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Medrunner offers a free-of-charge emergency response service until Star Citizen allows us to complete our vision.


Medrunner is focused on one clear goal; to provide a premium emergency medical response and extraction service. Our teams of skilled Medical Technicians and Safety Specialists are certified through our proprietary training institute, the Medrunner Academy, so that every response is professional and exceptional. We want players to be able to step into this org and have all the tools they need to take part in Medrunner operations at their own pace and independently. This is accomplished by utilizing a custom-built automated Dispatch system, which coordinates team members and communicates basic mission details near instantaneously. Joining a Medrunner Team and going on a mission will be as easy as pressing a button.

Medrunner is a for-profit enterprise. We market our premium services in exchange for UEC. This income will allow us to provide our staff with the ships, gear, medical equipment, training, and infrastructure that is necessary to support them as Aviators, Medical Technicians and Security Specialists. Ensuring our operations are sustainable enables Medrunner to perform missions at all scales, including assisting UEE, Corporate, and local authorities with emergency medical response to disasters and attacks.

The core of this sustainable concept is the Medrunner Subscription Plan and the Enterprise Plan. For a reasonable monthly fee, Star Citizen players and corporations will have the ability to call Medrunner from anywhere, to anywhere, for immediate medical response to both PvE and PvP scenarios. These subscriptions are tiered so our clients can find the perfect plan that fits their UEC budget.

Why call Medrunner? When you use a standard medical beacon, you never know if anyone will respond or if they’ll have the ability to overcome the challenging situation you found yourself a victim of. By calling Medrunner, you will have peace of mind knowing that a team of certified professionals will be dispatched to your location, immediately.

Medrunner is a service that is exclusive to Star Citizen, thanks to the unique gameplay opportunities made available. With our real-world professional IT and Finance Departments, Medrunner is legitimately building the infrastructure and training environment it needs in order to provide an immersive, functional, and high quality service to the Star Citizen Community that is easy to jump into.

Who is this Org intended for:

Medrunner is looking for both experienced players who are searching for a challenge, and new players with an interest in the gameplay we provide and who want a guided introduction into the game. The Medrunner Academy will ensure that everyone can learn at their own pace, while experienced players are able to rapidly join our operations. Responding to emergencies provides our players with fresh and stimulating experiences every day. You never know what the next call might bring, so it is essential to understand how our teams operate and how to be effective. We believe that our rescue missions will be a rewarding experience, and that our automated systems will make it both easy and fun. Medrunner is a wholly immersive experience, as our organization is meant to feel like a “real” in-universe corporation, for both our players and our clients.

How to get involved:

If you are interested in joining Medrunner, you can visit our website at and see our career paths, as well as get a feel for how Medrunner operates. After applying on RSI and joining our Discord server, you will have access to our Academy section where you can begin our Certification process and eventually respond to emergency distress calls as Certified Medrunner.

Visit for more information.


We are health security.

MEDRUNNER SERVICES is aiming to become a pillar in the life of many citizens throughout the UEE.

Professional pilots, crew members, workers in space or even ordinary people on civilized planets can be confronted with higher security risks based on their employment or professional activities. MEDRUNNER wants to keep those risks to a minimum by offering you first class Search & Rescue services, which are usually exclusive to corporate executives or military personnel.

​It doesn’t matter if you call us after it happened, or if you decide to purchase a membership. MEDRUNNER will come to your aid and deliver professional security and medical support until you arrive at a qualified medical facility or back at home.

– Tristan Omnites, CEO



MRS, Medrunner Services or simply MEDRUNNER is one of the few privatized medical emergency services in the verse. They aim to provide highly professional and secure search & rescue operations for clients of all walks of life. Their teams are trained with state of the art medical and security equipment and don’t hesitate to operate in potentially dangerous situations to get the job done.

It is the goal of the organization to provide their services for a monthly fee in order to keep operation costs managed. MEDRUNNER also responds to distress beacons all around the verse and collects donations for that. Players will be able to click on an emergency button on their website in order to initiate a response by a MEDRUNNER TEAM.


A MEDRUNNER TEAM is a five member group, acting as a emergency response unit for the organization. These teams are deployed within different star systems in order to respond to local beacons or get dispatched by a Dispatcher through other ways of communication.

The typical MEDRUNNER TEAM consists of…

  • - One Pilot: The teams are nothing without their ships and their ships are nothing without their pilots. Medrunner pilots need to find the quickest transport routes while avoiding natural hazards and hostile aggressors. Even more than security specialists, pilots need to function under heavy pressure and make decisions affecting the whole team.
  • - Two Security Specialists: Their Security Specialists are trained to secure the landing zones of their vessels and engage hostile aggressors if necessary. They are equipped with heavy armour and carry extensive armament to ensure operation success.
  • - Two Medical Technicians: They are the essential part of the team. These lightly armed paramedics are trained to provide emergency medical services to the client in need. They carry all necessary equipment on their body to secure the clients life and stabilize victims for transportation.


