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New Frontier Initiative / NF1

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Welcome to the New Frontier Initiative

NFI – A Mining, Exploration and Science Organization with a military wing.

Our agenda.. To be one of the largest Mining, Science and Exploratory Org’s – operating on the edges of the known universe.

NFI Discord


New Frontier Initiative was formed by a group of close friends in Australia. Initially recruiting locally, we quickly expanded, recruiting core peak time players from cities such as Perth, Western Australia, Brisbane QLD, and Sydney NSW. It wasn’t long however before our core lead group and membership base contained members from the US, Canada, Europe and the UK.

Our members now are from all over the globe, online and actively playing 24/7. Our growth continuing to expand as we see the return of old backers and new players as SC moves into version 3.9

The NFI core group have been gaming together now for over 20 yrs playing a very diverse range of games. The age group of our players ranges from as young as 12 yrs old, up to the dinosaur ages of 50+, mixed nationalities are religions from all around the world.

We are one of the most active Organizations in the community, maintaining a respectable reputation, establishing our name among the top orgs in the verse.

NFI’s current goal is becoming completely self-reliant by launch. We aim to be able to sustain all facets of our mining operations from day one.

To ensure we are ready, our business operations team are working hard to ensure we have the right ships and the right people to assist us reach this goal.

We are looking for players of all skill levels and interests for the various roles available.

To date, New Frontier Initiative’s fleet consists of, but is not limited to (it would take forever to maintain this list:

Javelins Idrii Krakens HammerHeads Pioneers Polaris Crucibles Caterpillars Starfarers Endeavor’s, Gemini’s 890Jumps Constellations (all classes) RSI Orion’s Prospectors MPUVs (Personnel and Transport) Freelancers Banu Merchantman Reclaimers Hulls A – E Various fighters, bombers, miners, and other military craft A2 Hercules Tanks Cyclones, Knoxs, DragonFlys.. Racing Ships,/ Support ships and Transport for these events well, to be honest.. we practically have everything…
The list above is incomplete for security reasons but is intended to demonstrate that our fleet is procured and capable of handling any situation our org finds itself in.
The fleet continues to grow with each ship sale and new release. As new technologies and craft become available, we will continue to ensure that we have these available to remain one step ahead.

Anyone wanting to discuss opportunities can reach us in our Discord channel –

New Frontier Initiative Chief Executive Officers

NFI Casper (CFO)
NFI ZeroGForce (CFO)
NFI DouglasDC8 (CEO)

Please refer to the NFI MANIFESTO and NFI CHARTER for more information

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NEW FRONTIER INITIATIVES will commit itself and its membership to upholding UEE laws and standards that are in place everywhere in the Universe. It is VERY important that no member of NFI bring any negativity towards the Syndicate from criminal activities. Refer to the NFI Charter for more information.

NFI’s primary objective is not only the exploration of the universe. it is also the expansion and protection of its fleet, looking after our members and ensuring key relationships and trade agreements are fulfilled and expanded as we grow.
Our agenda is not only to grow, but provide a place of safe haven as well. This courtesy is extended to any and all members of NFI, as well as any citizen of the UEE in good standing. To this end, we will provide a diverse range of services essential to successfully surviving and prospering in the outer reaches of space. We will strive to maintain an environment free of crime and pirate activity.

The true vision and legacy behind NFI is further defined at the end of this Manifesto.


Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements – Tier 1 (Tier 2 exceptions)

This group is responsible for the Fleet Operations and day-to-day management of the entire fleet. Everything from ships and all equipment contained within, to the entire consolidated inventory and all personnel within NFI. All commercial and non-commercial activities of NFI are managed at this level, as this is where the Command Core operates from.
Within this team there is a structure of skilled, real life individuals with experience in negotiating Direct Trading Deals and understanding the complex Market Analytics and social influences therein. These Business Analysts will determine the best Return on Investment (ROI) on our key business strategies and investments to maximize NFI Org profit.

We will ensure that NFIs ongoing growth will be supported and encouraged by being highly engaged in daily trade and cargo transport activities of the UEE. We will provide multi-crew assets and equipment, while simultaneously providing effective escort militia in direct support of our trading and cargo hauling efforts.

NFI Human Resources and Administration Management is coordinated from within this division to ensure that the right people with the right capacity are available to ensure our growth is viable and sustainable, while working at maximum capacity within realistic parameters.
Members of this group will generally be found on board the core fleet, or found at the lead during missions of importance. They are also reachable by anyone in need in our NFI Discord Channel.

