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Meridian / MEREX

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We are an exploration-based community. We count addicted/passionate players and developers of tools/resources as our members. The main focus lies on Exploration, Navigation and the results in data/knowledge & tools. Join us on discord and we show you how to find things


It all started with a great community of people addicted to exploration.

There was tons of knowledge and information about StarCitizen, Exploration gameplay, game logic, formulas etc.

On one unfortunate day, the main discord server went down and never returned. So much information got lost that day, so two guys started to regroup with most of the old members and recreate what had been lost. So over time, we got the old crew back together and made some new ones.

Now we can rock the verse and help the Star Citizen community with exploration needs. If you need to find the Javelin wreck, we will show you how to get there, whether day, night or your cockpit/hud went down.


Our goal is to share exploration gameplay and knowledge with our community and any that want to join.

If you want to stay up to date on exploration topics, need the newest tool, or want to talk to someone the experts, we are the place to be.

One of our guidelines is that information should be free, and we focus mainly on where and how to get there.


Be kind and friendly to everyone. We all have different expertise, and language can be a barrier.

All professions are welcome, so if you are looking for the next wormhole that helps you deliver your smuggling goods safely, welcome aboard.

We do not support cheaters, griefers, racism, or trolls.