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Martian Congressional Republic Navy / MCRN2

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Exploration

The MCRN is the most advanced fleet in the galaxy.
We employ only the greatest minds and equipment.


The Martian Congressional Republic is the governing body that rules over the nine billion inhabitants of Mars and is one of the two human superpowers. Their flag is reminiscent of Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos.

The Republic is often in direct competition with Earth and its governing body, the United Nations. Although Mars has a significantly smaller population than Earth, the ruggedness of the people, as a result of the harsher environment and sparser resources, makes Mars a worthy counterweight to Earth’s power. The Martian Congressional Republic Navy, although smaller, is considered to be more advanced.

Rogue Squadron is an elite starfighter squadron that serves within the MCRN. It is composed of the MCRN’s top pilots, and ultimately, the best pilots in the UEE. The Rogues are a symbol of starfighter superiority and the most effective tool against enemy aggression; their successes give them an almost mythical presence in battle and can sometimes prompt an enemy to surrender without any shots being fired. As long as Rogue Squadron endures, the citizens of the MCRN (and to a greater extent the UEE) have hope that there is someone in space protecting them.

We are the men and women that make up that elite starfighter squadron. We are Rogue Squadron!


The MCRN is the hammer and fist of the Martian Congressional Republic. We have the most advanced military in the galaxy and the Martian Marine Corps is unmatched. The Martian Congressional Armed Services are dedicated to the defense of our home, exploration of new worlds, and are committed to a prosperous future for our world.

Rogue Squadron’s mission is to explore and patrol the edges of UEE space, and ultimately protect the citizens of the UEE dwelling there. As the years have passed two primary threats to the citizens os the UEE have persisted: the Vaandul and pirate scum. By hunting down and eliminating any and all of these threats within Rogue Squadron’s AO we further the goals of and bring credit upon the MCRN while ensuring the safe and prosperous future of our people.

Therefore, Rogue Squadron’s prime directive is to seek out and eliminate any and all pirates, criminals, and aliens that would seek to threaten the good citizens of the UEE throughout the verse.


  • When multiple MCRN Marines are on duty they will make every effort to work together for the betterment of Mars and it’s people.
  • 20% of individual earnings by primary org members should be deposited into the MCRN’s collective slush fund. This will aid in funding new ships, weapons, and upgrades for all Marines. (percentage may change as testing continues)
  • Under no circumstances will piracy be tolerated.
  • To the greatest extent possible MCRN Marines will intercede when active piracy is observed.
  • Any Marine discovered to be taking place in piracy will face immediate court martial and dismissal.
  • Murderers of the innocent will be summarily executed.
  • When functioning as a fighter squadron serving jointly with another organization, Marines will follow the orders of their superior officers and present themselves in a manner befitting a member of the MCRN.
  • Outsiders wishing to join the elite ranks of the MCRN must prove their worthiness and loyalty. New recruits will hold the rank of Sgt. Major (E-9) for a set period time (TBD by the org leader).
  • Any new recruit found guilty of stealing from the MCRN, piracy, murder, or any form of subversion will be immediately court martialed and dismissed from the org.
  • Members will check the org Spectrum page regularly for updated orders/info from MCRN High Command.