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The Marshmallow Mafia / MALLOMAFIA

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Resources

We are The Marshmallow Mafia. We wear our marshmallow man suits and tackle the hottest spots in a variation of Fresh, Toasted, and Golden. Join us for either random or organized fun!


The Marshmallow Mafia was formed in November of 2951, after Caldera and RSI released the trifecta of heat-resistant suits. Fans flooded the stores, and thus, the mafia was born.


The goal of TMM is to have fun, make friends, and explore the verse for valuable minerals and beautiful views.


Marshmallow Mafia members shal not engage in griefing any players, but trolling fellow members in jest is allowed. Members must observe proper attire while engaging in Organization duties or meetings. Also, any found minerals should be shared amongst the members; any personal hoarding of found goods during Org events is a violation of the charter.