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Our specialized team is available for hire in the areas of Transport and Resources.

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Our fleet consists of 10 cap ships (2Jav included) and many smaller ships. Join our ranks today


The capital city of Terra is Prime, a beautiful bay side megacity built on the foundations of two of the original colony ships. A stark contrast to Earth’s metropolises, everything in Prime was planned by the original settlers, leading to a much greater balance between nature and civilization than is found elsewhere in the Empire.
Unlike many cities, Prime’s primary landing zone is located away from the city to reduce pollution and air congestion. A monorail runs pilots to and from their hangars. Don’t let the relaxed atmosphere fool you, though: Prime has everything New York or Moscow does, from ship upgrade stores to black market opportunities. The city itself divides into two major regions: the sparkling Downtown and the lower class residential region known as The Block. Opportunities for visitors are available in both portions of the city.
In 2944 a talented pilot from the block named Strom went into business for himself smuggling maze into Terra’s sister world Gen with two friends Xeronin, and Jofur.
Maze is the street name for a tranquilizer and knock-out hallucinogen, believed to be Xi’An in origin. Looks like flakes of bark. It’s lethal in heavy concentrations (many who try injecting it die immediately); it’s meant to be ingested. The digestion process distils it to where it just messes you up. Dosing up is like taking a massive journey into your own mind. To the outside world, you’re nearly comatose, but to you, it’s a wild trip. A handful of religions have been started after a user took a dip in the maze. Aside from the toxic element, there’s a chance you won’t come down from the high. They call this ‘getting disconnected.’ Users stay locked in their own head until their brain decays.
The profits were big given the risk and the trio made several million UEC in the first year. It was then that Strom, growing uneasy with the risk spoke to the others about going straight by using their wealth to set up a private military company offering escort to vulnerable mining operations travelling between Pike and Terra.
Again the trio were successful, expanding rapidly, employing a team of trusted, and highly skilled friends making even more money than before. However, in 2946 things got funky when several of the larger PMC’s in the Terra Nova system felt that the young upstarts needed to be taught a lesson in respect, delving into their past and threatening to make public how the start-up initially made their money.
This rapidly made doing business within the Terra system untenable, and faced with bankruptcy if nothing was done, the company needed a plan.
Calling an emergency Roundtable meeting the company voted to take advantage of the system’s natural nexus of jump points to move out of Terra Nova lock, stock, and barrel in search of a new home.
The newly homeless organisation struck out, and are making their name in the wider UEE as The Misfits of Terra….


MoT are a non-political group. We do not allow corporate politics to dictate our interests. Our intentions are simple… survival in a dog eat dog universe.

Our primary focus is on Resources and Transport of goods and fuel. Members are welcome to spread their wings and enjoy the verse providing their actions do not affect MoT in a negative manner.


1: The MoT will have 1 founder and a Board of Generals. There will always be an odd number of Generals to avoid any tie votes. The founder is automatically set as a General.
2: No single leader will be in charge of making solo decisions. All decisions will be made by the Board of Generals or the whole Roundtable.
3: In the event that a odd number of Generals are not available, higher ranking officers will be included in the decision making process.
4: The Board of Generals will always be making decisions in the best interest of the MoT. The Board will never put MoT in harm’s way to benefit themselves.
5: MoT funds may not be used for personal gain by a command staff member. All company fund dispensing will go through the command circle.
6: MoT ships will be issued on a case by case basis and approved by a majority vote of Board of Generals.
7: During command staff promotions, all members will be invited to vote for command personnel ranked below General (some exceptions will be made for commanding officer roles and will be assigned by the Generals only).
8: Alliances will be formed on a case by case basis. No limit to size of org alliance.
9: No member will have hidden or redacted affiliation with MoT or any other org while a member of MoT.
10: We are not a pirate org nor will we side with a pirate org.
11: All members are responsible for their reputation with in persistent universe. Player actions will affect the reputation of MoT and consequences will come to members who bring the company down as a result of their actions.
12: Attacking a MoT members ship intentionally is grounds for immediate termination from MoT.
13: All members will pay dues. These funds will be stored to be used to help members upgrade ship using a low or no interest loan. Affiliate members will pay 10% higher dues than full members.
14: Alliance orgs may call upon us for assistance in time of war. A diplomatic solution will attempt to be reached first.
15: If a alliance org starts a fight we are not required to assist in battle. If the alliance org is attacked we will reinforce them with available troops that are not on assignment. All costs will be billed to alliance org.
16. Minimum age of 18 required.
17. All new members will go through a 30 probation period. During this time you will be required to participate in org ops. You will be required to have a min of 10 play sessions and on discord during those sessions. More sessions may be needed (determined by the MoT Roundtable) You will b given probate perms on discord during the 30 period. This is a testing phase. Once you have completed this phase, you will be granted full member access.
18. Only hostile and criminal targets may be attacked. If a target is green and showing no hostile intentions, let them pass unless direct orders from an Officer or above says otherwise.