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The Mechanicus / MECH

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We are Mechanicus, the Omnissiah moves with us & guides our hand. We move through the galaxy with Hearts of Iron & Fists of Steel. We bring the word of the Machine to all willing to hear it’s song. Join us, enhance yourselves, your brethren & reap the bounty that is technology from across the Cosmos


The History of the Mechanicus

The Founding: Lost in Time (~2570)

The origins of the Mechanicus are lost in the pages of history but the first actual records date back to the late 2500’s. We were branded as a “cult” revering machines more than man and existed on the fringes of what was then considered “polite society” praticing our arts of Cybermancy and speaking to the spirits of our ships and systems.

In our fervour to advance our calling and knowledge of the Omnissiah’s bounty we touched on many aspects of what was at the time considered illegal, forbidden or taboo subjects such as neural interface linkage, genetic augmentation, cloning and cybernetic replacement of healthy limb and tissue with superior ones blessed by the Omnissiah’s grace to seek ultimate efficiency in his eyes.

However those in power at the time only saw our gifts with eyes of greed and when we offered them freely to those who would come to our side and share our ways they had us reviled and shunned branding us “Techno-fetishists”, “Abominations” and even as a “Abhuman Cult” and finally as “Cyber-Terrorists”.

After several altercations with “normals” who mocked us and refused to understand our calling ended in bloodshed we were driven forth beyond the edges of known space. Thus was our Explorer fleet born. Turning our backs on the rest of so called “Humanity” and eschewing the weak flesh, outcast we stepped beyond the Veil. We set out into the void to seek enlightenment and the bounty of the Omnissiah leaving behind the unworthy, the ignorant and those that could not understand.

The Wandering (~2600-2796)

We walked through the night, and waited. We bolstered our ranks with those who felt the call and were drawn to seek us even in our exile, those who had heard of our exodus spread the word for we were not without friends in the Empire and there were many who still heard and heeded the Omnissiah’s call.

Whilst we walked we sought out new xenotech, improved our own skillsofts, upgraded our understanding and bided our time. If the great loading screen of the cosmos had taught us one thing it was patience and our CPU cycles were not left idling. It wasn’t until the after the Garron II massacre and the great revolution that followed that those who had once shunned us saw how wrong they were and we were once more brought back into the fold.

It was in the year 2796 that the new Imperator himself that bade us to return, at first we were reluctant wondering who this upstart was to dare to command our brotherhood. How wrong we were. We sent an envoy in our greatest machine-prophet of the time, the venerated Magos Amir, to meet this new so called “Imperator” wary of being used for their own needs or pressed into services of some unworthy fleshsack. What we saw couldn’t have been further from our imaginings for one of our own sat on the throne. He spoke to us of unity with our brethren once again and of acceptance. He called upon us to listen to the will of the great machine and bade us in the name of humanity and that of the Omnissiah to return once more as a chosen few and bring forth once again the great songs and litanies of the machine spirit from the void in the Empire’s service.

Few others could have been so eloquent, few others could have compelled us such. Upon the revelation of this new way and acceptance back into our brothers joyous word spread like a torrented software update through our ranks and a new time began.

We were asked to come and stand by the side of our estranged brothers of the Inquisition and those similarly chosen and to bring our skill to the Imperator’s mighty hand so all humanity may be saved from stagnation and darkness. Once again we were bade to stand forth in and the void as members of the glorious empire with an imperial mandate to illuminate the darkness and to bring knowledge and the enlightenment of technology to the all the Imperator’s subjects.

Today (2796-Present)

In these times of expansion, exploration and war we have grown powerful and many have flocked to our cause. Our ranks swell with new acolytes and disciples wishing to learn of our ways and bathe in the blessings and glory of the Omnissiah.

Not all come in good faith though. Some come to steal our secrets and knowledge so they may pervert the machine spirit’s song to their own wicked ends. They will all be tested against the hammer and the anvil however. We shall suffer no weak cogs in our almighty machine as we shall suffer no bugs in our systems.

Now our duties rest with the advancement and expansion of humanity; keeping the mighty voidships sailing and healing them and blessing them after the trauma that is battle against our most heinous enemies. We shall stretch forth our hand into the infinite and grasp the promises of new technology and the Omnissiah’s bounty that the infinite black brings.

So you wish to learn of the of Omnissiah’s bounty?

It will not be easy young one, however no worthwhile endeavour ever is.

