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Military Emergency Direct Intervention Corporation / MEDICORP

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We bring back what matters most.



Founded by Richard Blair (HD Colonel – UEE Concept, 42nd Medical Division) and partly funded by the Hurston family in 2929 to handle SAR ops that spawned from the corporate covert operations in sector. After the accident at Grim Hex, the CC ops died down, leaving MEDICorp to attend more military emergency survival situations (m.e.s.s.). During the days when MEDICorp had a more military based clientele, the slogan was “MEDICorp – rescuing you from any M.E.S.S.” Richard Blair has on multiple occasions participated directly in SAR ops. A few occasions left him with some scars that show his dedication.

Richard Blair

Richard attended the same school as Constantine Hurston, while a few grades higher. During their school time together, Constantine openly criticized Richard Blair’s class, which did not build positive relations between the two. Constantine found himself being bullied at one point by older school students who were friends of Richard’s. Upon seeing Constantine’s situation, Richard stepped in as the students punished Constantine brutally. Richard managed to distract them long enough for Constantine to run away.

Richard and Constantine discussed the situation years later, when Constantine approached Richard about forming MEDICorp. Constantine summoned Richard though an anonymous message to meet at a bar to discuss opportunities after the Military. Richard went to find it was Constantine who sent the message. Constantine said during the meeting that he needed Richard’s help immediately to recover a group of corporate covert operatives who’d been discovered, and assured him he would get an Honorable Discharge that would allow him to work in the private sector, and would fund MEDICorp for Richard to lead if he agreed to do the job, and other similar jobs in the future.

Richard and Constantine were not friends. However, Constantine knew that he could trust Richard to save lives no matter who the objective might be. Constantine provided multiple ships for the org including an 890 Jump for the elite to recover in style and luxury. Unfortunately that ship was destroyed due to a security leak that revealed it’s location during the last high profile corporate covert SAR op.

Sometimes HD Col. Blair has been known to visit the belts, and speaks the language on some of the missions:


Military Emergency Direct Intervention Corporation (MEDICorp) handles SAR ops anywhere from military hot zones to unmapped sectors of space. MEDICorp also covers emergency ship repair and refueling, and salvage cleanup. Civilian non-emergency transportation also available.


Core Expectations

Mission completion above all else. MEDICorp has a military foundation, therefore missions take the highest priority. Failing a mission in the military has severe consequences. MEDICorp expects each specialist to carry that same seriousness and focus into each mission contract accepted.

Personal sacrifice expected if necessary. Sometimes the unexpected happens, and specialists must decide to make a personal sacrifice to achieve mission completion. If the sacrifice becomes fatal, insurance will be rewarded to specialist’s immediate family, along with all funeral expenses.

Skill and honor. Specialists must demonstrate consistent skill within their given expertise, and must maintain honor in all interactions. Highly skilled specialists can be competitive. We expect good sportsmanship and honor from all our specialists.

MEDICorp Group Charter
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