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Port Olisar Hippie Coalition / NOAFF

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Were not Dr.‘s! Hell, we arent even Medically trained. But hey, dont let that stop ya from calling us Doc.
We dont just specialize in broken legs.

“When your down let us pick you up!”

“Bringing Emergent Content to The Masses Since 3301”



paul kavinsky#8139 / Killerteddy is the founder slash doer of things.


The Olisar Hippie Coalition is a collection of Independent Captains of all variety. Our main goal is to be a trusted Neutral party that is willing to provide certain legitimate services that more official or legal groups would not provide to certain groups. Role playing is alright not all of our membership is into it but if you are looking for a bunch of people for that the coalition would be a good place to look.

Our list Future list of services once the game is fully launched. Just show up on our discord and our moderators will dispatch a ship to you.
-Cargo runs into hostile space or just plain Jane cargo run. (generally we charge for this)

-Deep space rescue, we cover all varieties of deep space calamities. From escape pod or ejection we will pick you up no matter your allegiance free of charge. This includes deep space repair stuff like that.

-Logistics need ammo and fuel for your battle group or mining, salvage operation. give us a call.(will require payment)

-Role playing not our primary thing but there are people in our group who enjoy it. Give us a call we can provide warm bodies for your roleplaying needs.

-Humanitarian work need food or medical supplies desperately we are willing to assist.

-We are willing to work as middle men for any and all organizations whether it’s a trade dispute or pirate blood feud we are willing to provide a neutral setting for settling of disputes.

-Salvage need a wreck off of your front lawn give us a call. (we will want a cut of the profit of cutting the ship up)

-Other services.(generally we charge)

Current Services offered in this patch 3.4 Open to all players regardless legal standing.

-Deep space rescue suicide is not the answer

-Assistance with glitches and other such weirdness star citizen offers right now.

-new player assistance

-Ship rental

-Role playing (Currently we do not have any people into that right now stay tuned.)

-Legal assistance for those of you who have angered the authorities at Olisar.
-transportation and crew help.


Declaration of Liberty
The Olisar Hippie Coalition exists to fill the void left by the UAEE and other governments on the frontier. This document here outlines the governance of the Coalition. We are independent of all human and non-human governments, organizations, corporations, syndicates, pirate groups, revolutionary groups, religious faiths. We have pilots from all over the verse in our group. The primary activities of the coalition are: Search and rescue, humanitarian assistance, Salvage, Cargo Hauling, Conflict Mediation and trade Negotiations. We have a few rules to keep the organization running and maintain our neutrality.

Moderator-Keeps the chaos to a manageable level.
Marketing-Creates our propaganda and what not getting our name out there to the wider verse.
Recruiting-self explanatory


-Help all others who are stranded in space whether its repairs or refuel we will assist regardless of politics or status with the law.

-Keep it civil in the discord moderators have the power to mute etc.

-When you are working for the Coalition you are repping all of us keep that in mind.

- Payment is fine for cargo jobs.

-Any rescue or anything that is under the category of Humanitarian is a free service to all.