If you wish to join our ranks you must be prepared to surrender your fleshy existence and weak electrochemical systems to the Omnissiah’s grace. Commit yourself to it for it will be the project of a lifetime. Possibly several. As part of the Mechanicus you shall learn to venerate and understand the inner workings of technology as only we do. You shall learn the rites of maintenance, the songs of code, the strength of ceramite and steel and of the secrets of the righteous cleansing fury that is blessed plasma.

We shall sail across the great void and discover the gifts the Omnissiah has left for us to find so we may better all. It is our sacred mission to draw humanity into a future of glorious technological union.

Dedication to the Cause

If you are to join us then you must dedicate yourself to one of our Doctrinal cults and the Omnissiah’s glorious fleets that serve them.

Do you posses an inquisitive mind? Do you wish to know what is out there? Do you wish to be the only one to walk where the Omnissiah’s hands have touched before? To seek out new life? New technology? New Civilisations? Then you have the same mind as the other members of the Explorator fleet and will find welcome and a place amongst them.

Does it pain you to see the wrecks of once mighty starships now rent asunder? Are you the kind that likes to work with your hands, to create the great gifts of technology? If so will find enthusiastic allies amongst the Macrotechnia who’s glorious efforts within the depths our forges and hulls of our salvage fleets create the new wonders that are the greatest gifts of Omnissiah.

There are those who’s bodies float with the stars but are drawn towards the ground of worlds, that seek the Omnissiah’s bounty in it’s rawest form so it may be turned into something beautiful. If are such a one that seeks the bounty held within planets, moons asteroids and stars, who praises the Omnissiah through the efforts of his ship coupled with his own skill then there is a place for you amongst the Basilikon Astra, for without their divine efforts our forges would be hollow and our powerplants dark and cold.

Maybe you possess a heart of plasma who wishes to venerate the Omnissiah and the Imperium in the destruction of the enemies of the empire and order alike…. In which case you may find kindred in our mighty Ordo Reductor.

Perhaps you have a will of iron, and wish to bathe void and atmosphere alike in the blood of heretics? A place in the brotherhood of the Skitarius could be your calling.

Some dislike direct conflict but wish the enemies of mankind and the Omnissiah death all the same. Could it be that you possess the same Soul of Steel? To be cold, aloof and calculated as only one of the augmented can? Then you may find a place among our few and secretive Secutors.

Some of our members find solace and understanding of the Omnissiah through numbers, some find that they still crave the human contest that is trade, some find the glitter, refined purity and reassuring weight of precious cargo in their holds pleasing and finally some just wish to support the efforts of their brethren and find satisfaction in being a essential cog within a great machine. All of these pursuits can be turned towards the glory of the Omnissiah and those that understand this find peace and camaraderie within the ranks of our Munitoria Logis without who our mighty fleets could not function.

There are some members of the Mechanicus that do not seek for the Omnissiah’s bounty and answers to his great questions without in the cosmos but seek such reverence within themselves and within the flesh of others. These are the members of the Collegium Biologis. They are charged with the most holy duty of installing, maintaining and researching our augmetics, of healing our sick and wounded, of manufacturing the essential chemicals the spirit body and mind and finally their duty is to rescue the lost. They are our healers, our saviours and our blessed cybermancers and you may find a calling amongst their number as well.

It could be that you find within you the righteous fury of a molten soul, one who venerates the Omnissiah but looks to punish the wicked, scourge the heretic and enforce the iron letter of the Imperator’s law. If so we have a place for you amongst the Inquisition’s Prefecture Magisterium. Many inquisitors start their service here. Some come to us for training in the ways of the Omnissiah so they may learn how to apply his glory against the heretic and some wish to simply support their cause. Either way they will find kindred soul’s here.

Some who hear the Ominssiah’s words seek not the machine with or without but reach to a higher calling and to serve the machine itself. They wish for nothing more than to be worthy of the Imperator’s Halls of Remembrance and listed in the Omnissiah’s Databanks of Valour. These few are destined to be members of the Black Knights, to be the shield and lance against all which assails the Empire and the Servants of the Omnissiah.

Our final Cult is the Auxilia Myrmidon, only a few may aspire to this. Only the best equipped, most competent and most righteous may look to join their ranks. For these are the arm of the mighty space marine chapters. Many who serve here become Techmarines in their own right. The Myrmidon is formed from several allied chapters including Black Templars and The Sanguine Tempest to name but a few. They are warriors without peer and some of the strongest warriors in the Imperator’s arsenal. They are supplied with the best personal equipment that the Mechanicus can provide and we are honoured to have them at our side. Can you join them? Well… That would be up to their chapter master but service here would put you in good stead.

