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Majestic 12 / MAJ12

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Welcome to Majestic 12.
Feel free to browse the member list and check our Recruitment section if you wish to join us.

Добро пожаловать в Majestic 12.
Осмотритесь и посетите секцию рекрутинга, если хотите присоединиться.



Majestic 12 is searching for truth since 1947.

The following individuals were described in the Majestic 12 documents as “designated members” of Majestic 12. It was year 1947.
Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
Vannevar Bush
James Forrestal
Nathan F. Twining
Hoyt Vandenberg
Detlev Bronk
Jerome Clarke Hunsaker
Sidney Souers
Gordon Gray
Donald H. Menzel
Robert M. Montague
Lloyd Berkner

Their main target was to find and describe alien rases and to find the truth. Since then, only member list has changed.
Now, we are not “undercover”. We are acting 100% officially, without hiding the truth.

Since then, form 12 members, we are grown to a massive fleet and joined UEE Navy. However, we are independent organization, that getting great support form the UEE Navy and Government.

And if YOU want to be a part of something greater, you should assign to MJ-12 now.
We will lead you to the truth of Universe.


We have a strong organization, tested by years of public services.

Majestic Leader – Official director of organization. He’s role is to adjust work of the entire MJ12.
Coadjutor – Controls Department Leaders work.
Department Leaders – Control the activities of their departments.

War Department – Because of situation in the UEE it became the primary department.
- Mercenary – taking the jobs to take down enemies of UEE and their citizens.
- Bounty Hunters – taking down single enemies.
- Main Air Force Wing – Take part in massive battles against the pirates and Vanduul.

Support Department – taking care of civilvians and members of MJ-12.
- Medic
- Repair
- Refuel
- Support and Escort

Economic Department – without them we just cant work properly.
- Cargo Transport
- Mining and Salvage, Refining
- Farming
- Selling goods

Science Department – Searching for truth in the Universe. Since 1947. When the war ends, they will become great again.
- Research
- Exploration and Discovery


- Take care of UEE citizens.
- Take care of yourself and your allies.
- DO NOT take part in crime activities, we are legal organization.
- Listen your Leaders.
- Be polite.
- Always support UEE Fleets if you can.

Spoken languages:
- English
- Russian
We should try, to become allies, against the greatest enemy.