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NovaCorp / N0VACORP

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NovaCorp is a corporation dedicated to logistics serving the UEE and private military ventures.


Founded in 2511 by humans, NovaCorp has participated in many military operations as a logistics company serving the UEE, notably in the First Human-Tevarin War. In 2595, Nova partnered with Tumbril Land Systems to produce the Nova Tonk which went on to be the most successful land vehicle in the Second Human-Tevarin War.


In the verse we are a generally law-abiding org, however that does not stop us from participating in private operations that are not condoned by the UEE. For example Jumptown and Kareah raids, although all illegal ventures are held by a seperate field within NovaCorp


As expected, there are rules to follow:
1. We may occasionally do illegal operations, however this does not condone piracy of any sort
2. Be respectful of your org members