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Roberts Space Industries

Nova Natio Galactic / NNG

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Trading
  • Exploration

“Giving people the business end since 2011.” – No Nonsense Gamers, a community of excellence.


In 2800, the UEE abandoned its elitist ways and created a common ground for all known races. The ARK was created to integrate the ideas, culture and the history of all races in one place. This caused a demand for organizations to help establish and enhance the diplomacy and expansion of the new unified order.

In 2811, Nova Natio Galactic was established to protect, establish trade, and expand the reach of influence of all races for the betterment of all. Since that time Nova Natio Galactic has expanded its operations to include all three facets of democracy, but with the same common goal: To create a safer, more lucrative alliance as well as to reach out to new civilizations to expand our knowledge of the cosmos.

The Cosmic Exchange: The organization’s trade and economic branch establishes fair trade and resource development between many races, organizations, and planets.

InterStellar Inquiry Solutions, or I.S.I.S., is the organization’s exploration and diplomatic branch; responsible for many facets including the establishment of new cultural opportunities, new terraforming and resource sites and civilization archaeology. Establishing new treaties and forward bases for further exploration and development also fall under its purview.

The Legion ; NNG’s military branch, was established in 2844 out of the need for security and defense of the organization’s many duties. This includes escorting and protecting trade convoys,and has even been called upon by the UEE to help in the defense of the alliance of our sovereign nation against pirates, and even the vicious Vanduul.


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