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Minuteman Starlines / MINUTE

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“The Passenger Transport and Security Firm that’s for the people, and by the people!


The Star Citizen Guide System


Flights, Tours, and Travel Routes

The Stanton Lore Tour

Objective: To tour the verse in style, and learn the history of the stanton system, specifically the background of each planet and it’s owning corporation

Price: 5k per passenger, 100k to reserve the vessel
Food and Drinks available

Crew: Pilot, Air Marshal, and Steward

Duration: 3 Hours
Route: Area 18 (ArcCorp) -> Lorville (Hurston) -> New Babbage (Micro Tech) -> Orison (Crusader) -> Area 18 (ArcCorp)

Minuteman Starlines Interplanetary Route

Price: 500 aUEC per Passenger
Food and Drinks available

Crew: Pilot and Air Marshall

Duration: Circular Rotation
Route: Area 18 (ArcCorp) -> Lorville (Hurston) -> New Babbage (Micro Tech) -> Orison (Crusader) -> Area 18 (ArcCorp)


//Transmission: A Founding – Minuteman Starlines\\

Founded in the standard UEE year 2948 by the now current President Alymere.

Minuteman Group began operations to supply the verse with reliable, secure, and affordable means of transportation, from UEE territories all the way to Banu space, and further. Something many transports refuse to do, due in large part to language barriers and the treacherous travel of jump gates, especially in alien systems. Though travel between these systems would ultimately prove profitable for the historically themed transportation company, it was inevitably doomed to face adversity.

With the rise of piracy in adjacent systems, and in between UEE and Banu space, it did not surprise anyone that Minuteman Group would look to it’s defense. To this end, the company would form the beginnings of it’s now famous security force. This security force would be modestly armed and would perform as onboard security guards. However, the company would also supply each Intersolar craft with a fighter escort, though this would prove ineffective.

For a time Minuteman Group would experience a period of peace and prosperity in the verse, with their ships being left alone. Yet this would change as both pirates and vanduul would once again begin raiding their ships, it was at this point they had to act. Minuteman Group in response to these conflicts would reorganize their security division into S.A.R.O, otherwise known as Specialty And Reconnaissance Operations. 

This would militarize the Minuteman security forces, reforging them akin to their namesake, a force at a minute’s notice. Each security officer would be issued standardized weapons and armor, as well as requisitioned ships for enforcement. The company would also go so far as to procure Corvettes and Capital class ships to enforce their will, as well as establishing a recon sub-component to discover new transport lanes; Minuteman Group would not be caught unprepared again.

To this day, Minuteman Group has not only provided safe travel for all aboard their craft, but has also made it a mission to secure the verse from all threats, local and xeno. Shouting their company motto:

“Through our roots we find inspiration, through our service we find purpose, through our endeavors we find success”

//End Transmission\\


Due to the nature of our charter, and due to it’s size, we have provided a link below for ease of viewing:

Full-Charter Link

Organizational Charter


SECTION III: Rules & Procedures

SECT III : ADDENDUM I: No member within proper standing within the company shall commit any act to be viewed as heinous or treasonous to UEE Minuteman Starlines. No member within or without proper standing within the company shall harass, insult, or otherwise provoke another member with intent of grievous offense. No member within proper standing within the company shall steal from living or dead.

SECT III : ADDENDUM II: Every Employee no matter of position [Board Member or otherwise] has an equal ability to defense of action, defense against accusation, and ability to voice reason or opinion. Should an Employee commit an act that goes against Minuteman Starlines policy, they will be given an opportunity that best suits their availability to defend themselves of which they shall of their choosing when doing so address either or both: CEO or Board of Directors, to their defense.

SECT III : ADDENDUM III: Should an Employee be accused of an action where they’re adamant in their own innocence, the Employee’s history shall be taken into account that is in pertinence to the action that is being accused. Just as before the Accused of their own choosing shall choose a time that best fits their availability to state themselves innocent to whomever they desire or both: CEO or Board of Directors. Should this be the first or second accusation this step is unnecessary and a simple talk should suffice, if it happens to be the third accusation then is this step necessitated.

SECT III : ADDENDUM IV Every Employee has the right to their own opinion and voice whether that opinion, voice, or belief lies in religion, politics, or personal creed. As long as such a voice is not derogatory in the direct nature of words created solely for offense, and at the time of use was utilized for the offense of another. Any utilization that falls outside of the intent of offense is authorized if the discussion is of relevance to the language in use, and no member will be punished for discussing their beliefs if the other party is of a willing nature or instigated the discussion. [This addendum is in direct of inspiration of the United States of America’s First Amendment]

SECT III : ADDENDUM V: While the “Employee’s Council” shall hold no authority over the deliberation of company activities, nor over it’s people or ventures. The council shall nonetheless exist as a body, this body shall consist of “Section Chiefs” from the different divisions of the company. They shall deliberate at their own convenience wherever and whenever they desire, so long as such scheduling does not conflict with the day-to-day operations of the company. They shall discuss anything of import or circumstance that is applicable to their divisions, so that they may bring such worries, quarrels, and ideas to the “Board of Directors’‘. To facilitate such communication they will elect a “Head Councilman” once every 31 calendar days or until such time before the allotted hour the elected resigns, or by vote of the council is removed, such member will sit on the board as a council representative.

SECT III : ADDENDUM VI: Each member of the Minuteman Deliveries, Starlines, and S.A.R.O, shall perform the following. Each member will perform corporation sponsored jobs, these jobs can and will vary, but each member shall be paid in accordance with their work. A percentage of shall be returned to said member as payment, and incentivization for further performance. This percentage will not fall below 25% but can succeed, these jobs do not need to be performed frequently, but at least once monthly.

SECT III : ADDENDUM VII: EXCEPTIONS TO POLICY: SECT III: ADDENDUM VI: Corporation Job Payments: Crewed missions shall be handled differently, where the crew as a whole shall receive the percentage, then split it amongst themselves.