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North American Panda Operatives / NAPO

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A tightly knit community of friends under the banner of the almighty panda. We are welcome to any and all players who wish to join under certain circumstances feel free to contact the leader ProPanda for any details or questions.


The NAPO group has been around for as long as games existed. As a child the founder of the group ProPanda loved to play games and learn about pandas. As he grew older gaming became a big thing in his life. And eventually he founded the NAPO group. The group has since played in multiple games and enjoyed the company of many friends and family. Now the clan is looking forward to fighting in the stars and write there name in the starcitzen history.


We intend to drive the economy of multiple worlds make a profit and aide others in there journeys across the galaxy. But we will also offer military service and equip our miners and traders with the best defenses credits can buy, So be warned don’t fire on the panda.


Do all that a panda would do
All you think that is real is actually bamboo
Nothing is restricted all is premeditated
Sleep or fight nothing is sedated
Remember the panda code and all will be rewarded.