New members cannot apply to be in this division. Members will be invited to this level when the core Command team feel the member in question is ready.

Due to the importance of this division and the high operational needs, there are player time and availability requirements for anyone appointed to any of these roles.

Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements: Tier 1 (Some Tier 2 considerations)

This is a 24/7 role where the primary task is protecting NFI’s fleet. During any NFI Operations a team from the Security Division will be deployed as part of the operations group, to protect our interests. NFI Security may also potentially respond to any distress call or call for aid placed by a UEE Citizen in NFI controlled space. The Security Division will have full access to the Military Ships, the Specialized Electronic Warfare ships and hardware we have to offer. Our intentions are to supply this team foremost with the technologies that are the best available. This division shall be instituted and assigned their own crafts, and internal charter. Non-Security Division Members, excluding Intel, will not be permitted access to these area’s or to any ships and/or items assigned to this division.

High Rank Security Personnel will be permitted access to all areas.

People wishing to become part of NFI’s Security Division must display a high combat skill level, a high level or ‘restraint’ by keeping their cool and a level head in times of stress or in times when one’s patience is being tested (becoming part of the organized Militia is a good stepping stone to prove your competence in this field). Pilots in this division must maintain and uphold the laws, rules, and values written in the NFI Charter at all times.

Due to the importance of this division and the high operational needs, there are player availability and play time requirements for members wishing to be within this role.

New Members can apply for a position within this division.

New Member requirements are in place for this division – refer to NFI Charter

Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements: Tier 1 Only.

NFI firmly believes that this Division is one of considerable importance.

Refer to the NFI CHARTER in regards to the policies around the management of INTEL.

The ships assigned to this group will consist predominately of ships capable of Data Interrogation/Hacking, Scanning and Black-Operations. Members within this division are tasked with the responsibility of discovering the unknown. The true operations of this division will be on a need-to-know basis.
Intel personnel will have access to all areas, and every ship.

Anyone who wishes to become part of NFI’s Intel Division must have a medium to high combat skill level, experience working with NFI’s lead operations, and must have already displayed the integrity required for this role. New members can express an interest at their desire to join this division, and work towards this goal when trust and commitment have been displayed.
NFI firmly believes that this Division is one of considerable importance. Refer to the NFI CHARTER in regards to INTEL.

Due to the importance of this division and it’s high operational requirements, there are both player availability and play time requirements for members wishing to apply for this role.

New Members must have served a minimum time of 6 months before they can apply for a position within this division.

Payment Grade and Member Requirement: Tier 1,2 and 3

NFI’s Trade interests are primarily run and managed internally .

In order to perform this role effectively, members also need to have a magnitude of skills such as, but not limited to; combat experience, survival experience, knowledge of radio signals and data analysis, and cartography (both space and planetary). They need to be proficient in locating and identifying a variety of targets in the universe.

Payment Grade and Member Requirement: Tier 1, 2 and 3

Members of this group need to be able to work independently. They need to possess a vast knowledge of the various systems contained within the universe..

In order to perform this role effectively, members also need to have a magnitude of skills such as, but not limited to; combat experience, survival experience, knowledge of radio signals and data analysis, and cartography (both space and planetary). They need to be proficient in locating and identifying a variety of targets in the universe, including but not limited to: Mining opportunities, colonizing opportunities, and research opportunities (such as undiscovered flora and fauna or alien technology). Due to the high importance associated with this group’s role, members will receive a great deal of coordination and support from Lead Operations and Command.

NFI has a strict policy in regards to any information discovered by any Exploration team. Please ensure you have knowledge of these rules.

NFI will ensure the members of this division are supplied the ships best suited for this role, ensuring their survival and success when separated by vast distances from the main fleet.

New Members can apply for a position for place in this division.

New Member requirements are in place for this division – refer to NFI Charter.

Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements – Tier 1 & 2 (Tier 3 exceptions)

Mining is NFI’s primary business. This Division is of a high importance within NFI Core Operations.

Our Mining Division will be supplied with a range of RSI Orion class miners and Prospector class ships to do the job properly. Every mining expedition will be accompanied by a significant Security consignment of dog-fighting capable, short and long range vessels. Mining Expeditions will also have Re-fuelling, Medical and Engineering support for ‘on-site’ events that may require their assistance.

People wishing to be part of the NFI Mining Division need to maintain high player times. It is important that these operations are run at maximum capacity, and for this to happen the mining fleet must be manned. NFI Miners will be operating on a tight schedule.

