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House Haveron / NHH

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Welcome to House Haveron. The first proper Noble House within Star Citizen established on the Spectrum in 2944 (2014).

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The founding House Haveron can be dated back over a Millenia…

August 23rd 2812, back to the burgeoning colonies of Davien. The same system where the Banu were first contacted in an unfortunate event back in 2438. The Haveronian House was already barely established as “Haveron Limited Liability Company”, a relatively new and growing exporter of mining goods, and needed a small fighter fleet to protect it’s assets.

Lead by Commander Julius James Walsh, the small fighter fleet continued to protect any mining station under attack across the Davien System, with just a few minutes of response time. However, due to increasing tensions between the UEE and Local Mine claims during some colormining wars of 2843* the UEE started to “leave” openings in the area’s defenses. Which in turn lead the *Haveron CEO Luke James Haveron, to increase his budget for defense, resulting in the creation of the “House Guard”, aptly named at the time, “The Inner Defense Teams”, and the “Outer Defense Teams” which would be later labeled as just the “House Combat Arms”.

During the next hundred years would be an unprecedented growth as the Self-Land industries sets up more affordable hangar space and easy to manufacture facilities quickly are constructed to house more workers and mining stations. With this the Haveron Co. would later be shifted into the House of Haveron in 2907 as the Dougan Mining Company shuts down after accusations of embezzlement rip the family apart. During this elevation of status, several sects of guardsmen and combat arms along with some naval officers are quickly relieved of duty due to lack of loyalty towards the standing Head of the House Marriot James Haveron.

Lord Marriott Haveron in the mean time, would soon prove that the house of Haveron was going to stand strong for years when the Imperator Coley would announce his official acknowledgement of the House of Haveron as a Sovereign House allied under the UEE banner and under Duke Elliot Von Elikboue who at the time managed the Davien system for the UEE.

More recent History may be found by joining the House of Haveron and being granted access to it’s lore.


House Haveron

Is a simple, yet effective house of business and protection.

House Haveron was not always a Noble House, there was a time when it was a simple mining company.
However, As times change, so do the people and places.
With time, “Haveron Ltd Co.” would soon become, “The Noble House Haveron” lead by Duke James Krukov Haveron. When that time came, it’s efforts focused less and less on mining refinery and exportation, and more so on protection and trade.
Whilst, mining and ore refinery makes up a large portion of the House’s income, another large portion comes from taxes and trade deals with several other organizations. The House’s members, fall into many categories:
  • Combat Arms – Infantry
  • Haveron Navy – Inter-Atmospheric Forces
  • Intelligence
  • Explorators – Exploration
  • Industry
  • Commerce – Trade

And in each of these categories, these members perform seriously. Their loyalty and honor within the House of Haveron is un-rivaled in any other Noble House within UEE authority. Their sense of duty, and capability, expertise, and training surpasses all others.
The House seeks to protect it’s people, promote it’s economy, and offer the average citizen the capability of building a future within it’s ranks.

We also have 401k matching.