Search & Rescue

MEDRUNNER offers everything that is connected to search & rescue operations. They are able to help when you are stranded and at least 50 km away from civilization, your life is threatened by an injury and there is no medical aid around or your character is unconcious and at risk of death. If you fullfill one of these criterias you can report your emergency on their website. If the recovery operation is successfull, MEDRUNNER is asking for donations in form of UEC. If the operations was in a potentially dangerous environment expect moderate UEC bills.


Besides accepting emergency reports on their website, MEDRUNNER is also on the lookout for distress beacons in-game. If a MEDRUNNER TEAM is online in your star system you can expect them to respond if a beacon is created. This is limited to medical emergencies and transport requests. MEDRUNNER will not respond to combat situations.

Subscription Plans

Additionally you can purchase a subscription plan on the MEDRUNNER website and pay for it with UEC in-game. If your monthly payment is active, you will have access to the MRS Emergency Response Services without any additional costs and with special benefits.

MEDRUNNER plans to introduce several different subscription levels to offer more benefits (Danger Levels, Health Care Benefits, Aggression Levels, etc…) for higher payments. This subscription system is planned to go online in the future, and is not operational at this time.

Event Services

For special community events like races, PvP battles and all other events placed in the open world of Star Citizen, MEDRUNNER offers special event services. Event organizers can contact them and add medical services, respawn points and other amenities to their events. Usually these services will be offered for free, if the event will benefit MEDRUNNERs public relations.


MRS is offering different career paths on the careers portal of their website. Players can join one of their rescue teams by becoming a pilot, security specialist or medical technician and use medical ships in order to respond to emergency calls.

If players want to apply for the organization, they can do so on the careers portal. The button “Apply” will send them to the recruitment channel of the MEDRUNNER Discord server.

Besides service in a MEDRUNNER TEAM, players can also join different departments in order to get access to more trusted roles within the organization that involve administrative rights and obligations.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for all financial operations of the organisation. They watch over customers, payments and logistics. An entry level role to join this department is the Accountant. Accountants are responsible for the administration of customer and billing data.

Other roles within this department:

  • Senior Accountant
  • Sales Manager

Medical Department

This department is responsible for everything that involves medical gameplay and the training and guidance of medical technicians. They develope medical guidelines for MEDRUNNER TEAMs and are the connection between MEDRUNNERs executives and the medical staff. An entry level role within this department is the Emergency Physician. This role represents the basic member of the medical department, an advanced form of the medical technician which is assisting with tasks outside of the game. Additionally, emergency physicians can serve on capital class vessels as medical personnel.

Other roles within this department:

  • Chief Medical Technician
  • Medical Logistics Officer
  • Medical Instructor

Security Department

The Security Department is watching over security guidelines and logistics. They are also responsible for the fleet of the organization, conduct escort operations and make sure that security specialists are trained properly. An entry level role in this department is the Security Guard. The guards are the basic member of the security department and are responsible for securing outposts and capital ships while assisting with work outside of the game. Guards can also be deployed as paramilitary forces if necessary.

Other roles within this department:

  • Security Officer
  • Security Logistics Officer
  • Security Instructor

HR Department

The Human Resource Department is responsible for all administrative tasks involving members and personnel of the organization. They watch over active members, hand out demotions or promotions and enforce the rules. They also assist with recruitment. You can join the department as a Recruitment Assistant.

Other roles within this department:

  • Recruitment Officer
  • HR Administrator

IT Department

The IT Department is focused on the technical aspect of the organization. They are responsible for caring for the website and web applications supporting the tasks of MEDRUNNER operations. The org is looking for Technical Assistants who are willing to work on web applications to make org-life easier or want to assist with social media administration.

Other roles within this department:

  • Technical Manager
  • IT Director


This organization is committed to provide immersion for their players and clients. Although no full roleplay is required, they want to focus on finding their place within the Star Citizen universe and act like an entity that is actually part of the game. Members are asked to only talk about in-game topics when on a mission and interact with the client in an immersive way.

MEDRUNNER is active on several social media accounts. They put a lot of effort in their websites and accounts in order to maintain the feeling that MEDRUNNER is an actual corporation within the universe of Star Citizen. You can visit them on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and on their very own website.



Medrunner teams abide to the following public rules.

Note: This ruleset is being disclosed as part of our public relations effort. It is not representing our internal organization rules or terms of service.

  • 1. MEDRUNNER will never start an engagement unprovoked. We have no interest in starting a fight if you are not in our path to operation success.
  • 2. MEDRUNNER teams will do everything in their power to recover and protect the client. It is advised to not mess with them.
  • 3. MEDRUNNER collects the data of individuals who attacked company assets and will refuse services to associated organizations.
  • 4. MEDRUNNER guarantees the fastest recovery available or your money back.
  • 5. MEDRUNNER will try to respect UEE law. Individuals with ties to piracy, illegal activities or criminal organizations will be locked out from services.
  • 6. Membership owners have priority over normal operations.
  • 7. MEDRUNNER teams will respond to calls when initial payment has been received.
  • 8. The MEDRUNNER teams security is more important than operation success. Teams can refuse to recover a client if the chance of losing their ships is too high.(Depends on the membership level of the client.)
  • 9. MEDRUNNER staff is not allowed to partake in any illegal activities (Pirating etc.)

Learn more about MEDRUNNER on the official website =>


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