Miners will be scheduled into planned Mining Expeditions to ensure maximum support is available.

Due to the importance of this division and the high operational needs, there are player availability and play time requirements for members wishing to be within this role.

It is envisioned that miners of suitable skill will also work on salvage missions coordinated and run within the Salvage Division.

New Members can apply for a position within this division.

Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements – Tier 1, 2 and 3

This Division will spend 40% of its time working towards Advanced Research achievements and 60% assisting Engineering working towards applying that research technology to the Fleet which ultimately paths the way forth for the technological advancement of NFI.
The Science and Research Division will live and operate on NFI’s Endeavor Class Ships ensuring the right tools are available to the skilled individuals that are required for success in this field.

Through research, upgraded component schematics will be acquired from the Science and Research Division and supplied to the Engineering Division that will, as a team, apply these upgrades as part of their maintenance and repair crew schedules.
People with an interest in this division need to display the skills and aptitude required for this role.
New members can apply for a role within the Science and Research Division and there are no player time commitment requirements.

Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements – Tier 1, 2 and 3

The primary objective of this role is utilizing NFI’s Starfarer Gemini and Starfarer Standard Class ships, NFI’s Crucible Class, and MPUV Cargo haulers, as well as any other maintenance-related crafts to keep NFI’s fleet fully maintained and running at peak performance, at all times.

A contingency of this division will be deployed during missions based away from the primary fleet and in times where remote assistance is required. This division will play a role in emergency situations when required, therefore pilots will need some degree of combat and survival skills to ensure safety and prevent loss of equipment and life.

Engineering Teams of this Division will also operate at spaceports for retrofitting and major repairs. These tasks will also include the application of any new technology discovered by the teams within the Science and Research Division.

These operations make sure the fleet remains upgraded and on the cutting edge of technology.

People with an interest in this division need to display a keen interest in repair, construction and implementation of technology, as well as a knowledge of overclocking components. They must be fully capable of managing their own schedule and completing tasks in a timely fashion. An aptitude for tinkering is also a plus. Those within this role will find it very diverse and time demanding. There will always be something to do.

It is envisioned that people within this role will also be top choices for a dual role in the Salvaging Division.

New Members can apply for a position within this division.

Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements – Tier 1, 2 and 3

This group’s primary role is the salvaging of space wrecks discovered, or available as a result of a mission or battle. The team will be compiled of specialized salvage operators and miners. This team will be deployed as wrecks are discovered with a primary objective to salvage everything of value from these derelicts.

The Salvage Division will be primarily utilising NFI’s Reclaimer class ships. This crew will be supported by the Fueling, Medical and Security Division when in operation.

Members within these teams need to have a working knowledge in regards to the items being salvaged, recognizing salvage profiteering
opportunities and application of salvaged tech in NFI projects. A knowledge only achievable by a shared role within either NFI’s FUELING & MAINTAINANCE / ENGINEERING DIVISION or NFI’s MINING DIVISION.

People with an interest in the division must have mining and crew maintenance experience, and they must be prepared to work within a dual role structure.

New Members can apply for a position within this division.

Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements – Tier 1 & 2 (Tier 3 exceptions)

The Search and Rescue Medical Division shall support all NFI activities. Primarily, every operation will have a ‘Search and Rescue’ medical team assigned. Their role is to provide medical and emergency assistance ensuring minimum down-time in the event of an accident.

Medical teams may also be deployed to assist UEE citizens in NFI controlled area’s if and when needed.

The Medical Division will be supplied primarily Endeavour Class ships fitted with medical modules and ships that can assist with their operations.

People with an interest in this division need to possess the ability to utilize any technology required to intercept any and all calls for aid, as well as the ability to properly diagnose and treat any injuries our members may sustain.
These special individuals acknowledge all life is valuable, no matter what the origins are.

New Members can apply for a position within this division.

Payment Grade and Member Level Requirements – Tier N/A

This is something only recently considered. Provided there is interest, NFI will put a team together to represent us in racing events.
NFI will supply (at no cost to the person wishing to compete) the ship(s) and modifications needed from a mechanical perspective to ensure a winning edge.

All you need to do is be a member of NFI, and display the skills and dedication required to win.

If you have an interest in the Murray Cup, and any other UEE event, let it be known to the Command team.

