Roberts Space Industries


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Founded in 2942, its’ main goal is to gain profit with advanced technology.
For that MC will take any way necessary to develop/distribute technology and gain profit from it, even outside the law.
MC also employs Mercenaries to protect its’ technology or gain ressources, if there is no other way.


Founded in 2942 by a single person, namely “Merx”, the Corporation “MerxCorp” is looking for profit by developing and trading advanced technology.

Right now there are a hand full of people, who pledge their allegiance to this Corporation. But who knows what will come…


MerxCorp (MC) is an Corporation with the goal to develop, trade, aquire and distribute advanced technology in order to gain profit.

To achieve this goal MerxCorp will take advantage of any possibility (except for exploiting the poor or harming people if not totally necessary) and will not stop if actions reach non-legal territory.

For protecting its’ technological advances and the people behind it, the Corporation is going to employ Staff to defend those.

Also wanted are Engineers, Scientists, Traders, Information Runner and People who can gather the wanted Ressources.


This board is in development and will be released soon.