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Roberts Space Industries ®

Misfits Enterprises / MFE

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Security
  • Freelancing

“You never have to feel like you are alone in the black, if you hire Misfits they’ll have your back.”


Officially founded in 2935; Misfits Enterprises is a small elite unit comprised of independent field specialists. Coming from all walks of life; Reformed Pirates, Smugglers, Bounty hunters, Law Enforcement, Military, Explorers, Racers, and Thrill-seekers united under a common banner to provide top tier PMC services to the general public. Strongly believing in “quality over quantity” Misfits recruitment has always been based on merit and witnessed acts. With the increasing threat of Vanduul, glory seeking pirates, and over-sized trigger-happy Organizations; Misfits aims to deliver quality services at an affordable rate. No matter if you need escort flying goods from Point A to Point B, on-site security while you excavate artifacts on an inhospitable Alien world, or even some good old fashioned revenge on someone who did you wrong; Misfits has a package for you (and if we don’t you can bet we’ll make one). We understand the ‘verse is a tough place, we’ve all been through it before. We are here to ensure you never have to feel like you are alone in the black, if you hire Misfits we’ll have your back.

Our pilots undergo a rigorous training program. Everyone is constantly rated in and against the newest craft to roll off the manufacturers lines. We also ensure all members are straight shooters with hands on practice with the newest firearms both on, and off the market. We have a dedicated Public Relations division to ensure client communications on a level never before seen. Your job is important to us, after all the pay is what keeps the ships flying. Our Public Relations division will sit down with you one on one, hash out the details and specifications you require for the job, then pass it on to the appropriate teams. We take care of our clients, to make sure they keep coming back.

If you’re shopping for a PMC group, you can stop right now. You’ve found the one that will give you the level of service you need, at the cost you can afford.

  • Disclaimer Misfits Enterprises is a fully licensed UEE PMC. We abide by UEE laws and regulations and will not commit open acts of piracy, murder, or extortion in UEE protected space.