NFI Member Payment Salaries and Material Supplies
NFI will be paying every member a salary and providing material supplies for restocking, and maintenance personnel items owned by the members of NFI. Refer to the NFI Charter for more information.
A Message From The Founders

We believe strongly Star Citizen is the future of online gaming technology. It is the largest public funded project the world has ever undertaken, funded by us, the gamers of the world.

I, and those I met through fate share a vision. We decided years ago that in order to make the vision real we needed to form and financially fund a Syndicate that would work towards a common goal. NFI was created and we began to build a fleet we know is required to support the many we hope that follow us and that will benefit now and long into the future from what it is we undertake.

For the founders, this will be our final epic gaming adventure. We have been around now for many years, and it is here our final commitment and legacy will be created and then left for those that follow us. This is our vision.

I have a vision of a place where the NFI members can come and play, in this magnificent universe, in an environment that is controlled by people a board of directors who care more about the player experience than their own personal gain. Through this approach, we enable a player experience free of those material concerns that personal in-game advancement introduce.

NEW FRONTIER INITIATIVE are not here to make enemies nor are we here to control. We are here to build a sustainable commerce engine that simply turns through the activities of those wanting to play the game. In a place within the universe where you have an opportunity to do whatever you want despite your real world age, economic position, geographic location, race, nor color of skin. Members only need to bring with them the desire to play without malicious intent.

I sincerely hope that through this legacy we plan to build, and through the help and assistance my friends are generously committing, that one day, our names will be remembered by the players of Star Citizen when we ourselves are long gone, for that segment of space away from the reality of life that they can call home. A place where their dreams come true.


Last Updated 28/12/2019


New Frontier Initiative Charter and Code of Conduct:

NFI members should strive to achieve

Help each other and be true to one another. Be mindful of others when speaking on discord. Be able to play and learn as a team member Creating a better player experience When playing, aim to create a ‘Family friendly drama free’ and fun online environment – leave the stress elsewhere Putting others needs first Empathy Awareness of how others feel

NFI members MUST

Experienced, professional, respectful and acknowledge the organization leadership. Be familiar with your immediate and senior leads names – know whom they are. 12+ years or older (members 15 and under are generally assessed for a certain level of maturity before communication channel access and NFI name branding is permitted). Read and Understand English (Audio and Visual) – refer to communications section. Uphold the highest standards as expected by our members (as above). Work as a team. Put NFI first. Be accountable for their own actions Be logged into NFI Discord at all times whilst online in-game Have NFI set as your MAIN Organization at all times (see Exceptions) Pay attention and follow Flight Officer assigned for commands during battles/missions Conduct themselves in an honorable and sportsmanlike fashion in-game (Global Chat), NFI and Public/Alliance Discord Channels, and in all public/private forums. Be supportive and considerate of other organization’s members. We are here to make alliances, not enemies. Project a positive image of yourself and NFI organization to others Support your org mates! We are a family! Attempt to resolve in-org and out of org personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s). (Refer to the Conflict Management Section) Promote fellowship within the Star Citizen community Bring all problems, concerns, and issues to any organization officer for discussion and remediation Win and lose honorably, show sportsmanship Maintain a Family Oriented environment within our Entire NFI Environment. This includes Pilot ID Images and Discord Posts – EG No PORNOGRAPHIC Images or Speech related to. No real world political views or posting of information related to is to be discussed – these views are individual and not necessarily the same as NFI.

NFI Officer Expectations

The Expectations of NFI Officers are high. These standards are expected from every Officer Rank and Higher. You are the core members, and you set the standards for those below you to follow. You are integral to the Syndicates success. It is expected that you remain the best of the best, the leaders of NFI.

Officers Must

Strive to improve the gaming experience had by our members Be available for dispute resolution, guidance, and mentoring Treat members with respect, even in times of hardship and misunderstanding Be the ‘gold standard’ in regards to Battle Comms & Discipline Be available to help with the workload in the administrative running of the organization on a day to day basis Treat members with respect, even in times of hardship and misunderstanding Be the lead example in regards to Battle Comms & Player Discipline Provide guidance and mentoring to all members and junior officers Display above average understanding of the Star Citizen Persistent Universe, the Lore, and everything within it. Provide Strategic & Training direction for the organization Be able to see the bigger picture and work as a key part of a larger team Your player handle name must contain ‘NFI-‘ at the beginning. (Refer to Naming Standards) Senior Ranks – NFI shall be your MAIN and Organization. Admirals and Commanders must maintain a Tier 1 player time. Lieutenants must maintain at minimum a Tier 2 player time.

