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Welcome to our official Spectrum channel. Feel free to browse, and please visit our Recruitment section for career opportunities.

Regards Nepharious – Magikal GM


2944-12-21 18:08:15 The Star Citizen Magikal Corporation is founded.

2945-10-10 19:00:00 Magikal represened at CitizenCon

2947-20-04 14:00:00 Magikal represented at BritizenCon

The Story of Magikal

Fleeing a distraught world, a group of explorers came together. Lost peoples, drawn to each other through common interests, following each and every new promise of home where ever it lead. Taking refuge in a myriad of worlds and regions of space never before imagined. The places they landed were all very different.

In an age dark and dangerous, an eon ago, in lands far, far away, the story of those lost people became legend. A band of heroes who’s other worldly knowledge became famed and we were given the name Magikal by a spell caster called Rockinya and his comrade at arms Bren, in a realm called Norrath. Those heroes were our ancesters and we have been searching for a new horizon to settle ever since.

We travelled to medieval, rustic lands, shadowed with darkness. As well as ones that were rife with hordes, amassing for genocide, where no common ground would ever be found. Some lands were very barbaric – Hyborian adventures of a ruthless and bloody nature.

We fought to create a haven in each place we discovered. A far cry from the technology we had become so reliant on. Scientific advancements that were tearing the soul out of the home we left behind. Therefore our initial goal was to learn the most rudimentary of skills available, so that we may craft the items we would need in order to continue our sojourn. On the EVE of our departure from this hell we gathered all those ready for the next expedition into far flung stars.

We found one planet where the laws of gravity were all askew and one we narrowly escaped, where a worm hole opened up before it and was ripping its existence through the vortex into the oblivion of a black hole. Some regions of space had warp drive capabilities and it was a joy to fight among the stars again, against common enemies bent on assimilation of all inferior beings.

Pulled through an interdimensional rift we found a place where these rifts would tear open frequently causing distortions and perversions in then lands and creatures around them. One such took us to a twee and idyllic land where the animals themselves stood in humanoid form and fighting for a place in their scheme of things.

We then found ourselves caught up in a great galactic war where we trained with knights who wielded sabres of light. Each new experience was a learning curve where some stayed to continue the work at hand, rebuilding the cities destroyed by bitter ravages of hate. For the majority our restless souls, drawn further and further to search new horizons and new experiences, we continued wandering. Searching the ever distant horizon, our numbers swelling and falling like the beating of a heart.

On one fated deep space journey we were knocked off course by a solar pulse and slept longer than was intended. We found ourselves in a most exciting and advanced region of space called Banshee, with a habitable if not desolate planet which we found was called Lorona. It was felt that after such an overlong stay in hyper-sleep that we were ready once again for planet side exploration. Breathing fresh air and replenishing our-selves as well as our supplies the Magikal community decided to settle and put all our combined knowledge into starting a new tribe, no, colony. A settlement, a township maybe, with our numbers and experiences combined.

After some initial scouting we found that Lorona was governed by a larger body of officials called the UEE and that their capital was in a system called Sol 111, on a planet called Earth. Our interest peaked we voted to continue to Earth and see what the UEE had to offer.

As soon as we saw its vast technological city vistas, we knew that we wanted to return to our former selves – before all our journeys began. It was decided that Trade and Industry could flourish here; a corporation was definitely what we needed. We wanted to continue exploring this region of space, but with the stability and protection provided with the UEE, we could do so from a new base of operations. With solid roots to build upon and the means, with which to fully support our every exploit.

In a star system rich in resources and opportunities that, we considered, closest to those from the place we initially called home. So with a new challenge of commerce ahead of us we are now working together from a place of strength and security, and we will thrive.

Before applying to us on the RSI site, please fill out the application form on our main website HERE



Magikal Charter

• Magikal Comes First.

It is expected that Magikal is your main organization and not an affiliate. Members shall represent themselves through their use of proper avatars, signatures and tags. All decisions will be made by the board, with the whole corporation’s best interest put as highest priority. However, the CEO will have the final decision in any area of corporate management or dispute. A Corporation is only as strong as its weakest link. We stand together in Magikal, so we help each other out as much as possible.

• Magikal Comes First.

Good team work. Learning to work well together will be essential to our success. Therefore we will host training sessions and team-building exercises. We provide an events calendar where you can sign for these and any corporate events that take place. In any corporate events, everyone could be called to do their bit. If you don’t sign up for these, you will lose out! No excuses, No arguments.

• Magikal Comes First.

As a representative of Magikal you will conduct yourself, at all times, with respect, not only to your Corporation but also in the ‘verse at large. This includes game related forums on the websites. We do not condone, flaming, trolling and or any other kind of harassment of other peoples game play. If you have a grievance with a member you should direct your issue privately to an officer who will address your grievance for you. We also do not abuse exploits of game mechanics and scamming. These are considered very serious actions and can result in removal from the guild. We also do not tolerate any action that puts a member’s account in jeopardy, as this puts the security of the whole Corporation at risk. (An example of this would be gold buying/selling in other games)

• The 28 Day Rule

Magikal is an active Corporation; therefore, you will need to post your inactivity for approval. After 28 days of non-negotiated inactivity, you will lose your membership within the Corporation.

• Magikal Communication

Good communication is essential to any organization; you are therefore required at all times to make use of the Team Speak 3 Server we provide to this purpose. You will not give out TeamSpeak info unless authorized to do so. Members are expected to keep any information regarding areas of operation, fleet or squadron composition, targets or other vital information confidential.

• Magikal Diplomacy

We do have long standing Alliances and may in the future commit to others. You will be expected to adhere to the terms of our alliance. Failure to do so will have serious repercussions. Members must keep updated on latest news, intelligence and faction standings.

Addendum: As a long standing Corporation we believe that adherence to this Charter allows us to have a better game play experience with any venture we endeavor to undertake.

Before applying to us on the RSI site, please fill out the application form on our main website HERE