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The Most Glorious Power in the Verse, The Greatest Corporation that Ever Was Or Will Be, MDN Forever Baby!

Freedom • Power • Prosperity

Engineering hostile takeovers since 2949.


D: Hey Jim.

J: Yes, Davidson?

D: I want an org.

J: Why Davidson? It’s a lot of work.

D: I want an org.

J: Davidson, there are already lots of good orgs.

D: I – W A N T – A N – O R G!

J: Okay, Davidson, I’ll make an organization with you.


The lust for money and power. . .

Without being dicks.

Any corporation worthy of its title seeks growth and prosperity, but the good ones never do so at the cost of their reputation. We don’t bully the weak; it’s a bore. We go after the strong because it’s fun.

Prosperity through cooperation

MDN is not exclusive. We are diversifying into every field, but we are by no means the only organization in operation. MDN seeks to build strong relations with like-minded organizations.

Multifaceted Multiskilled

What good is a person in a job they don’t want? None at all. MDN has no limits. Be a bounty hunter for a day and touring magnate the next. We believe there is an opportunity in any profession. We are engaged in all the departments listed on our charter. Don’t see your interests listed? No problem, MDN can find a way.

Forget the past, we’re about the future.

Were your actions not always so savory? No problem. We do not discriminate against your history. We only care about the here and now.

Officially, MDN is a legal, law-abiding entity. Because of that, some say we’re a front for scum and villainy. I call it enterprise.

Noob Friendly

We were all noobs once, some of us have forgotten that. MDN doesn’t.

Intelligent Wargaming

Fight every battle, everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy; everyone is your friend; every possible series of events is happening, all at once. Live that way, and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before” – Lord Baelish

MDN prepares itself for action on the field of battle and in the boardroom. Coming soon, this corporation will be simulating various engagements. As we grow, so will the diversity of our simulations. And we have a plan for everything, but of course, we can’t put that here.

J: So Davidson, what kind of organization are we going to be?

D: The middlemen of crime.

J: Wait, what?

D: What?


The Japanese have a saying:

“A man is whatever room he is in,” and right now, you’re at MDN.


  1. Do not betray your brothers and sisters.
  2. Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. – Gen. Mattis

Organizational Structure


  • Board Members – Manage the overall direction of the company.
  • Executives – Responsible for the big picture operations of the company
  • Directors – are the head of their department. Experts in their field, they set the policy, direction, and operation of their craft.
  • Deputy Directors – It’s lonely at the top, that’s why they made underlings.
  • Lead Associate – The leaders on the field. Not only experienced enough to know what to do but wise enough to guide others while doing it.
  • Senior Associate – Veterans of their field, people both above and below look to them for support.
  • Associate – A humble title for a humble beginning.

Board Members & Executive Positions

Board Members

For now, the board will consist of the founders of the corporation; however, as we expand, various members will be appointed to the board via open-election. The board overall will be responsible for appointing all executive positions above Director. The founders will continue to serve on the board regardless of elections but may be removed from Board Positions (see list below) and executive positions via majority vote. The current size of the board is limited to the four positions and two additional members. If the founders get voted out, they will not occupy these six seats but will still have voting power. In which case the board will have 4 positions, and 5 additional members. These clauses are immutable.

Board Ranks
  • Chairman (Laforet)
  • Vice Chair (insurgent46)
  • Secretary (empty)
  • Treasurer (PocketSpaghetti)
  • Board Members (2 Empty Positions)

Executive Positions

  • CEO – Will be responsible for the overall vision of the company.
  • COO – Responsible for the day to day operations of the corporation and reports directly to the CEO
  • CFO – Manages the finances of the corporation, generally holds treasurer position of the board.

Departments & Their Sub Directorates

Members of the Board may be the director of a department. Each director is responsible for a department or subdepartment. These departments include:

  • Director of Interoganizational Affairs
  • Office of the Director of Finance
  • The War Department1
    • Offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
      • Admiral of the Navy
      • Commandant of the Marines
    • Office of the Director of Intelligence
  • Department of Commerce & Exploration (TTRE)2
    • Freight/Trade, Passengers, Data
    • Pathfinding, Expedition, Touring
    • Mining, Salvaging, Agricultural
    • Mapping, Exploration, Etc.
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Department of Science & Engineering3
    • Support Services
    • Exploration Sciences
  • Special Services Department
    • Bounty Hunting
    • Mercenary Work
    • Smuggling
    • Sanctioned Piracy
    • Private Contracts
  • Competition Sports League4
    • Racing

1 Usually styled as per Discord ranks Admiral, Captain, etc. as opposed to in org rank. Though will have Director, Deputy Director, etc. as substitutes.

2 While they can be separate directorates, their closely related roles are unified under one functional department.

3 Often works with supporting other departments, especially War and TTRE

4 While technically not a department, but a sports club, we include it here for organizational convenience.

J: Davidson, I think this is going to be a beautiful experience.

D: Not for our enemies.