Failure to comply with the officer standards will result in a demotion of rank.

Officer Interest
We are always seeking competent officers from within our ranks.

Please feel free to discuss an officer’s role or promotion opportunity with us (Talk to us!) if you feel you are up to the task and you have what it takes.

Members Must NOT
The listed below can result in an immediate ban.

Be affiliated with criminal or piracy oriented Star Citizen organizations – This shall be grounds for dismissal upon discovery by NFI Officers. Disrespect, Condemn or humiliate other org members (ours or others). Exceed their mandate – anything which may interfere with the functionality of NFI as a whole Discuss ‘sensitive matters’ of NFI with external orgs (with the exception of Diplomatic Officers & Senior Officers as required) Comment consistently about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. We are here to play games and enjoy our time together. Engage in Excessive Drama. Demonstrate Constant Rage Quitting. Engage in constant grieving, or purposeful team (org) damage. Showing no tolerance for others. Showing greed or personal agenda

Naming Standards

Player names cannot contain pornographic words or suggestions
Ranks Lieutenant and above are expected to have NFI- in front of their name.
Soldier and Officer Ranks do not have to have NFI- in front of their name, however we strongly recommend you do.
Cadets can keep their current name. Cadets wanting to use the NFI- player tag must have approval before doing so.

NFI will assist members to change their handle name from the rank of Soldier up. If you require assistance, speak to NFI-Casper.

Naming Expectations

NFI understands that some people may wish to be in two Syndicates, in some cases, have an invested interest in their own Syndicate, and they may wish to grow that personal interest under the NFI Organization umbrella, therefore they may be reluctant to wear the NFI- tag. These cases need to be discussed to the Lead Operation Team as some exceptions will be accepted in regards to the Naming Standards.


All officers are to report all violations despite the size of offense to the Lead Operations. This includes any violations that have been ‘resolved’. Officers whom fail to report Violations will receive training and or may be subject to disciplinary measures.

Class of Violation

Minor Violation (Minor Offense)
Minor Violations, better referred as ‘offenses’ are low impact and can generally be resolved by lower ranks.

Minor offenses will result in a warning from your immediate report/lead. Minor offenses will be managed in a 3x Strike model. The 4th Minor offense will be reported to senior management for resolution.

Any Member found to have violated the above NFI Standards will be given two warnings by the Command Staff. A third offense/violation could result in dismissal from NFI.

Major Violation
Major Violations are classed so, when a member blatantly breaks the rules.

When this occurs, the subject will be brought into a closed room discussion that will be held between the Lead Command Group Tribunal. After discussed, the person in question will be spoken to, and the matter then dealt with.

During the course of the investigation the person in questions wages, access, and benefits are suspended and no active duties will be assigned.

Each Major Violation will be dealt with as a individual case based upon the actions that transpired by the Lead Command Tribunal Group.

Lead Command Tribunal Group

This group will consist of; NFI’s CEO and CFO The Commander managing the Division from where the offender operates. Any Commander that has wishes to participate The Lieutenant on Duty at the time off the offense. Any Officer that witnessed or was involved.

The outcome of the hearing and final decision will be based upon a majority vote of Tribal Group.

We believe in fairness and consolidated thought here at NFI. Never will one person have the total say and final decision in a person’s fate.

New Frontier Initiative Command as of 13/07/2017 5th January 2020

New Frontier Initiative Chief Executive Officers
NFI Admiral Casper (CFO)
NFI ZeroGForce (CFO)
NFI Douglassdc8 (CEO)

NFI Board of Directors

NFI Security Lead

Finance – Wages/Salary and Material Reimburses

Until the EUU release the Economic structure and base line commodity values, it is impossible to set wages. Just rest assured that this is part of the NFI model.

The Salary Packages will include a ‘sick leave’ and ‘holiday pay’ percentage acquirement that is calculated monthly based upon;

The amount of time the player commits to their role within NFI’s structure. NFI Rank NFI Role Overall player time contribution

The concept for the above enables the dedicated to take time off, or skip a few missions, or do something different and still get paid.

Player Tier System
The Tier system is simple, and works based upon the time you commit.

This enables us to roster the various operation schedules to ensure not only availability, but to ensure our business production is running at maximum efficiency. What good is our mining craft if they are not in use?

Utilizing Tiers, we get better idea of who’s doing what, when, and how long for. This also justifies pay/wage breaks, bonuses and material reimbursements.

