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The Miners Union / MINERUNION

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Become a member of The Union today and earn UEC the safe and legal way!


The Miners Union was founded in November 2019 as a few friends decided to get together at a small bar in Levski to share tips and tricks for mining. Initially, this was to be a private community of individuals on social media, not meant to grow into a legitimate organization at the onset. As time went by and more and more members joined, it became necessary to form an official organization in The Verse. This unfilled need marked the beginning of a new era for The Miners Union.


The Miners Union believes that its members must have fun above all. However, making aUEC in the process of doing so is an equally high priority. We strive to make sure that all members of our community are fair players; we help each other out and are always willing to teach newcomers the ropes. We have dedicated tutors that will take fledglings out onto mining runs, both in ships and on foot. We only ask for members to be kind to each other, regardless of Union affiliation. We are for fair play. We believe that mining is not only the search for aUEC profit but also non-material gain, peace, Zen, relaxation.


The Miners Union is a non-exclusive community with a home base at Levski, and central mining locations in the Crusader system. Enlisted members are allowed to be affiliated or redacted status. For higher-ranking officials, you must have a “main organization” status. For enlisted members, we do not require mining ships, only the possession of a Pyro RYT multitool, with Ore-bit mining attachment. The tool is available for purchase at most major landing locations. If a member does not own a ship, they will act as an operator in a MOLE. As an option, they may request a vessel to be provided to them by one of the Crew Chiefs. This vessel could be a loaner Prospector or a MOLE (the exact procedure is to be discussed in each case separately). All Citizens are welcome to join, whether ship owners or not, professional miners or someone who has never smelled Agricium dust in their life.