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Major Combat Operations (MCO) / MCO1

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Major Combat Operations (MCO)

Strategy, implement and victory.

It’s what we do…….


Major Combat Operations is a new newcomer in the private paramilitary market. MCO was established in order to fill a specialized and discrete operations gap not effectively offered by competitors. Our organization is focused on the ability to assemble diverse expertise spanning several tactical disciplines, executing tactical and non-tactical operations while exploiting opportunities as mission sets provide. We offer our customers anonymity while remaining focused on mission success. They’ll never see us coming and they’ll never know why.

Founder/ Commanding Officer
“Fight with a happy heart and strong spirit”
Gen. James (Mad Dog) Mattis


Let us first begin with some of my favorite quotes.
1. Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable. (George S. Patton)

2. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. (Colin Powell)

3. Prepare for the plan to hit the preverbal fan, then act on your training so that you win the fight. let others for the time being win the war. (CPOPRIDE)

4. Maneuver with purpose, engage with overwhelming force, dominate with violence of action and break the will of the enemy with the prospect of a vicious death. (CPOPRIDE)

5. Remember being the hammer can be a chaotic endeavor necessitating the need for enormous resources in order to wheeled. Sometimes all that is needed is the accuracy of a well-executed cut by scalpel, generally sufficient to ensure success. (CPOPRIDE)

Remaining refinements of the Manifesto is under development. However below are the key points of Ideology, Commanders Intent and Mission Statement.

  • Ideology

Honorable in ALL actions
Tactically and Technically proficient
Humble in our failures and successes
A family of warriors

  • Commanders Intent

MCO shall provide our customers with effective economy of recourses. We charge fair compensation for comprehensive services and shall operate with this in mind. We offer discretion, tactical proficiency and fully adaptive approach to mission success. Rank and positions of responsibility within this organization are paramount on and off the battle field. This how we shall meet our customers’ expectations.

We shall achieve our mission within these three key points.
1. Customer interaction: We shall be honorable with our dealings. We are charged with a service, we shall provide that service effectively and efficiently.
2. Mission End State: We shall leverage our unique skills in order to set conditions for mission success. End state is always customer satisfaction.
3. Warrior Family: We shall treat each other with reverence and respect. We may not agree at the planning table, but we will act as one on the field of battle. NO EXCEPTIONS!

MCO is the leader in covert operations and continues to innovate in areas of security while bringing to bear our talents in the areas of specialized warfare. We are the premier private paramilitary organization and we mean to revolutionize how services are rendered and missions are executed.

  • Mission Statement

MCO is a provider of action when action is requested by an actor in or outside of the normal constrains of UAEE purview. We will offer deliberate planning resulting in predetermined success by leveraging talents within our organization. To do this we must be first a well-organized and disciplined team. We shall employ proven intelligence gathering technics, military tactical planning tools, rehearsals of actions on objective and lastly mission accomplishment. Demand excellence and professionalism in all things that we do, this is no different from what our customers expect from us. Anonymity is our promise and the instrument of our organization. They’ll never see us coming and they’ll never know why.


Charter is currently under development. Areas of focus are

1. ORG-COC (Organization Code of Conduct)
a. Rank and Positional Authority.
b. Rank structure and promotions.
2. Personal behavior (in and out of ORG)
3. Commitment to Mission (you sign up/ you fight)
4. Having Fun
5. Contracts and Services
6. Ships and Equipment
7. Military Tactics.
a. Panning Tools.
b. Technical Skills (Pilot, operator, medical, intel, mech etc.).
c. Rules of Engagement (ROE’s).

Command Staff ORG.
1. Founder = CO = Captain.
2. Officer = XO = Commander.
3. Senior Enlisted = Master Chief.

Staff Org
1. Officer = S3 Operations = Commander
a. S3A = LT Commander
b. S3C = Master Chief
c. QC/Red Cell = Chief

2. Officer = S2 Intel = LT Commander
a. S2A = LT
b. S2C = Chief
c. Intel PO = Petty officer

3. Officer = S1 Admin = LT Commander
a. S1A = LT
b. S1C = Chief
c. Admin PO = Petty Officer

4. Officer = S4 Logistics = LT Commander
a. S4A = LT
a. Procurement Officer = ENS
b. Contracts = ENS
c. S4C = Master Chief
d. Logistics Specialist = Chief
e. Logistics Specialist = Petty Officer
c. Logistics Specialist = Petty Officer or below.

X codes
1. Officer = ORG Recruiter CFO = LT
a. Asst CFO = LT
b. CFO = Chief or below

2. Officer = PAO Branding = LT
a. Asst PAO = LT
b. PAO = Chief or below

3. Enlisted = Training = Master Chief
a. Asst Training = Chief
b. Training PO = Petty Officer
c. Training = Petty Officer or below

Operational Commanders
1. Wing Commander
a. Commander = LT
b. Wing Operations Officer = ENS
c. Wing Senior Enlisted = Master Chief
d. S2D = Chief
e. S4D = Petty Officer
f. Support = ENS
g. Attack = ENS
h. Intel = ENS
i. Pilots = Current rank.

2. Operator Commander
a. Commander = LT
b. Operator Operations Officer = ENS
c. Operator Senior Enlisted = Master Chief
d. S2D = Chief
e. S4D = Petty Officer
f. Platoon Commanders = ENS
g. Squad Leaders = Chief
h. Fire Team Leaders = Petty Officer
i. Team members = Current rank

Unit Support

2. Medical Commander
a. MED Officer = LT
b. DOC = ENS
c. LCPO = Master Chief
d. CORPMAN = Chief
e. CORPMAN = Petty Officer