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Martial Excellence & Requisition of Intensive Training

An organization specializing in the training of aerospace combat pilots and ground troops. Newcomers welcome!

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// Established in 2950, MERIT was set up to train combat pilots wanting to join the CDF, unknow to most however MERIT was also a breeding ground for vicious pirates and mercenaries in order to satiate the demands of immoral organisations //


// At MERIT we strive to train the very best combat pilots and ground troops the verse has ever seen!

It is our mission to build up and train competent dogfighters, soldiers, and all other forms of combat specialists. We hope that our trainees will go out into the verse and join other organizations, providing the very best service they possibly can when it comes to anything combat related.

For too long the verse has been filled with incompetence, and the founders of MERIT made a pledge to see the standards of combat specialists raised so that when the verse becomes a less forgiving place, their trainees will be ready! //



// No discrimination //
// Stay civil //
// No use of slurs //
// No breaking of CIG or Twitch ToS //
Infringement of these rules will get you banned from this organisation.

Training and event rules

// Be respectful to your Instructors and Squadron leaders, listen to what they have to say as well as answer any questions if you are asked //
// No intentional disruption of events from participants //
// In a combat scenario, keep comms quiet unless important information needs to be conveyed //