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The Coalition / MAC13

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We are a Private Military Company designed to bring precise force, logistical support, and mission-critical data to wherever it’s needed most. Hire us for the job and you know it’ll get done.

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The Coalition was formed as a merger of three private companies: Obsidian Star PMC, End of Days Merchant Marine Services, and Guardian Owl Tracking Services. Intended as an all-in-one solution to meet the needs of a dangerous galaxy, The Coalition has slowly expanded to become a solid competitor in the security market, while maintaining the logistical base and scouting expertise to fulfill any mission; no matter how daunting or dangerous.



The Coalition was formed to be the most trusted name in the private military sector. Our well-trained, experienced forces provide peace of mind to any operation you hire them for. From combat pilots, to fleet commanders, to boots-on-the-ground marines, we bring the best to spear head any operation. Call The Coalition for the job, and you know the job will get done. Just sit back and wait for the fireworks.

We are currently growing in size, however at our core we will be a group that loves to have fun and enjoy the game. When the time for action comes, role playing is encouraged but not required. Life will always come first and here in The Coalition we understand that. We often organize events or training, including some joint ops with other organizations. This is not an org with thousands of drones: we are a tight knit group of people that enjoy playing together, all while having enough members to crew our mighty fleet if the need arises.

Even though the organization is a primarily a private military company, we want players that enjoy all aspects of game play. First and foremost, we are a fighting force: everyone is expected to know how to operate a rifle, man a turret, and work as a team. Through our three Divisions of Security, Logistics, and Recon, we facilitate specialized gameplay while still retaining operational flexibility when the need arises. Whether your interests are in bringing hell to your enemies, scoring a huge profit on a cargo run, going unflinchingly into the cold, dark beyond, or you’re a fresh pledge and haven’t yet found your niche in the ‘verse, The Coalition has a place for everyone. I look forward to hearing from you if you decide this is the place you want to be.

-HelljumperMac, Founder


The Coalition is run by a simple set of rules:
1. IRL stuff is always first, and RSI stuff is later.

2. Don’t be rude, and treat others the way you would prefer. (Hopefully its somewhat G rated)

3. Please correctly utilize all channels and categories as they were intended to be used.

4. Please make sure your in-game name matches your name in discord. It makes everything much more manageable.

5. No political opinions. Nobody cares to listen to you reeking up the place. Political discussion or forensic analysis could be tolerated but is entirely at the discretion of other members present at that time.

6. No racial slurs. This includes text chat and voice comms. Failure to abide by this rule will result in an instant notice to staff, and immediate restriction and loss of all standings and permissions until appropriate action are automatically or personally taken.

Our organization is divided into three Divisions: Security, Logistics, and Recon. These Divisions are not hard boundaries of what you are and aren’t allowed to do, but general groups of capabilities and interests. Nobody is exempt from a job when the need arises, nor is anybody excluded when they want to participate.

The Security Division comprises of most of our combat forces, including fighter pilots, fleet commanders, and marines. Our primary arm, it forms the muscle that is brought to any dogfight, combat drop, or escort mission. Security members often work alongside Logistics, providing escorts and gunners whenever the space gets hot. All new members are sorted into Security by default, and through their work here can earn the funds to specialize and buy ships.

The Logistics Division is the industrial and technical backbone of the Coalition, keeping our fleets in space and valuable resources at our fingertips. Logistics sometimes works semi-independently, running cargo or mining for the sake of pure, delicious profit. Other times, they work directly to support our joint operations in a repair, refuel, and resupply capacity.

The Recon Division is a supplementary group designed to provide intel and long-range capability to the other two divisions. Working alongside Security, Recon scouts targets, provides intel on locations of interest, and intercepts targets for the rest of the squadron to pounce on. Working alongside Logistics, Recon patrols trade lanes for threats, scans and marks resource deposits for extraction, and provides escorts that can go the distance on long journeys.