL etc… drop a line ;)

What about you?

If you are interested in all types of transportation, whether its long-haul commodity, private ‘no-questions-asked’ courier, gas and mineral transporting or high-value cargo running. We have a place for you.
If you are interested in being part of a crew on one of our larger vessels, whether its a gunner on one of our large or capital escort ships, or one of our freight ships. We have a place for you.
If you have no idea what you want to do, and just want some cool guys to hang out with. We have a place for you.
Do you like to live your life outside your game, join people on camping trips, bribe your way into a cardboard pirate ship competition or meet up a bar in a foreign country? We have a place, and probably a room in our tent ;) for you…

What we offer:

Active and well-organized Discord, with back-up Teamspeak voice server.
Active members to play with daily.
Experience all the game has to offer, including large and capital ship gameplay.
Be part of a fun and friendly multi-game community.

Visit us on Discord!


“The planet is fine. The people are fucked.” – George Carlin

We like to enjoy the game we play, beer is included.


We are dedicated to never playing a game like ATLAS again, however, if you enjoy that. Have a Zima.

There are no rules, just don’t be a dick to eachother.