So fleshy one, still want to become one of us? Do you wish to serve the Omnissiah? To devote yourself to something more, something bigger? To be a cog in the greatest machine of all? Do you have the will of iron? The soul of steel? The heart of plasma to achieve it? Do you think you can forge yourself to become worthy of the Omnissiah’s grace? Yes?

Well then. Very good disciple you might, might just have what it takes… Come with us now child. We must get you properly “attired”…..

– Magos Prime


What is the Mechanicus?

The Mechanicus is a group founded on the principles of technological research, manufacturing, exploration, engineering and mutual defence. We do this for the Glory of the Omnissiah, the grace of the Machine Spirits and by the Will of the Imperator.
Before joining you should know our creed and how we deal with enemies of the Empire and Mankind.

Aliens (Xenos)

Our mission is to acquire and understand technology in any and all forms, no matter the source. However it should be known that only humanity is fit to bathe in the light of the Omnissiah’s bounty and the hoarding and perversion of his grace and holy code by xenos is utterly unacceptable to us.
That said there are some few even among xenos (debased as they are) that have heard the song of the machine and they must answer it’s call just as we. Some races may even be older and have had longer to seek the Omnissiah’s grace than even blessed humanity, though granted few are as favoured by the Omnissiah. Many of these races may not even exist any more having outlived their fleshy existence or by succumbing to the ravages of fleshy plague or the depredations of their enemies. But even so their knowledge is often left and it is our duty to rediscover it and turn it to humanity’s cause.

Heretics, Unbelievers, The Unclean, The Uneducated and the Unwashed.

Not all who live within the borders of the UEE worship or know the Omnissiah as we. Some even turn their backs on Him in pursuit of strange false gods and there are even outright heretics who believe that we should have never gone to the stars, have refused to learn and hold on to old ways and gods. There are even those that believe we should never graced our bodies with the beauty that is technology. These individuals represent nothing less than a complete genetic abomination and intellectual dead end, a throw back to the days we lived in caves and worshipped fire rather than plasma. They should be at best ignored and at worse “Spaced” for the good of all before they can spread their infection to others.

Another group of heretics suggest that we should look to the xeno’s culture for understanding and try and find peace and common ground with them and worse even try and integrate them into humanity. They do not understand that xenos are only good for work and to live under the grace of the Imperator in the service of blessed humanity, or not at all. In particular among these heathens are those who acquiesce to xeno’s demands and try to curry favour both mercantile and political rather than gathering the resources themselves or just using the xenos for labour as is proper.

And finally the worst of all… the unspoken Extremis Diabolus… Those that suggest it is not humanity’s right to sail the void and explore all the knowledge there is… Yes… I speak of those that withhold secrets, those whom deliberately keep technology, knowledge and advancements to themselves and keep them from the right servants of the Omnissiah and the Imperator. In all they are a cessation of evolution a BLIGHT on the cosmos and humanity itself, they and ALL their allies must be PURGED for the good of the Imperator and faithful. In this we shall call The Inquisition to our aid for none shall stand between us and the Omnissiah’s light.

Our Purpose

We strive to uphold the Empire and Blessed humanity by guiding them to the Omnissiah’s light. We shall ensure that no discovery goes unnoticed, no byte of information is lost and no technology or resource kept from the Imperator’s divine grasp. We shall ensure all of the mighty vessels that move by the will of the Omnissiah are properly venerated, blessed and maintained. We shall heal the stricken machines that serve the Imperator and his appointed vassals and we shall wreak holy fury on those who dare to stand against us and our allies and keep us from our Omnissiah given right and Imperator given mandate to sail the cosmos and explore it’s bounties.
All members of our Order are sworn into the service of the Omnissiah and the Imperator and any who disturb our holy cause or that of our allies shall face the Omnissiah’s wrath.


By the Omnissiah’s grace and for the Will of the Imperator:

Beset on all sides by Xenos, beset by Heretics and Blasphemers, the Imperator and the High Lords of Terra have seen fit grant The Mechanicus his grace and charter to explore the cosmos unimpeded, gather technology and harvest the bounties of the void in his name.
The Mechanicus shall henceforth be commissioned with rights and powers to pursue their charter anywhere within the UEE and beyond only answerable to their Fabricator-General, The Inquisition and the Imperator himself.

