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Ravens' Nest / NEST

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Welcome to Ravens’ NEST.

All [legal] freelancers welcome!

Become a Raven today!


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Mission Statement

NEST’s purpose is to facilitate the taking and execution of contracts by freelance pilots, referred to within the company as ‘Ravens’. We strive to provide a safe, supportive, and neutral environment for our members. In addition allowing us to find clients the personnel they need.

What does NEST offer members?

We seek to help our members find and complete contracts put out by other organizations as well as independent parties. We also hope that NEST will become a place where freelance, normally un-affiliated, people can find and provide assistance to one another (for a fee). NEST should also provide an open social forum for freelancers. Members are also, of course, allowed to pursue contracts of their own accord, so long as they do not violate any of NEST’s rules and regulations.

What does NEST offer clients?

The right person for the right price™. A Nexus Broker will review your contract, post it to our members, and seek to find the best match we can offer. You are, of course, free to consult our members directly, though we encourage prospective clients to go through NEST’s Brokers. And if there is a certain member you would like, we will be sure to offer them priority on the contract!


Member Conduct

  • All Ravens are expected to support NEST. Taking actions against NEST and it’s interests will result in expulsion, and internal Bounty requests, up to and including kill-orders, may be applied.
  • Acts of piracy and unprovoked combat are strictly forbidden, as per UEE law. Continued violation may result in expulsion.
  • Ravens should not, under any circumstances, interfere with the duties and contracts of their fellow Ravens.
  • Acts of aggression against fellow Ravens is generally frowned upon and may result in disciplinary action.
  • The killing of a fellow Raven will result in an investigation and may result in expulsion.
  • Internal issues should be brought to the attention of Nexus personnel.
  • Ravens are expected to act in a generally upstanding manner, especially during the execution of a contract.


  • All available Ravens are expected to assist in contracts taken on by NEST as a whole.
  • Ravens may not take on contracts that oppose NEST or it’s interests.
  • Ravens may not take on contracts that require performing acts of piracy.
  • Ravens may, however, take contracts from Syndicates and known pirates, so long as the Ravens themselves do not participate in acts of piracy.
  • Ravens may take on contracts from opposing groups, even if doing so places individual Ravens on opposing sides of an open conflict.
  • The breaking or violation of a contract by a Raven(s) will result in an investigation and possible disciplinary action.
  • Contractors who break or violate contracts should be prepared to offer compensation, and may face retaliatory action from NEST.

Other Allegiances

  • Ravens are permitted, and in some cases encouraged, to join other organizations.
  • Ravens are personally responsible for prioritizing their time. NEST will not penalize Ravens for time spent on or with other groups.
  • Ravens are not permitted to join any group that opposes NEST, it’s interests, or otherwise interferes in contract acquisition.
  • The above includes [most] syndicates, anti-UEE groups, militant xenophobics, and terrorist organizations.