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We will save you… as long as you pay.

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Since the 1990’s, Humanity has always used private military companies to get the job done when the limitations and sluggishness of governments and legal corporations impeded them. We are one of those companies. MedReapers is formed by ex-members of the FuelRats, because to our core, we believe that any client is worth saving; soldier, crimelord, civilian, or politician. Everyone gets saved… We are the special operations of the Star Citizen Search & Rescue Organisations. We get it done.


2944 Feb // FUEL RATS is born and takes up operations in the Glaive system.
2952 Apr // A faction of FUEL RATS splits off and unites under a new banner in the Staton system.
2952 Jun // MEDREAPERS was created and now offers its services across the galaxy…


We are health and security.

MedReapers is one of the few privatized medical emergency services in the verse. They aim to provide highly professional secure search & rescue operations for all their clients. Their teams get the job done whatever happens and don’t hesitate to operate in potentially dangerous situations, even at the cost of their own lives. The client comes first.


A MedReaper team is a three-to-five-member group, acting as an emergency response unit for the organization and typically consists of a pilot, security specialists and medical specialists.

- One Pilot: The teams are nothing without their ships and their ships are nothing without their pilots. The pilot role is the most essential role of the MedReaper team. Pilots need to find the quickest transport routes, deal with aggressors in space, are the first line of defense for members on the ground during an operation and always need to hone their skills to be the best they can be at what they do. Even more than security specialists, pilots need to function under heavy pressure and make decisions affecting the whole team and do all this while wearing light armor and no backpack.

- Security Specialists: The Security Specialists are the main gunners of a MedReapers team. They need to secure landing zones, engage hostile aggressors and protect Medical Technicians if necessary. They are equipped with Heavy Armor and like to play with toys, as long as they point them towards the enemy. During flights Security Specialists assist the pilots by manning the turrets and attacking agressors.

- Medical Technicians: Wearing Medium Armor, Medical Technicians help the Security Specialists secure the area and then provide emergency medical services to the client in need. They then trust in the Security Specialist’s calls and, using the necessary equipment on their body to secure the clients life and stabilize victims for transportation, treat the patient and prepare them for extraction. During flights, after having taken care of the client, Medical Technicians assist the team by focusing on engineering and maintenance tasks. They could also be asked to man a turret once in a while.


Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue is the focus of this group. MedReaper offers search and rescue services when we have pilots on duty. If you are incapacitated, you can ask to deploy a MedReaper Team to your incapacitated location by visiting our website or discord.


Stranded somewhere? Hear people shooting and you can’t get out of your hole? No ammo or helmet? We’re here to help! We’ll get you out of there in a jiffy! We don’t only specialize in Search and Rescue, we also excel at getting you out of there and taking out the enemy!


Besides accepting emergency reports on their website, MedReapers is also on the lookout for distress beacons in-game. If a MedReaper is online in your star system you can expect them to respond if a beacon is created.


MedReapers encourages roleplay with it’s members and clients, to make the game more immersive, but it will always stay optional.


We understand that in the end, Star Citizen is only a game. Real life sometimes brings it’s lot of challenges, and MedReapers will always be conscious of this reality and will offer the support it can to accommodate it’s members. You are always free to put yourself off duty when shit hits the fan, we get it. ;)


It is the goal of the organization to provide their services for every star citizen. This means that we have to pay the gas and whatnot + the cost of operations and fulfillment of ships, armor and weapons to our members. Currently a flat fee of 15,000 aUEC is asked after extraction. MEDREAPERS also responds to distress beacons all around the verse and collects donations for these. But the cost model is still a work in progress and will adapt with each in-game patch.


Primary Colors : Black with Red Arms

Ceremonial Uniform TBD



1. Eliminate all obstacles that get in our way to the client. Shoot first ask questions later.

2. Do everything in our power to recover and extract the client.

3. Will not refuse a contract, as long as you can pay

4. We offer services to anyone, military, criminal or civilian.

5. Contracts are accepted as a “First come, First served” service

6. Our team’s safety comes second. Our client’s life is more important than ours.

7. We have expertise in all careers legal and/or illegal.