Mechanicus Ranks and Duties:

  • Disciples are initiates into the litanies and practices of The Mechanicus. Disciples are not yet considered Tech-Priests in the proper sense, and thus lessened responsibilities accordingly. Disiples primary role is learning and increasing their skills in the Blessings of Care, the Litanies of healing, Songs of Code and the Rites of activation.
    Disciples are considered to be under review by their superiors until such time as a Magos finds their faith, diligence and skill worthy of increased stature.
  • Tech Priests are those individuals who have demonstrated piety and skill in equal measure, and have earned the full rights of a Priest under The Mechanicus Charter. Tech Priests are responsible for all their duties as listed in the Charter and Division. They are the rank and file of The Mechanicus fleet. There is not an untrained or unskilled one among them. It takes years of effort to train a Tech Priest and they should be respected as such. It is advised however that they not stray too far from friendly void lanes and allied zones without escort as their lives and skill are valuable and loosing them or more importantly allowing the blessed vessels to be harmed negligently is a grave affront to the Omnissiah.
  • Logis are Tech Priests of particular ability who have demonstrated singular faith, skill and zeal beyond the call of the Cult. These individuals are given tasks of significant importance and are allowed a greater degree of autonomy. However, their responsibilities also increase in equal measure to reflect the trust placed in them. They are most often found at the head or as sub-commander of the explorer, repair and militant fleets. Favoured vessles among them are the Starfarers, Terrapins, Freelancers or Crucibles
  • Transmechanics are some of the most accomplished and skilled Tech Priests in the Cult. These individuals are given command over our larger assets and grander more complicated ships to act in the name of the Omnissiah and as a result are called upon to be our emissaries to the void. Their duties include heading our exploration fleets, taking charge of mining vessels and operations, discharging the Omnissiah & the Imperator’s justice upon heretics and watching over hallowed Manufactoria. Transmechanics are often blessed with larger vessels in which to discharge their duties as well as smaller personal craft many prefer large armed cargo vessels such as heavily modified Merchantman craft, Hull-C’s or Specialist Freelancer variants and Constellations.
  • Engiseers are individuals of unshakeable faith, skill and zeal. They demonstrate incomparable loyalty, and act in the name of the Omnissiah whenever they are not specifically called upon by the Magi and the Fabricator-Generals. They are the leaders of our fleets and are often charged with the most dangerous and complex tasks, duties and missions as required by the Magi, The Imperator and The Omnissiah. They are often found at the head of an Orion, Carrack or a Reclaimer or similar discharging their sacred duties.
  • Magos are individuals blessed with truly exceptional skill, Faith and knowledge. Acting in the name of the Omnissiah himself, the Magi direct The Mechanicus as an extension of His divine will and grace. Upon their shoulders lie the most dangerous of salvage missions, the most difficult of mining duties and conflicts where our entire fleet may be required and be called into action. Often found commanding entire battlegroups from the bridge of a sacred Idris or in extremis the mighty “Omnissiah”.

Mechanicus Roles:

The Mechanicus shall fulfil it’s duty by assigning members to roles which they may serve in accordance with the Cult’s Charter and the wishes of the Magos.

  • Lexmechanics are tasked with spreading word of the Omnissiah. These individuals speak on behalf of The Mechanicus and inform the rest of The Mechanicus of any and all updates and discoveries. It is among their duties to disseminate news and information, inform forces of calls to arms, moderate the server core and archive and preserve our knowledge and ways.
  • Missionaries are those individuals who possess the right, the ability to train and the insight to induct new Disciples into the ranks of the Omnissiah’s children. It is their machine spirit given duty to spread the faith, educate the unenlightened and draw new members to our ranks.
  • Magi possess the knowledge, skill and authority to direct The Mechanicus in it’s duties and are responsible for leading by example, teaching the disciples and priesthood and guiding The Mechanicus to prosperity and enlightenment.
  • The Fabricator-Generals are those who lead The Mechanicus. It is they that issue the call to arms when the need arises, they who captain our mightiest vessels and they who interpret the will of the Omnissiah and receive his word. They hear the words of the Imperator, and sally his blessed hulls forth into the void to do his will.

Source Code of the Omnissiah:

