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“Ad Astra … Per Aspera”

To the stars … Through hardships

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Mortem Solis sees its birth in 2610, at the height of the Messer monarchy, a stereotypical, ruthless fascist government that seized land, resources, power & might. They were able to achieve this by seizing power away from the UPE (United Planets of Earth) in 2546, this through a combination of political manipulation and propaganda that was aimed at creating the position of Prime Citizen (Not too far from the Caesars of ancient times).
When they succeeded with this Ivan Messer became the solitary leader of the UPE, and he wasted no time when it comes to revealing his true intentions! Under his iron fist there were numerous governmental reforms that transformed said office to that of what we call today: The Imperator.

This being a lifelong, hereditary role that began a carefully planned line of succession with his son Deacon Messer. The Messers were accepted and even beloved at first, but they made the critical error of becoming more tyrannical as successors were appointed. Their policies became more characterized by draconian, antediluvian enforcement of laws, warmongering that was fueled with greed, corruption, and abuse of power.
These actions sparked what is still known today as … The Anti-Messer Revolution …

The revolution was a series of complex events that spanned throughout decades, that culminated in the end of the Messer regime. Being its most infamous one the one that would spark the flame that would create Mortem Solis … The Garron II massacre. This happened in 2792 as a terraforming & technological conglomerate started working on changing the landscape and chemistry of Garron II so it could be a viable option for human inhabitants. This was done of course without any type of consideration for indigenous species already existing in that planet, said species were not as fully developed as the humans trying to take the planet away from them but they had more right to be there than humanity did. They were decimated and their race wiped from existence …

This barbaric act was only revealed in April 2792 someone that called him/herself “Tide” was able to hijack the news signal and via Spectrum shared this very cryptic message:

“Humans, this is “Tide”. Pull the veil from your eyes and see. Garron II was a developing world with a vast array of species. We say was because they are no more. The Messers and their minions terraformed the planed, killing everything to feed their insatiable greed. Pull the veil from your eyes and see”

This message resonated with the public who were already at a breaking point. And a coup began that shook the Empire to its core.

Enter Mortem Solis. A group of great minds, inventors, military & logistics specialists that predicted the downfall of the Messer era from the safety of their planet Magnus II, another terraformed planet that served as a military & technological haven for ship manufacturers. For a while that is …

At first the Magnus system, thanks distance from well-traveled space plus the availability of valuable resources & metals made it a strategic stronghold for the Empire. When all that was depleted, high command decided it was of their best interest to abandon their efforts there, killing the workforce to leave no witnesses of what transpired. Survivors of this incident gathered their resources and moved to different quadrants of the newly formed UEE … Vowing never to forget the travesties and crimes tied to the Messer family and the foundation of the empire.


Mortem Solis is an organization dedicated to give back to the people, to see others succeed and achieve what they have dreamt of in the ‘verse. We have seen firsthand what intolerance and extremism can do in the hands of powerful people, so we are here to provide our members with a safe haven, so they can focus solely on the game.

We stand side by side with the core concept of the UEE and are grateful to finally have an Imperator that understands that we all need to embrace change and an agenda aiming to provide all with the necessary technology and knowledge for their lives to take a turn for the better. We live, work & coexist peacefully with our UEE allies but are always watchful and weary because one thing that the ‘verse has shown us is that there are not only black & white sides in its bowels.

We fight covertly in dark alleys, we push away the status quo inside boardrooms & fly our ships to distant systems as a cohesive movement that will always put the interests of its members first above all … Even the UEE. Even though we fly proudly its colors we will not hesitate for a moment to take back what is ours if provoked or cornered out of greed or political advancement.

Our endgame is to make good to our members, allies & friends by providing a system within UEE mandate in which we will settle & prosper in peace. In which we can exist without our lives being choked out of us because of a desire to acquire more power or an increased military presence under murky political agendas.

“Ed Astra, Per Aspera” – “To the stars … Through hardships”

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Fly safe!


Laws of space, air, sea & land …

1 – Respect & inclusion: Our community has players from all over the world, from different origins, religions, ideologies, sexual orientations etc. We celebrate and embrace this by accepting all humans with the same level of decency and respect.

2 – Good Sportsmanship: Play Star Citizen for the fun of it and thrive together. We strongly believe the gaming community is best when everyone involved is having fun. Play fair, play to learn together, play a good game no matter the outcome.

3 – Work together: We built this space together, working in synergy. We play an incredibly special game that has survived through the years thanks to the effort of players working in tandem for the love that we have for Star Citizen.

4 – All members must represent the organization when partaking in official events, this by using the official armor set and color scheme of the organization.

5 – Our members will defend themselves, Mortem Solis, our friends, and allies if provoked first by a 3rd party.

6 – This organization fights under UEE banners … For now. If the UEE steers clear from its intended path of social advancement we reserve the right to take a different direction and redirect our forces to efforts that will benefit our members.

7 – We do not allow cheating, this by using 3rd party programs or loopholes in game. Let’s hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

8 – When in trouble, in and out of the organization please consult the highest-ranking leader available. Or the leader assigned to your Legio. They are very experienced and will work tirelessly to assist you.

9 – If a member is reported as bullying and causing a commotion inside the organization, a council will be formed with members of the leadership team to assess the situation. If is determined that the member in question harassed, insulted, or attacked personally one of our members this individual will be removed. We have no space for toxic behavior in our ranks.

10 – Griefers & bullies are not welcome here …

11 – Have fun! Star Citizen has an incredible community that is amazed by its development, Lets make the best out of it together, and set an example for those that will join the game after us.

Fly safe citizens and hope to see you soon!