The Tiers are currently allocated as per below;

Tier 1 Players in this category maintain an average play time in excess of 18 hours per week. An average of 2.5 hours per day per 7 day week. Tier 2 Players in this category maintain an average between 8 and 18 hours per week. An average of 1.2 hours per day per 7 day week. Tier 3 Players in this category maintain an average between 3 and 7 hours per week. A average as low as 45min/per day.

There will be a class for the ‘super human’ player, the player that does not sleep. The player that lives in this world. Those special individuals will have personal agreements with the founders of NFI, and they will be looked after.

NOTE: Current Player Time Exceptions
While Star Citizen is in development we understand that the game lacks content for some. NFI are only going to enforce Tier 3 as a minimum requirement for training and ongoing communications.

Material Reimburses
NFI Members will be entitled to materials and technologies produced and manufactured by NFI. Similar to the wage structure, members will have available to the opportunity to replenish and restock personal craft, and build new their own ships using NFI resources.

Contracts will be negotiated and treated each individually.
Contact information is confidential.

NFI Affiliation Policy
Applicants, and those accepting invitations must ensure that affiliates are not Syndicates that have a pirate or criminal history.
Your membership status with NFI shall be VISIBLE to all, at all times
The settings noted above may be edited by applicants here:
Recruiting Officers shall verify every applicant’s RSI status, as deemed necessary
Where applicant’s status is not as noted above, applications shall be denied and/or cadet shall be removed from our roster within 24 hours

Discord and Game Participation Policy:
We would like for you to be as active as you can, meaning we would like to have you play and be on Discord at least three times a week, the more the better.

Although game development and content may be lacking, the officers in NFI have training and practice events in full effect to ensure that on day 1, we are in fact ready, with more than sufficient knowledge in how the tools of our trade work.

We understand real life issues occur and all we ask is that you notify the officer of your division of any issues you may have in regard to being in game and having time for organization based missions.

We will work with you if you communicate with us as we are very understanding. If you fail to maintain communication policy, you may find you have to re-apply at the point where you have time for the game/organization again.

Intel Policy
Intel considered anything newly found or discovered by way of research, conversation or expedition. Intel can also be found in other forms by other means.

All ‘Intel’ discovered by NFI members is to be kept ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ and ‘THE PROPRIETARY’ of NFI until such time as the high-ranking officers decide that we have fully exploited any new assets found.

All information around the discovery including location, co-ordinates, events, everything is to remain confidential and treated as above.

When clearance is given, the affected crew/member may do as they wish with the Intellectual Property.
Failure to comply results in immediate removal from NFI.

Communication Policy
As a member of NFI you are expected to be logged into our discord channels when playing. Communications are paramount when functioning as a team. We do not mind if your Mic is not working provided you are working towards obtaining one.

As long as you can hear your lead, you can respond and act appropriately. We don’t mind if your English is poor, we would rather learn to understand you that not speak with you at all.

We have some simple rules for the NFI Communications protocol.

1. Mission Channels are for Missions
2. Operation Channels are for Operations
3. Use the Channels appropriately and in accordance with the NFI Charter
4. Refrain from too much swearing in the General Channels
5. Do not discuss political and religious views
6. Be familiar with the rules we have in Discord
7. Be aware of others on the channel – eating while using voice activation can piss people off.

Division New and Existing Member Role Requirements.
The Divisions of NFI, the core business operations have certain requirements such as different levels of activity to ensure maximum productivity, and skills that define how well that division performs.

Some divisions contain operational matters that are not to be shared with anyone outside of NFI, and in some cases, not to be shared with members of a lower rank.

Due to these reason, some divisions have prerequisites that must be met before you can become a member of a team within that division.

These are;

You must be with NFI for a Minimum of 6 months before becoming successful for a security role. Operation and Lead positions are by invite only. Intel, Security, Science and Exploration members must be aware of the rules in regards to ‘Intel’. Exploration pilots will undergo a 3-month evaluation before being granted a ‘active’ status enabling you to set forth alone, or in charge of an exploration mission. Some Divisions have Tier requirements. You must use Discord.

NFI training has already begun and NFI members are expected to train. There will be minimum training requirement leading into the launch.

The specifics will be published and updated as we grow and as more content becomes available. As for now, a minimum of 3hrs per week must be maintained.

Training times can be coordinated and information found here on our Discord NFI notices page.

New Members
To apply, you will need to go here

And then join our Discord here

Thanks for your time and interest.
The NFI Team.