  1. All members of The Mechanicus shall surrender their flesh for augmentation upon the gaining of rank. Remember your Soul is the Omnissiah’s your flesh and steel is the Mechnicus’s the Will is yours.
  2. All Members of The Mechanicus shall proudly bear their rank in the Omnissiah’s most holy datastructures.
  3. No member of The Mechanicus shall travel alone in disputed or known dangerous space without permission of their superior. Remember your augmentations are as sacred as our vessles and their loss will result in you being made to do penance.
  4. All Tech priests shall search for technology and resources and shall share these advances freely within The Mechanicus.
  5. All Tech priests shall share technology and resources with our allies upon request as long as tithes are paid, the Omnissiah venerated & respect is given.
  6. All Tech priests have the duty to pursue new and unique technology by any means necessary even into Xenos realms.
  7. All members of The Mechanicus shall render assistance to His Majesty’s most Holy Inquisition and shall assist inquisitors as directed as long as mutual respect is maintained. If proper respect is not given assistance shall still be rendered and superiors shall be informed. Reasonable cost of blessings, promethium, ammunition and repair may be politely requested if they exceed standard expectations.
  8. All members of The Mechanicus have the right to work for any entity so long as it does not stand in conflict with the charter of The Mechanicus, The Inquisition nor work against either’s interests. However their first duty is always to the Omnissiah.
  9. All members of The Mechanicus may hold personal wealth however any materials or monies surplus to requirement should be tithed to The Mechanicus as a whole so that lesser members may also prosper.
  10. Members of the Inquisition shall be granted free, anonymous and unimpeded passage on Mechanicus vessels (they may be asked to donate towards the manufacture and acquisition of blessed promethium however)
  11. All members of The Mechanicus have the right to speak candidly with their immediate superiors and to request audiences with Transmechanics, Engiseers or even the Magi themselves.
  12. The Mechanicus shall take care of their own, if a vox of distress is made by a Mechanicus member it MUST be responded to in haste. Those who make such a distress call AFTER breaking “Code 3” may be cast out or demoted by their superiors for carelessness and recklessly endangering their brothers.
  13. Your enemies are your own unless they endanger The Mechanicus as a whole or violate our sacred law. The Omnissiah’s fleet is not to be used for petty, personal vendettas.
  14. The enemies of the Mechanicus and the Inquisition shall suffer the Omnissiah’s wrath upon identification whenever necessary. An up to date ledger of heathen organisations and specific Heretics, Apostates and Pagans shall be kept by the Lexmechanics.
  15. Transmechanics, Engiseers and Magi have the right to call a Conclave gathering of Masters to discuss important matters. These should be announced by the Lexmechanics. There are 2 types of conclave, Open where all are invited and minutes kept and Closed which are restricted to pre-specified ranks and above.
  16. Logis and Transmechanics may put forward recommendations for advancement only the blessed Engiseers and Magi may uplift and enlighten.
  17. Transmechanics, Engiseers and Magi are able to call subordinates to attend to the duties of the Omnissiah. These duties however must serve the interests of the Cult Mechanicus and the Omnissiah’s words as expressed in the Charter. Such summons cannot be given merely to satisfy vanity or selfish desire. Requests are allowed but must be stated as such and any bounties and profits accordingly tithed and shared.
  18. Engiseers and Magi are granted the right to summon the Omnissiah’s forces for glorious battle against apostates, heretics, blasphemers and Xenos as so long as these conflicts arise in defence of The Mechanicus and its tenets. Only the Magi and Members of the Imperator’s most Holy Inquisition however can declare apostates, heathens and heretics and only the Magi can request the inquisition to lend aid as a whole to any conflict.
  19. Only Magi may issue a Declaration of War, a Declaration of Penance, or a Declaration of Clemency
  20. Only the Fabricator-General and the Magos Juris may pronounce Extremis Diabolus on an individual or Exterminatus on an organisation or world.

Responsibilities of The Mechanicus under the Charter:

  1. All members of The Mechanicus shall be responsible for their actions under the Charter and shall uphold the Charter to their last spark or ingestion of oxygen.
  2. All members of The Mechanicus shall solemnly vow to never act against The Mechanicus, The Inquisition, The Charter, Our allies or their fellow Tech Priests, lest they receive a Declaration of Penance.
  3. All members of The Mechanicus shall vow to carry out Acts of Penance against traitors when called upon to do so by the Magi.
  4. All members of The Mechanicus shall vow to participate in the acts of The Mechanicus or The Inquisition when able, and to work towards the best interests of the Cult and the advancement of the Imperator’s empire and glorious humanity at all times.
  5. When calling subordinates to action all Transmechanics, Engiseers and Magi shall be responsible and accountable for the actions of their respective subordinates.
  6. All Transmechanics, Engiseers and Magi are responsible for knowledge of the Charter and Cult’s Manifesto, and for ensuring the dissemination of the Omnissiah’s will amongst the Cult.
  7. All Transmechanics, Engiseers and Magi are responsible for watching over subordinates and developing them in the best interests of the Cult Mechanicus.
  8. All Engiseers and Magi are responsible for helping to maintain the efficiency of The Mechanicus and its assets by any means necessary, and must make all reasonable efforts to do so. All equipment shall be in prime condition, all damage repaired, all blessings renewed, all rites and litanies observed.
  9. All Engiseers are responsible for acting on the wishes of the Magi and to ensure that their will, in accordance with the Charter, is carried out.
  10. The Magi must answer to the Fabricator-General and he to The Imperiator, Our Allies and ultimately Omnissiah himself for all of their actions, and must uphold both the word and the spirit of the Charter at all times as a Leader of The Divine Mechanicus.

