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Intrepid Outpost Trading / LOSJEFES

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Trading
  • Scouting

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Do you enjoy traveling to discover new places? Collect souvenirs on long trips?

Welcome to Intrepid Outpost Trading, an organization for scouts and traders! Keeping your individualism and help each other out across the verse. Share the wealth or an experience!


We all want to be our own boss, Intrepid has been providing that chance for many new explorers. Small group of scouts rumored to be traveling unnoticed for some time in the verse, some say they do have a base hidden on a moon. Still these can be rumors. What is true is the fact you will be treated with respect and given support when in need by follow members.

The OG founders had retired and left their old life behind many years ago, but their intention was to keep the Outpost alive and well for those who need a group to explore the verse and beyond. They placed the title of Surrogate Founder to remind future members no one is above each other, we are in this Org to support one another so we can all become Jefes.


Rank titles description:

Haulers: Starting out in the beginning is tough, you do what you have to do to get by. Moving people’s wants and needs all over the verse for some UEC.

Green Movers: On top of hauling goods, hustling on the side becomes the name of the game. Picking up extra contracts that have a higher UEC reward/payment.

Big Kois: Now you have a hefty amount in your pocket, you can expand into new ventures. Some Kois, in the past, leave the Org behind to start out on their own. Most Kois either become heavy security/enforcers or expand into bigger business trading.

Free Owners: The ones who remain flourish as Free Owners. They’ve built their business to however they see fit for their needs. They can be leaders when on missions or heavy situations. Their experience and funds makes working in the verse so much easier.

Producers: By now its time to take some time off and explore the verse for pleasure. Your luxury ship is waiting for you. At this level its all about managing and giving work. The UEC you make comes from trusted hands: fellow members. Got multiple big jobs? Need a solid crew? Price isn’t a issue for you, trusted members will make sure your income is always flowing

Jefes: Nothing is too big or too small for you. You’ve been through a lot and you want to provide a place to let others rise along side you. Undisclosed amounts of UEC in the bank, you can support members or yourself however you please. Everyone deserve respect and a chance to succeed. Jefes have experienced that and should be able to provide that to others


Support Traders and scouts whenever possible. If you need a crew reach out to members in I.O.T.

Even when you are your own boss you may need help from trusted friends. When you become apart of the Intrepid Outpost Trading Org you become a support and safety against those who get in the way of our businesses.