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Roberts Space Industries

Mare Cognitum / MARECOG

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My Name is Byf / TSLAYP Star Citizen organisation.

All are welcome, feel free to apply and join us in the Verse!


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!


Note: Access to Mare Cognitum is a privilege, not a right. Your access may be revoked if you do not abide by these rules.

Mare Cognitum operates on a “three strikes, you’re out” system. If you break any of the rules below, you may be sent a private message by a member of the staff. Soon after receipt of the third strike (this also counts as your ban notice), you will be removed from the server. We also reserve the right to skip strikes in favor of an instant ban or channel mute depending on the severity of the infraction.

X Could warrant an instant ban.
!! Could warrant a double strike.
! Warrants a single strike or warning.
Rule List

X 1 – No racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or any bigoted behavior of any kind.
X 2 – No suicide jokes/memes, including such phrases as “kill yourself” or any variation. It’s disrespectful and dangerous.
!! 3 – No NSFW [Not Safe For Work] content. This ranges from nudity/exposed genitals to bodily fluids (you know what I mean) to suggestive posing and everything in between. If you have an avatar that qualifies, you will be asked to change it, and refusal to do so will result in an automatic ban. “Chans” also fall under the NSFW rule as they are typically sexual in nature. NSFL [Not Safe For Life]/gratuitous gore also falls under this rule.
!! 4 – No political discussion or memes. Mare Cognitum is not the place to voice your political opinions and frustrations. This also applies to controversial religious topics/memes.
!! 5 – The main goal of this server is to create an atmosphere of respect for this wonderful community of fans. You are expected to treat other members with as much kindness and patience as humanly possible. Translation: don’t be a dick.
!! 6 – We do not allow datamines or leaks in this server. If it has not been made public knowledge by Bungie (either through written article or in a trailer), Nor accessible via intended means in game, it has no place here.
! 7 – Please keep your discussions relevant to their respective channels, or move to another one. If you’re not sure where to go for a particular topic, check the channel description or contact a member of staff.
! 8- Mare Cognitum is not to be used for self-promotion, and the practice is considered extremely impolite in any content creator’s server. Posting links for server invites, clan pages, commission pages, Patreons, personal shops, Twitch channels, etc. should be kept in DMs or they will be deleted. If you are unsure if your link will be seen as self-promotion, please DM a member of staff for review. The creative channels can be used to show off your artistic creations and you can link your DeviantArt/ArtStation pages. However, linking anything that is a direct form of monetisation for your art such as Patreon or an art store is not allowed. Clips from other sites such as twitter will have similar rules applied to them although they may be posted in other chats as well.
! 9 – No spam. This also applies to role-playing accounts (eg OCs, Sonic, Shaxx, Mara Sov etc.)
! 10 – Do not be hostile towards members of staff. They are here to keep the server in order, and ensure that you have a friendly place to chat. Constructive critiques/suggestions are welcome (this server is ever-evolving, so we’re constantly learning and adapting to better serve you), but any kind of outright disrespect or hostility will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions about the rules, have suggestions for improving the server, or have any other problems that need addressing, please contact a member of the staff. If you have any issues with a particular moderator, check that moderator’s tags and contact their supervising admin.