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You never know when and where you will live the true moment. Right now, your backbone is shivering. The indecent skies lights are fullfilling your eyes. “Out there” is your call. Your though is full of empathy from the living masse of all others brains. “Mystère” is the name.


Well… Did you see the situation upon Kareah Security Post ?

People complaining about others people allready complaining ? Think of this in a bigger scale. Do you see that unpredictable chaos out there ?

  • That was precisely our thoughs when we came with all the “Diplomatic” concept for our Organization.
    • We know a little something about communication.
    • We like to sails the stars.
  • To get the citizen stay civilized upon the stars, we have to be there. We have to talk there.
    • Do you remember, when 2500 years ago the Imperator and government often used the Xi’an threat . Neither side declared open war. You know why ? Because we were there. Inconspicuous.
    • Do you know why some Teravin still works for the human species ? Because we talks with them. Without showing ourself.

Our history is unknow, that’s why others history are possible.
We are the unknowed, the Mystère.

Do you even know who you are, mind traveler ?


It is good to be knowed as the “peacefull maker” out there.

  • We are on a diplomatic mission (kind of) :
    • We assume that — Nothing is possible without communication.
    • We know that — A good brand is better than words.
    • Our mission is to — Designing meaningfull flights thru diplomatic action.
    • We are good at — Find a path (litteraly or not) and defuse a bad situation.

The idea is simple.

You are a freelancer, doing space travel on a day to day work, whatever you do, and you need to know something from out there, you need to talk about something, you need to get a message somewhere…

Go thru us !

We are diplomatic’s fliers.

On the other hand… We like to just fly the sky. Just…Fly…Out there.


“Oh sure, you can do that. I’m not sure we are going to stay in good term. But, nevermind.”

[Our charte is more a state of mind than some stricts rules. Diplomatie doesn’t needs robots.]

  • Here some tips about our feelings :
    • Don’t panic.
    • Talk first.
      • If they are stronger and you’r not dead yet, they’ll listen. If you are stronger and did not attack them yet, they’ll listen.
    • Be charming
      • There will be people who just don’t care about that, but a lots will.
    • Don’t be always charming — Diplomatie with pirates won’t be.
      • “Sir, an empty taxi stops in front of your ship : and you gets out.”

Oh, and we have families. We can’t be always on the road !