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Roberts Space Industries

Maikoh Company / MAIKOHCO

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Infiltration
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting

We are a pack and death will reign on those that defy our family! WE ARE MAIKOHWOLVES”!

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“Maikoh” is the Navajo name given to the Wolf, meaning “Leader of the Pack/Alpha”. This company was founded back in the year 2025 by an American U.S Marine General during the times of the Old World when pandemic, riots, and crime stricken the world. In the year 2020, the United States government passed the Police-Citizen Act to disband all police departments and allow citizens to police their own cities for a short period of time while police reform was being conducted due to the distress and injustice that the citizens were feeling under the protection of the city. Not soon after, believing that it was the best course of action, all NATO groups followed suit, and disbanded all City service programs for reform. January 25, 2021 crime was in a all time high and citizens couldn’t maintain their cities, so, the citizens turned to the government to re-establish the police and City Service Programs to reduce the chaos and anarchy that befell them, but due to the current state of the reform, the government couldn’t establish a full police force in all the states. And so, with the permission of the cities’ leaders, the government established the Marshall-Task Act of 2021 to form a small Special Joint Task Force called, “Tri-Arch” that consisted of Veteran Police Officers, agents from the CIA, NSA, FBI, and Military personnel. Amongst this SJTF was ‘Maikoh Co’ led by Marine General Omar Malikah Jortojah. Maikoh Co were one out of three other companies that conducted special covert operations to hunt down the world’s dangerous criminal leaders within U.S borders. Later that year, with the success of Tri-Arch, other countries developed their own SJTFs to lower their rates of crime. On February 3, 2025, all countries’ reforms were complete, and all City Services was re-established and Tri-Arch was not longer needed so the SJTF disbanded. Seeing the effectiveness of the program, when General Jortojah retired a month after the reform, he formed a Private Military Company known as, “Maikoh Co.” Where the best of the best joined to take out criminals and make money doing what they loved. On December 31, 2101, Maikoh Company disbanded and was slowly faded from history. Maikoh Co has since been reformed and is trying to return back to its former glory.


We are here to assist to the highest bidder, but, we will not sacrifice our pride.

We are also here to help our brothers and sisters to have a great experience in Star Citizen by providing teamwork and tactical experience.


Minor 2nd Degree: Warning
-Chat annoyance
-Unwarranted comments
-Unwarranted verbal abuse
-Not mission ready
-Insubordination to Superiors

Minor 1st Degree: Loss of Position/Rank/
-Unwarranted verbal sexual harassment
-Intentional Friendly Fire
-Killing Ally
-Continuous Insubordination
-Abandoning Mission without Proper Authority
-Continuous inappropriate conduct after warning

Major: Removal from Company
-Continuous infractions
-Promoting inappropriate websites
-Continuous inappropriate conduct after Minor 1st Degree
-Scamming Members/Citizens