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New Lunar Republic / NLR

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Welcome everyone to the New Lunar Republic, a religious group dedicated to our lord Luna and the spread of her divine word across the stars.

Our RSI pages will be updated whenever CIG decides to improve the Org system. In the meantime, join us on Discord!


No more than two decades ago, an exploration vessel came across a derelict fleet on the edge of the known universe. Ships of unknown origin numbered at nearly a thousand, each filled with the corpses of a strange and unknown race. The ships ranged from single-seat fighters to warships akin to the Bengal Class Carriers of the UEE. Notably, the fleet had a large number of exploration vessels, far more than military ships, which may have contributed to their demise as these ships were not altogether unharmed. Nearly all of the ships had some form of battle damage on them, whether it be scorch marks and bullet holes or a ship nearly broken in half, it was obvious that they had not gone peacefully.

Gathering what they could, the explorers returned with several scavenging and scientific vessels to begin a search for anything of value and anything that would tell them more about these creatures and their doomed fleet. Not long after the expedition began, they were able to restore basic power to some of the smaller ships which gave them access to ships logs that included a complete, albeit damaged, history of the species. From this, the explorers were able to piece together just what these creatures were and why they were here.


The damage to the ships was extensive and certainly affected any information stored on them, but after three years of sifting through fuzzy video, corrupted files and literal holes in the ship’s mainframes, this is what has been pieced together:

The species came from a planet not part of any known system and if our understanding of their navigational systems is correct, it is too far away for any modern ships to travel to within even ten lifetimes. On this planet, the inhabitants lived in harmony, ruled by an immortal Queen called Luna. She was responsible for raising the sun and the moon every night and day and ruled over her people in peace for thousands of years, until eventually, they discovered the means to reach the stars. They quickly expanded to neighboring planets in their own system, terraforming them to cater their specific needs and became the dominant species in their galaxy. Their home planet, whose name can not be deciphered from these damaged logs, became the jewel of their empire. A planet said to be a place where no one lives in poverty and all live in peaceful bliss with Luna in Sanctuary.

As science advanced they looked for ways to cover large distances in short periods of time that could never be possible with their current technology. This is how it seems they ended up here. Their science had discovered how to bend space and time to create a wormhole, which they used to send this exploration fleet through. Unfortunately it appears that the wormhole was unstable and collapsed on itself shortly after they traveled through it, stranding them here in a remote part of space.

This species has the typical requirements for life, but are unfortunate in how specifically these requirements must be met. Their body requires certain enzymes and proteins that it can not produce naturally and must obtain from other organisms. This is not a problem in their own local space, where their supply chain would be difficult to break and even away from sources of these nutrients, they are capable of being synthesized. Sadly however, it appears the fleet was stranded far longer than could be imagined. The records are difficult to read, but at least a an entire generation of these people were born on, lived and died in these ships. The lack of sustenance, length of their journey and constant dogging by the Vanduul all lead to their demise.
It is sad to think just how close they were to civilization.


After examining the ships, there were several point of interest which caught the explorer’s eyes.

The logs contain several almost religious texts from their Queen, Luna. Stories of her greatness are numerous and span centuries. Brokering peace between neighboring kingdoms in their early history with few simple words, healing with touch, swiftly ending the reign of a terrible creature who was able to usurp her throne and shortly after uniting her species and leading them into an age of prosperity that has lasted thousand upon thousands of years. According to their history she, Luna, was the one responsible for the rising and setting of the moon and sun since the dawn of time, allowing for the conditions for the creation of life. She is the one responsible for the creation, protection and for sustaining their entire species.

Based off of their logs, and these texts, we can only conclude that the stories of this immortal Queen are true. There are quotes from as far as a million years ago and as recently as a thousand, all referencing the same person, the same individual throughout all those years. Sceptics are quick to point out that no complex life has ever been known to survive for so long and that her ability to raise the sun and moon do not follow the standard laws of physics, but it is clear that this species was not a foolish one; capable of intergalactic space travel and yet they believe in an immortal being capable of moving Celestial bodies? There must be logic behind their reasoning, there must be truth to these stories for such an intelligent race to have bothered to carry them as part of their complete History. It is ridiculous to think that they would insist on her existence, for she still lives. If she were dead, then it is a valid argument, but why would they tell others that she is alive if she were not? She makes no effort to hide herself and makes regular appearances, surely someone would notice if she were not the same person.
Perhaps their planet occupies an anomalistic pocket of space where orbits and gravity don’t necessarily follow the same rules as other parts of space and perhaps their queen is of a different species, capable of eternal life, or maybe they simply have incredible life spans. None can say for sure.

But what if? If she is immortal and if she can move the sun and the moon, then what does that make her?

Surely that makes her a God.


We are the ones who discovered this fleet. We are the ones who have poured over these ships, their files and discovered in them evidence of a being more powerful than any natural person could be. She is one with the power to move planets and stars, one with the power to give life, take it away and protect it from harm. She has single handedly ushered her species into an age of peace and prosperity unrivaled by any other known species.
It is our mission to find Her homeworld, this ‘Sanctuary,’ and to spread word of her deeds to any who will listen.


The New Lunar Republic

The New Lunar Republic has one and only one objective: To serve Luna in any way we can. In service to Her Majesty, we seek to spread her teachings to any who is willing to hear them and to locate Her homeworld, so that we may someday bask in Her Glorious Night. We are an overall law abiding organization; as long as the law does not interfere with Luna’s vision.

Luna teaches that all are deserving of Her love and tolerance. As such, the New Lunar Republic treats all strangers first and foremost as potential friends and allies in our quest for Luna. The New Lunar Republic has friendly relationships with many other Organizations and seeks to create new bonds to strengthen and aide in our journey. But of course, Luna also offers little patience for those who would declare themselves Her enemy and thus it would fall to us to smite the misguided. To those who would trespass or desecrate Her Holy Moons we show no mercy or hesitation in their destruction.

Our ongoing search for Luna means that exploration is a large part of the day to day operations of the NLR. Pathfinders are constantly on the hunt for new Jump Points to bring us to new systems where we may find more evidence of Luna’s influence. Such an exploration drive doesn’t come cheap, so trade is integral to smooth operations. From cargo hauling to weapons tweaking, salvage, ship repair and info running, good income generation is absolutely necessary in order to fund our endeavor.

Members are required to join a Lunar Order; a group within the organization that has its own traditions, habits, rites and rituals. Orders don’t restrict a members gameplay options or reflect their standing in the NLR as a whole. Members go through an initial trial period before they decide on an Order to be a part of. Afterwards, progression through the New Lunar Republic is separate from your standing within your Order; it is entirely possible to outrank your Order’s Night Knight. Orders are explained in more detail in the Lunar Orders document.

Join us in our quest to spread Luna’s Glorious Night to the galaxy, one system at a time.

Moon guide you


Charters are boring and kinda redundant.