Specific Appointments:

Archimandrite – The Leader of all the Mechanicus
Lictanex – The Leader of the Explorator and Prime Lexmechanic,
Fabricator Locum – The Leader of the Macrotechnia.
Magos Militant – The Admiral of the Omnissiah’s Glorious Battlefleet and head of the Ordo Reductor.
Magos Metallurgicus – The Leader of the Basilikon Astra.
Magos Alchemys – The acquirer, purveyor and guardian of the sacred promethium (fuel). Leader of the Munitoria Logis.
Magos Dominus – Force Leader of the Skitarii or Secutors when on mission (operating title surrendered on reattachment to the fleet)
Geneatrix Primera – Leader of the Collegium Biologis
Magos Juris – Leader of the Prefecture Magisterium, judge of the Cult Mechanicus. He who “Watches the Watchers” also liaison to the Inquisition.
Eversor Secretum – Arch-Commander of the Secutors holding equivalent rank of Admirata – The Guardian of our Weapons Lore and our darkest secrets. The Eversor is only answerable to the Magos Militant and The Archimandrite.
Ater Equester Scion – Leader of the Glorious Black Knights and answerable only to the Magos Militant and The Archimandrite.
Magos Errant – Leader of the Black Templars amongst the Auxilia Myrmidon. He guards our faith and steel our fists as we execute the Omnissiah’s will.
Magos Sanguinata – Leader of the Sanguine Tempest amongst the Auxilia Myrmidon. Imperator’s Champion of flame and fury that lights the way for his brothers as they wade into battle against humanity’s foes.


The Mechanicus is divided into “Cults” each specialising in a particular job outside of a wartime situation. There can be several fleets under each cult, each with it’s own Admirata. However only the Cult Leader will hold a specific title. Those wishing to join the Mechanicus in our holy work should state which cult they are applying to so the Admirata can review their application. We have a place for every prospective disciple if you are unsure as to where you fit in say so in your application and the Admiriata will find a suitable place or Comm-Wave on of the Magi and we shall assist you.

Our most numerous and ancient sect, our Exploration Division. Charged with the unending task of mapping the great void as well as finding and acquiring the Omnissiah’s bounty as well as any lost Archeotech or Advanced Xenotech at any cost for the Glory of The Omnissiah, The Imperator and Humanity. The fleets of the explorator have one purpose and as such only take those with the metal in their souls to stare in the the edges of the great void. Only those who are willing to crew or own ships such as the mighty Idris, the reliable Carrack, the sleek Constellation Aquila or Phoenix, the indomitable Aegis Vanguard, the stalwart Starfarer Gemini and it’s more cosmopolitan brother, the doughty MISC Freelancer DUR or the gracious 315P or the nimble Outland Beta should apply to their ranks. Those who simply wish to crew are guided to having at least a personal transport such as a Drake Dragonfly, An RSI Aurora or a C/O Mustang in order to attend to and travel between ships in the fleet. The Explorator does have room for warriors and guardians in it’s midst but those applying should be prepared to equip their ships for the perils of deep space and the lifestyle that comes being so far away from our home and brothers for such a long time. Crew quarters, Fuel Pods, Enhanced Shields, Environmental Shielding and high efficiency thrusters and powerplants should all be installed on an applicant’s craft if they wish to join The Explorators.

Our Manufacturing and Salvage Division. Contains the Reclaimers and Crucibles of the fleet charged with the glorious task of maintaining and venerating our most Holy of vessels. Application to the Macrotechnica can be made by anyone willing to serve aboard or who possesses a Aegis Reclaimer, A Crucible, A Cutlass (black or red for preference), An RSI Aurora (any cargo carrying variant), Any freighter/hauler or an endeavour class platform.

Ordo Reductor
Our Mighty Assault and Gunnery specialists. The Ordo Reductor is our mighty cult of cleansing. They specialise in the utter and total destruction of our enemies and those of the Empire. In times of war all members of the Mechanicus can be called by the Magos Militant or the Archimandrite to serve aboard the warships or to arm their vessels for battle accordingly and join the cause against our enemies. Those wishing to join the glorious Ordo Reductor battlefleets should come properly prepared with a suitable vessel of war or be ready to crew one in the Omnissiah’s and the Imperator’s name. As with the Explorator fleet those who simply wish to crew are guided to having at least a personal transport such as a Drake Dragonfly, An RSI Aurora or a C/O Mustang.

