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Milky Way Marketers / MWMARKET

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Trading
  • Social

Are you confused as to where to buy all your items? Look no further! Choose the Right way, The Milky Way!


Who Are the Marketers?

The Milky Way Marketers was founded in the year 2722 by an undisclosed ex-member of the UEE Senate on Jupiter, a planet in the Sol System. This same ex-senate member helped with the construction of a city within this Gas giant known as Lovi Via, which roughly translates to “Jupiter Way”. The city of Lovi Via was the birthplace for the Glorious Trade Corporation which was named “The Milky Way Marketers.” The Ideal from are secretive founder remains the same. Crush the competition in every trade industry and with the goal of achieving success in the trading industry and becoming stupider richer.


What do we do?

Being an associate of the Milky Way Marketers means that YOU want one thing and one thing only…. MONEY . A majority of our money is made up from the buying and selling of goods. What do we trade? Well lets see;

  • Valuable Artifacts
  • Any form of Commodity supplies.
  • Weapons for Civilian, Military or Militia uses
  • Contraband
  • Prisoners

We trade in anything that has to deal with money. The more money the better, for us and YOU ! Along with our varitity of goods we also offer select services, such as;

  • Priority Escort
  • Executive Protection
  • Prisoner Accusition

We strive to offer a One-Stop-All approach. The services we sell are guaranteed to be TOP Quality even more so above regular protection guilds. While we offer top quality our services tend to be more pricey than other guilds due to the convivence and quality. Don’t worry it’s worth it because, Your money, is our money

Don’t forget, Chose the Right Way, The Milky Way!


If you hope to become a Milky Way Marketer, don’t worry! We have one main goal in mind, and that’s make money!

The focus is to trade, whether that be something that can get you stopped by the fun police, or trading without paying while visiting another ship, we encourage it!

As long as fun is being had and money is being made!