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Nightingale Industries / NIGHTIND

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Nightingale Industries provides security, trade, and industry to help improve the lives of every citizen of the UEE.

Protect. Provide. Empower.

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Nightingale Industries was founded in 2945 by Commander Lucian Briggs of the UEE Navy, almost immediately following his leaving the military. The company quickly grew, recruiting retired servicemembers and aspiring mercenaries, and quickly established itself as a powerful military force and substantial economic power in the Stanton system.

Headquartered out of Orsion in the skies of Crusader, Nightingale Industries has been contracted by Crusader Industries to assist in securing the system from the Nine Tail gang. A contract that was obtained after Nightingale Fleet and Security Forces helped to prevent a pirate raid on Everus Harbor in 2949. Nightingale Industries quickly expanded to provide security to spaceports across the Stanton system and beyond, striving to ensure the safety of the citizens of the UEE.

Nightingale Industries quickly realized that the needs of the UEE weren’t strictly in protection and military efforts but also in trade, medical, mining, and salvage efforts to provide jobs, and medical treatment, and bring in food and supplies across the Empire. Recognizing this, Nightingale Industries quickly formed the Industrial Division, the Medical Division, and the Transportation Services, to address these issues.

Nightingale Industries has steadily grown, becoming synonymous with safety, security, and trust. Ever loyal to the average citizen, Nightingale Industries has become a symbol of strength, standing ready to respond to whatever challenges the universe can throw at it.

*Nightingale Industries signed a merger with Ophiuchus Emergency Response on October 13, 2952, bringing them in under the Medical Division Banner.

Nightingale Industries has five Divisions:

Night Industries Fleet: The naval/air force wing of Nightingale Industries, pilots of fighters and crews of sub-capital/capital class ships. More focused on role play/working as a cohesive unit.

Night Security Forces: The security wing of Nightingale Industries, boots on the ground, boarding parties, etc. More focused on role play/working as a cohesive unit.

Medical Division: The triage unit of Nightingale Industries, responding to calls from citizens and members of the various branches of Nightingale Industries. Also works with the Security and Fleet during org events.

Transportation Services: Trade, hauling, and personnel transportation division of Nightingale Industries, and made up of anyone interested in moving cargo from place to place, typically accompanied by force from the Fleet, Corp, or Hunters to provide protection.

Industrial Division: The backbone of the Industry, the Industrial Division focuses on mining ores and salvaging wrecks to help keep the company running. Typically provided with a security escort, the Industrial Division is a beacon of economic strength and a testament to the blue-collar workers of the UEE.

We also have three sub-Divisions:

Nightingale Starship Services: Nightingale’s shipside assistance. Specializing in repair, recovery, refuelling and rearming ships in need.

Night Hunters: Pure bounty hunters. No structure, no officers, just guns and glory.

Racing Team: Established for the adrenaline junkies of the UEE, the Nightingale Racing League is a premier racing league in the Stanton system, and the Nightingale Racing team ventures across league lines to race against the teams of other organizations as well.

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Nightingale Industries strives to protect, provide, and empower the citizens of the UEE.

We accomplish this through running security operations for trade and mining fleets, engaging in trade, mining, delivery, exploration, and keeping criminals out of cockpits through bounty hunting. When things go sideways, our Medical division gets you back up and running and returned to a safe point as quickly as possible.

Nightingale Industries has a vision of a brighter, safer future for the citizens of the UEE, a vision we strive to accomplish through any legal means we have at our disposal.


Nightingale Industries Code of Conduct:

Rule 1: Golden Rule applies at all times. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Being condescending, bullying other players, belittling players for not knowing enough, etc. will not be tolerated by Nightingale Industries.

Rule 2: Discriminations of any kind (race, creed, religion, gender, gender identity, etc.) will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate and permanent removal from Nightingale Industries.

Rule 3: Do not discuss topics of religion, politics, or controversial issues of the day. There will be one warning given, afterwards you will be removed. This is a community where all are welcome, and no one should be made to feel uncomfortable.

Rule 4: Rules are made, discussed, reviewed by and announced by High Command, and not by any other member of the organization.

Rule 5: Piracy, griefing, name-calling, or stream-sniping will not be tolerated by Nightingale Industries. We are a law-abiding organization, meaning we follow UEE laws, CIG Terms of Service, and Nightingale Rules. (Stream-sniping is defined as watching someone on stream, following them, and repeatedly harassing them.)

Rule 6: Breaking CIG or Discord Terms of Service will result in removal from Nightingale Industries.

Rule 7: Do not press charges or give a crimestat to another member of Nightingale Industries while at an event or in casual gameplay. We are all here to have fun, and no-one enjoys a crimestat. (exception if being griefed, or if it’s been declared as ok by all parties involved)

Rule 8: Keep chat mature and clean. No spamming, or pictures, links, GiFs, etc. which contain nudity, racism, anything inappropriate, or any other topics previously stated.

Rule 9: Do not block a member of High Command. This will result in immediate removal from Nightingale Industries.

Rule 10: Reading and abiding by these rules is YOUR responsibility. “I didn’t know”, “I didn’t read them,” or any other variation is not an acceptable excuse.