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Night Witches / NIGHTWITCH

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There were 12 commandments the Night Witches followed.

The first is to “be proud you are a woman.”

We are a diverse woman’s group. Above all we support each other no matter the adventures we take on.


Do no harm.
Night Witches is a focused organization or shall we say coven of strong and diverse women. SC Gaming, friendships and lore are all encouraged here. We will strongly request all content and discussions be SC related. We encourage all of our members to feel free and create their own story in this SC universe. Night Witches is not an exclusive ORG. Outside org members are welcome and we encourage cooperation with other organizations.


1. This Org is focused on female and female identifying Star Citizen community, please respect that.
2. Be Respectful to Others
3. No Sexism is allowed, even if meant in humor, humor is very subjective and often not taken as intended.
4. No Trolling, Flaming, or Personal Attacks
5. No Political Talk
6. Please contribute to the conversation in a productive manner. Criticize ideas, not individuals.
7. No disruptive behavior such as spamming.
8. Respect the authority of Mods
9. No NSFW or discussion of illegal content.
10. Diversity of SC Only content is encouraged but limited to the SC Universe and lore only.
11. No leaks or spoilers. Please respect that some people here may be under an NDA.
12. No grey market ship sales.

Our Discord: