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New Damocles Interstellar Union / NDIU

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New Damocles is a friendly community of people which you can rely on to have your back in battle, or even to establish a trade agreement with. We aim to stand together as commoners of the verse, and rise to the occasion of a friend in need. We are the commoners of the verse, standing united.


When the founders first sat down to establish what was originally, Damocles Interstellar Trade Union (hence the “New” in NDIU), the guild had a much different approach. It was to follow a more corporate business model, with different sectors of employees and a main focus on trade and commerce. When they felt that the guild had become too restricted by its own organization, they decided to scrap it and create what is now known as New Damocles Interstellar Union. In the process of creating and establishing NDIU the founders realized that freedom and independency can be the basis of a guild, and have the potential to offer an even more enjoyable experience in Star Citizen than a corporate or restrictive organization.

About the Founders
The founders of NDIU is a small group of comrades with a love for sci-fi films, games, literature, etc. They’ve been following the production of Star Citizen since early 2013.

NDIU is based on the East Coast, North America (US-EST) but we do welcome players in other time zones as well.

We will use in-game comms when they are ready.



We are an organization of commoners making our way in the Star Citizen universe. New Damocles aims to increase the enjoyability of every Star Citizen experience by allowing you to join a group of people to have your back in battle or to trade your goods with! We welcome all citizens and non-citizens alike, as long as they abide by our rules and policies. Members are allowed to take part in most activities as they please. We fully support you doing what you want, rather than us telling you what you should do. Our members are interested in various professions such as traders, bounty hunters, explorers, mercenaries, and freelancers. As a member of any of these professions, having people you can trust will benefit your endeavours. While New Damocles supports the practice of many activities, piracy is not among them.

We are the commoners of the verse, standing united.


Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful to other members of the guild. There will be no toleration of malicious behavior toward fellow members.
  • There will be no discrimination of other players.
  • Refrain from acquiring an outstanding criminal record.
  • Harming, killing, or stealing from innocent people of the verse in not condoned or supported by NDIU, and may result in expulsion from the guild.
  • Any profession or activity that does not directly harm innocent people is allowed (bounty hunter, mercenary, trader, merchant, explorer, miner, privateer, freelancer, smuggler, etc).

*NDIU members are not obligated to help another member if they do not wish so do not file complaints if members do not respond to your call (but of course the more you help, the more likely others will help you when you need it!).

NDIU and its members will not harbor fugitives if it puts the members’ safety or the guild’s reputation in jeopardy.