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Nautilus Galactic Concern / NGC

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On October 2946, one year after a series of brutal attacks by Vanduul aggressors left the New Corvo colony devastated, the UEE launched the Militia Mobilization Initiative, a civilian combat readiness program designed “to ensure that civilian militias are properly equipped to defend the Empire in times of need”.

As part of the Initiative, the UEE made select military grade and specialty equipment available for sale to private military contractors for the first time in UEE history. Many private organizations, like Nautilus Galactic Concern, seized the opportunity to expand their fleet and improve their ability to protect their assets from pirates, hostile aliens, and other threats.

Prior to the Initiative, Nautilus Galactic Concern was a small company consisting mostly of militia fighter pilots and former military officers. The concern’s primary offerings were security and escort contract services for cargo haulers. Though they were quickly gaining a reputation for being able to stave off even the most threatening pirate attacks in the Stanton system, Nautilus would not obtain its intergalactic reputation until after the Militia Mobilization Initiative, where its purchases through the Initiative allowed the concern’s fleet size to drastically outgrow its employment at the time. The organization would later inadvertently gain public recognition after a video of a reckless merchant ship pilot nearly impacting the refueling NGS Ypsilanti, a Javelin-class destroyer, was shared hundreds of millions of times by users on the social media platform Spectrum. Today, the Nautilus fleet is well known in the galaxy for its mobility despite its now large size. It is often found travelling the galaxy — preparing for its next mission.


Nautilus Galactic is a young, private military organization that seeks to establish its place in the universe.
We are building the foundations of a team-oriented crew to execute missions, in both UEE and non-UEE space.
While our mandate clearly focuses on combat-centric operations, our organizational structure is aimed on combined operations and sustainability which allows us to hire for a wide variety of responsibilities.
Therefore, we also have a need for new crewmembers in our logistics and science & engineering departments.


Team members in our organization can always expect a lighthearted, friendly, and cooperative atmosphere as a member of our team.
You are not just an employee, but also a member of the family.

We always seek to go above and beyond when fulfilling our duties.
There is never an excuse to not strive to deliver excellent results to our customers regardless of how difficult our tasks are.
Teamwork, efficiency, and a well-organized approach are our core values.
Our customers can always expect us to negotiate clearly, and consistently fulfill our contracts.
Furthermore, we ensure that any and all potential conflicts of interest are avoided during the length of a contract.
Our clients’ trust is our most valuable asset.
A contract signed is a contract kept even in the event that a better opportunity appears.