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Roberts Space Industries ®

The Lost Souli / LOSTSOULI

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

“Dead before Divestment” .Yazi su ktambu.* join us on discord, were online everyday, meet us in the verse and come chat with us!


Starting out we had it hard, each one of our lives torn apart by war on different and distant planets, a group of Yumano “humans” eventually meeting behind thick steel doors and hating each other, a syndicate infiltrated our hidden prison to break out one of their own and in doing so unintentionally started a riot. A Banu friend brought us together to help us escape during the chaos, under the conditions of us working under his Souli “guild”. once on the surface we were guided to a cargo ship and taken to one of the Banu home worlds. learning the Banu ways and with a fresh new start we became apprentices for a Souli and eventually taking it over after our Essosouli “Master” died. now with our new lives we explore, learn, trade and just about anything else we need to do to grow our Souli


We do what we must to stake our claim on the universe all while making a profit.


Support yourself and your Souli, its a big universe so go and make something of yourself.