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New Lunar Republic / NLR

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Welcome everyone to the New Lunar Republic, a religious group dedicated to our lord Luna and the spread of her divine word across the stars.

Until such a time where the Org system on RSI or Spectrum becomes better than Discord, we will primarily be on Discord.


Founded 2944-01-21

The Hades system is rich with artifacts of a race long dead. Victims of their own internal disputes, the Hadesians destroyed themselves in system-wide civil war, leaving their planets altogether uninhabitable. In what little remains is wealth and knowledge incomprehensible to the average Citizen, but we of the chosen few can divine the true purpose of these artifacts.

From the earliest archeological surveys, it was clear that Hades was home to a race beyond our true understanding. Though seemingly incapable of leaving the system, they possessed abilities that we see in no other organic lifeforms. Amongst the ruins, artifacts can be found that allow us a glimpse into the Hadesian’s culture, history, lives, into their minds.

What has been made clear is that the Hadesians worshipped a creature, a Goddess, which inhabited the moons of Hades. Immaterial and omniscient, she oversaw their evolution and guided them to prosperity, until they turned form her path and descended into civil war. But what if they hadn’t?

The moment this question was asked, the New Lunar Republic was born. Dedicated to Her teachings, the NLR marches down the road laid out before us; to consecrate the surface of all Lunar bodies, in the Hades system, and beyond in service and in search of our Luna. For what if they had stayed the path? To what glory would she have led them? We are here to find out.


The New Lunar Republic

The New Lunar Republic has one and only one objective: To serve Luna in any way we can. In service to Her Majesty, we seek to spread her teachings to any who is willing to hear them, and to create Holy sites upon her Luna surfaces so that we may bring forth and bask in Her Glorious Night. We are an overall law abiding organization; as long as the law does not interfere with Her vision.

Luna teaches that all are deserving of Her love and tolerance. As such, the New Lunar Republic treats all strangers, first and foremost, as potential friends, and allies, in our quest for Luna. The New Lunar Republic has friendly relationships with many other Organizations and seeks to create new bonds to strengthen and aide in our journey. But of course, Luna also offers little patience for those who would declare themselves Her enemy, and thus it would fall to we Her devoted to smite the misguided. To those who would trespass or desecrate Her Holy Moons we show no mercy or hesitation in their destruction.


Our ongoing search for Luna means that exploration is a large part of the day to day operations of the NLR. Pathfinders are constantly on the hunt for new Jump Points to bring us to new systems where we may seek more evidence of Luna’s influence. Such an exploration drive doesn’t come cheap, so trade is integral to smooth operations. From cargo hauling to weapons tweaking, salvage, ship repair and info running, good income generation is absolutely necessary in order to fund our Crusade.

It is our intention, at launch (whatever form that may take) to establish a base upon a suitable moon in the Hades system, if the system is in game at that time. From there we will expand our footprint and influence in the system and do our best to establish military and economic dominance in whichever niche we may decide carve out.


For now, members simply need to join the Discord linked above. In the future however:

Members are required to join a Lunar Order; a group within the organization that has its own traditions, habits, rites and rituals. Orders don’t restrict a member’s gameplay options or reflect their standing in the NLR as a whole. Members go through an initial trial period before they decide on an Order to be a part of. Afterwards, progression through the New Lunar Republic is separate from your standing within your Order; it is entirely possible to outrank your Order’s Night Knight. Orders are explained in more detail in the Lunar Orders document accessible from our Discord.

Join us in our quest to spread Luna’s Glorious Night to the galaxy, one system at a time.

Moon’s guidance believer.


Out of Game

When creating the NLR, we chose to use a “Faith” template for our organization for a few reasons: First of all, how many games let you choose “Faith” as the basis for your Guild? Like come on, we had to choose it! More importantly, we see the faith aspect of the Organization as a useful tool to drive progress. In an organization that focuses on bounty hunting, or trading, or mining, the motivations and goals are stagnant; kill dangerous targets, move more cargo, mine more difficult materials. Those are all great goals, and frankly, we would love to achieve them ourselves, but from past experience, in Star Citizen and other MMOs, if there isn’t more to do, people become complacent, or they get bored and move on. By providing ourselves a story reason, via faith, to move forward, the hope is to give members a variety of things to do that may not have meaning, or value, to other organizations.

For example: Our cult faith tells us that Moons are holy celestial bodies that have an inherent value to the NLR, beyond what can be found on their surfaces. For us, a moon is a place to live, to build a base, to defend, and to conquer. If we were focused solely on bounty hunting, a moon is only worth the targets hiding on it, or if mining, the minerals in it. To give a moon value for us, and us alone, means that we can create our own gameplay around it. If somebody else wants to build a base on our moon, then we have a reason to go to war with them. If we create for ourselves a Holy temple, then we can defend it. We can be defenders in lawless systems, smugglers when the UEE doesn’t want our artifacts taken to their moons, miners when heretical moons (asteroids to the layman) are drifting too close to our territory; we can focus our attention on any aspect of the game that we want. Which brings me to Orders


First of all, we think Orders are pointless until 1. we reach a certain level of membership and activity within the NLR, and 2. Star Citizen reaches a point where there are multiple systems and varied gameplay loops that can hold a person’s attention for an extended period of time. With that said:

The New Lunar Republic is broken up into, currently, three Orders, each with their own focus:

  • Midnight Order
  • Combat, Escorts, Bounty hunting
  • Order of Nyx
  • Exploration, Science, Trading
  • Tantabus Sect
  • Engineering, Construction, Data running

As you can see, these are defined broadly. As stated earlier, this is a system intended to be used later, after the game has matured and we have grown as an organization. Lunar Orders are explained in detail in the #documentation section of our Discord.

Our rules are much like any other Organization’s, but the gold standard is don’t be a dick. In no particular order:
  • Respect your fellow players
  • Be flexible with leadership and others
  • Hate speech will get you banned, no questions asked
  • Participate – You don’t need to be on every day, just make an effort when you are
  • Contribute to the group – Don’t be a leech

You get the idea. Otherwise, you must join Discord; honestly we won’t know you exist otherwise. Take care!