Basilikon Astra
Our Mining and Refining Division. Charged with extracting the Omnissiah’s bounty from the stars themselves. Contains our Orion and Mining ships as well as some of our transports. The Basilikon Astra’s duties are highly specialised and thus their equipment require similar attention. Those wishing to apply to the Basilikon should possess or be willing to work up a mighty RSI Orion, A Starfarer or a large scale hauler such as a Banu Merchantman, Hull-C+, Caterpillar, Constellation Andromeda/Taurus or Freelancer max. Those wishing to guard such assets should and share in the spoils should apply to the Ordo Reductor, Prefecture Magisterium or Skitarus.

Munitoria Logis
The Freight and Mercantile arm of the Mechanicus. Charged in transporting our goods and the goods of others to where they may be required and resupplying the Explorator fleet as well as Ordo Reductor in times of war. The broad mandate of their duties allows for a great deal of flexibility on application thus any citizen owning a ship capable of any kind of transport (of any size) may apply. During peacetime the Black Knights retaliators can be found guarding their number often refitted with cargo pods. Applicants with retaliators are encouraged to join both the Black Knights and the Munitoria Logis, however their first duty is always to the Black Knights.

Our Ground Assault, Security and Dropship attack specialists. Under the command of the Ordo Reductor, they do not have an “Admiriata” as they are under the command of the Magos Dominant and the Admirata they are currently attached to. When on their operating under their command their Commodore Secundus or highest ranked officer holds the title “Magos Dominus” and all the responsibility it implies. All members of the Skitarius are expected to report prepared for their duties with either appropriate personal armaments or the willingness to earn them. Every Skitarius must show at least some devotion to ways of the machine and as such are expected to have constructed a craft of at least Dragonfly class or equivalent for moving between ships, boarding actions and repelling assault pods. A prepared member of the Skitarius should be able to support his brothers & sisters by maintaining either a Drake Cutlass black/blue, A C/O Delta, An Aegis Redeemer or an equivalent boarding vessel or have a appropriate dropship at their disposal.

Prefecture Magisterium
Our Law Enforcement and Bounty Hunting division. Any member of the inquisition that joined our cause however temporary it may be are part of this unit and answerable to only their Magos Juris. Those wishing to enforce the law and chase bounties in the Imperator’s name should apply here and have the equipment to serve in such a unit. Avengers, Cutlasses (especially the blue), Caterpillars, Freelancer MIS and Constellation Andromeda’s are common here but almost any with the will and a weapon can apply to join their ranks.

Collegium Biologis
Our healing, cloning, medical and augmentation specialists. They keep our joints oiled, tend to the cry of our own servos and placate the weak flesh. Our cutlass red rescue vehicles can be found here as well as our Endeavor-class Research Platforms which we operate as hospitals and cyber-clinics across the galaxy. Those wishing to join should be equipped to do so or willing to serve upon the vessels that provide such relief, Cutlasses are recommended, especially the dedicated red, and those with Hope class hospital facilities will always be welcome amongst the Biologis’s ranks.

Our Elite Guard and our Boarding & Covert operations specialists. Their overall commander and commander whom holds authority over all covert operations is the elusive Eversor Secretum who’s identity is only known to the Admirata. Little else is publicly known. To apply for entry to their ranks Secutor candidates are expected to have access to, or be willing to serve aboard either: A Drake Herald, An Anvil F7C-S/R Hornet Ghost/SWACS, a Dragonfly or a similarly low emission capable vessel.

The Black Knights
A sub-division of Ordo Reductor they are our righteous fury made manifest. They are our Honourable & Glorious Bomber wing. Tasked with one task alone, that is the complete obliteration of enemy capital ships and the annihilation of any and all who oppose us. The Black Knights only accept those with a fervour and dedication to the cause and the will to unleash righteous fury to match. There is no second guessing in the Knights they know only honour, glory, destruction and death for that is what they deliver to the apostate’s doors… Or die trying. Outside of wartime The Black Knights are the Omnissiah’s Guardian Angels, protecting the fleets of the Mechanicus wherever we must wander.
The special individual who would join the knights must be righteous, honourable and able to obey orders without question and be willing to do what is necessary to defeat the enemy, no matter the cost for they will be honoured and rewarded accordingly. A prospective Knight should have or be willing to crew and pilot the Aegis Retaliator, Vanguard or a Gladiator in the Omnissiah’s name.

