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Minuteman Starlines / MINUTE

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“The Everyday Man’s Interstellar Starliner, There For You At A Minute’s Notice”


The Musket Bowl



Founded in the year 2948, Minuteman Starlines has served as the verse’s most affordable interstellar starliner for the common man. It is an entity that prides itself on its reliability and affordability within the verse. Where other corporations and passenger transport entities may take advantage of the common man. Minuteman Starlines has stood the test, and continues to supply the verse with cheap, but secure and reliable travel.


“Through our roots we find inspiration, though our service we find purpose, through our endeavors we find success”

Minuteman Incorporated is an organization that sets itself apart through its unique branding, and through its excellent service. It is the mission of this spectacular organization to provide the greatest and safest experience possible, to our customers. We do this through a few ways and each are as carefully and professionally practiced as the one before it.


Our number 1 focus, our prime directive, our mission in life, the transportation of people or other creatures, to any planet in the verse…alive…or dead, whichever state they started in; zombies not preferred. Our org has a fantastic fleet, looking to get you started down the road of excellence that we know you can provide, if you’re looking to fly from A to B then B to wherever, there’s no better org. Aside from passengers, at Minuteman Incorporated we handle your packages and cargo as well, if not just the person but their worldly possessions need moving, look no further. We handle your packages with care, so that by the time you get to where your going, your packages are already there nice and cozy by the hearth in your home, waiting for you intact.


Listen, at Minuteman Incorporated we accept the reality that every once in awhile a person or group of people need to be shot, preferably not our customers and passengers. Having said that, Minuteman Incorporated has addressed this all too real reality with a simple solution, we shoot them before they shoot us, with our better and bigger guns. Our Security division is outfitted with company provided arms and armor, as well as medical pens and oxygen pens, to ensure that every man or woman who is ready to be shot, survives, then shoots back. And in the case that both of them are out of ammo, we provide these same individuals with knives because people need to be stabbed too, and what kind of business would we be if we didn’t provide a little bit of variety to the experience.


Things break, that’s a fact of galactic life, but what doesn’t have to be a fact of galactic life is being stuck because of it. That is why we have invested in the procurement of equipment to facilitate the sustainment of our fleet, with our Maintenance Division. It is our goal with this division to see to fruition three aspects of success: FUEL, REPAIR, and SALVAGE, and it is these three that will facilitate our sustainment. By keeping our fleet fueled and ready to go, by keeping it repair and sustained for business, and for collecting the wreckage in the very rare event of a catastrophic setback.


Due to the size of our charter, and the tedious nature of its update within this site, it shall be found on our official discord:


New Members are expected to have read at minimum “Section III: Rules and Procedures”, within our charter