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MESC-Mining, Exploration, Search & Rescue, Cargo.
We are people; people who can choose, and we choose to help.

M.E.S.C Logistics offers help to both freelancers & small orgs.
Everyone needs help

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When we were young pilots,when we first started flying,
we joined X organization.
We were sure X was the best organization for us.
The discipline was military and we did not even notice it.
We had enemies like the number of stars.
There were players who got shouts from the general.
Everyone was afraid of spies inside the organization.
Players were kicked out of the organization every month.
Freedom of expression was limited by a claim of consideration.

Until they kicked us.
We understood what freedom is, all our enemies have become friends
and congratulated us on the establishment of this organization.
M.E.S.C. Logistics has emerged from our history as young pilots.
No more fear!
Full freedom of expression!
We are people who can choose!
We did not choose to fight, we choose to help.
M.E.S.C. Logistics took this value from the Milky Way.
The same spirit that helped humanity reach the stars.

We decided to establish an organization that will help everyone:
weak and strong,
veteran and beginners,
especially for beginners.
We were all beginners and there is no better feeling than being part of something, part of a big family that loves SC.
You are not alone,
we all got this love from the amazing community around us and we are intent on keeping this tradition.
Help us continue it.

Come join us in our Discord server
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List of Services we currently provide

- Trading All Goods
- Exploration & Research
- Trading Information
- Mining & Salvaging Operations
- Refueling Operations
- Medical Services
- Supply & Repair Services
- Search & Rescue Operations
- Secured Cargo and VIP Transportation
- Locating and saving lost cargo

M.E.S.C. Logistics is offering help to both freelancers & small orgs
Join us in our Discord and lets talk business!
We do not provide logistical support to pirate organizations, though we are happy to create and maintain diplomatic relations with all organizations.

Our goal is Search and Rescue & trading Information

Come join us in our Discord server
Don’t be lazy! Read about us in our Spectrum page


M.E.S.C. Logistics are looking for
creative people, with passion for the Game & with a desire to help.
M.E.S.C. Logistics has knowledge to share, and we want social people to be able to do events together,
get drunk, amusing things
and more normative events like any other organization.
You can also do
“Invent The Events”
M.E.S.C. Logistics has a training program.

M.E.S.C Organization maintains a law-abiding organization; but nevertheless we will break the law if it will clash with our values:
-Help Beginners
-Mutual Respect
-Help Our Allies

There is no set age limit
However, we want mature individuals and usually accept those 125 years old and over,
but if you feel you can conduct yourself in a reasonably mature manner you are welcomed to join us.
(We all experience moments of daftness, what we don’t want are those who experience immature behavior.)

M.E.S.C. Logistics is a Casual Organization of gamers from all over the globe focused on having fun together.
We are an Exclusive Organization, meaning our members are not a part of, or affiliated with any other organization for security reasons.
M.E.S.C. Logistics is a Non-Military Organization.
There is no military discipline here. The only command you’ll receive is to help.

If you are the generals of a small organization
M.E.S.C. Logistics aware of the difficulties that small organizations have.
The difficulty in recruiting other players,
Our organization is young; come and share your personal talents with M.E.S.C. Logistics!
You want to grow with us, and if you all have the same values.
Your entire organization is welcome to join, M.E.S.C. Logistics can always talk about terms and offers.
As we have already written – we want it to be interesting.
Grow with us together, do not fight alone, it always gets better with us!
M.E.S.C Logistics has a Twitch channel, we encourage streaming!
We’ll be happy to use your awesome recordings for our future videos (with your permission, of course).
Pictures and logos will also be a great addition.

Come join us in our Discord server
Don’t be lazy! Read about us in our Spectrum page