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Roberts Space Industries ®

Royal Starstone / NMFI

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  • Transport

A subsidiary of Northwest | Maid Financial Initiatives


Ever the dauntless opportunists, our objective is to enrich our lot by any means possible.
We’re open for business of any kind, and we run wherever there’s credits to be made.

Operating out of the Dust Quadrant, our enterprise was born in the rusty murk between Elysium, Leir, Kabal and Fora.
If long tours spent running a requisitions contract, in the black lanes of Terra’s shadow, have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t afford to make salvage our only concern.
These days, there’s more than enough scrapings in the deep black – legitimate and…otherwise – to make a living. Depending on the nature and the risk, we’ll put our heads to whatever needs doing.

As the old saying goes, beggars can’t be choosers.


We run in all systems and will consider any prospect.
We swear allegiance to no-one but ourselves.
Due to the nature of our enterprise, we prefer to run a tight operation. Privacy is paramount.


Rules, rules, rules…
In my experience, sticking to rules tends to gets you killed.
Keep your head down when you’re working, and up when you’re swimming.
And don’t go putting a bullseye on your back. The empire likes targets.