Auxilia Myrmidon
Any member of the Black Templars that are currently attached to/on mission with us. They answer only to their Brother The Magos Errant. Only they may decide whom may serve as their Battle Brother.

Fleet Assignments

To each of these divisions a Fleet is attached as decreed by the Great Lexicarnum of Lore. Their names are historical and hold much honour venerating the names and secret sects of the Techpriests of ancient Sol.

  • Explorator – Exploration fleet Griffon
  • Macrotechnia – Forge fleet Morgan
  • Ordo Reductor – Battlefleet Royal & Battlefleet Vickers (Battlefleet Vickers is only mobilised in times of great strife)
  • Basilikon Astra – Acquisition fleet Sterling
  • Munitoria Logis – Munitorum Fleet Armstrong
  • Skitarius – Task Force Supermarine
  • Prefecture Magisterium – Interrogator Fleet Gloster
  • Collegium Biologis – Hospitalier Fleet Westland
  • Secutors – Dark Fleet Bea
  • Auxilia Myrmidon – Guardian Fleet Winchester
  • The Black Knights

The Names of Fleets yet to come are written in the ancient texts and as our ranks swell with the faithful they shall be brought to the fore.

  • Explorator 2nd Fleet – Exploration Fleet Enfield
  • Macrotechnia 2nd Fleet – Forge Fleet Hawker
  • Ordo Reductor 3rd Fleet – Battlefleet Britten
  • Basilikon Astra 2nd Fleet – Acquisition Fleet Webley
  • Munitoria Logis 2nd Fleet – Munitorum Fleet Blackburn
  • Collegium Biologis 2nd Fleet – Hospitalier Fleet Holland

Fleets whose origins are drawn from Old Earth:
Fleets from old world USA – Douglas, Thompson and Browning.
Fleets from old world Ruusk – Tokarev and Kalashnikov
Fleets from old world Germania – Walther and Sauer

Unassigned fleets whose names hold reverence in ancient texts in waiting for our ranks to swell:
Bristol and Thornycroft

Battlefleet Organisation in times of War

Each Fleet shall maintain it’s own military organisation and rank structure that transcends the Mechanicus’s normal hierarchy protocols whilst on mission or in battle these fleet ranks are organised thusly in comparison to more military forces so as to fall in line with the Omnissiah Tactica:

  • Admiral of the Fleet (aka Grand Admiral) = Archimandrite
  • Admiral = Admirata
  • Commodore = Commodore Secundus
  • Captain = Maguul
  • Commander = Omnividuulus
  • Lieutenant-Commander = Viduulus
  • Lieutenant = Occulous
  • Sublieutenant = Registratum
  • Crewman = Cog

Remember in the great long dark when only your fellow Mechanicus crew and yourselves are in battle the Ship’s own commander’s word is law and in the end only he is answerable to his peers and the Omnissiah and you to him.

Ship commanders are hereby decreed by the Omnissiah’s grace that when not part of a fleet, battlegroup or formation that they hold the acting rank of Maguul with all the responsibilities and roles that entails.

Whilst acting as Maguul remember to treat respect as oil to your fellow Cogs as without it all machines fail.

The Creed & The Warnings of the Mechanicus

Finally one must know of the Creed and Warnings of the Mechanicus. Commit them to memory as they will bring enlightenment and can save your soul.

The Creed:

  • My Soul is the Omnissiah’s.
  • My Flesh & Steel doth belong to The Mechanicus
  • My Will is My Own.
  • My Will is to serve The Omnissiah in all things.
  • Life is directed motion. The spirit is the spark of life.
  • Sentience is the ability to learn the value of knowledge.
  • Intellect is the understanding of knowledge. Sentience is the basest form of Intellect.
  • Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension. Comprehension is the key to all things.
  • The Omnissiah knows all, comprehends all.

The Warnings:

  • Thou SHALL heed the clarion call of the Radar & Science Stations IMMEDIATELY.
  • Flesh is fallible. Metal Endures. Ritual honours the Machine Spirit.
  • The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path. Handle with care & guide it’s spirit back to the Omnissiah’s chosen.
  • The soul is the conscience of sentience. A soul can be bestowed only by the Omnissiah. The Soulless sentience is the enemy of all.
  • The knowledge of the ancients stands beyond question. The Machine Spirit guards the knowledge of the Ancients.
  • To break with ritual is to break with faith & invite disaster.