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Roberts Space Industries ®

Hippie House Squadron / MOJODOJO

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Just some crazy little hippies up to no good


Who’s asking?


Speakeasy, people are listening.

As the galaxies most proficient hippies and first class fuck ups, we take pride in our cornucopias supply of contraband we have to offer. Whether it be slam, weevil, guns or people, we got you covered.

( security, movers, truckers and cowboys we offer it all )

Our packages don’t end at the Because warming up a CDF’s pockets with creds and piggy tummies with spirits isn’t the only thing we do for our clients, we get our hands dirty too. Because as members of the mojo dojo casa house, we all agree, that a man has claim to his contraband and is within their rights to do what ever they see fit with it.

Getting Slammed By Widows For My Weevil Eggs

draft, brainstorming


Who’s asking?

IB: I know right? and I don’t even know no Carter, and if I did, I wouldn’t say nothing, I an’t no snitch, foo!