Roberts Space Industries

Build-A-Syndicate / NOBULLSHIP

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We are a fully member controlled syndicate, with a flat power structure and ground up decisions. We aim to work on projects as our members want most, whether that be mining, trading or combat expeditions.


29/11/2019 – A few of us were like hey what if you did like a reverse syndicate thing. So we went with it and decided to Build-A-Syndicate.

3/12/2019 – The Org was finally made after trying to think of a name/ SID. We are officially founded!


Everyone within our community here is on equal ground. Seniority or rank aren’t factors when deciding who will act in the interest of our community – we all do.

The only position of rank here is that of a Moderator. Their purpose being only to facilitate the discussions and patrol the discord for wrongdoers.

Everything else is up to the community to decide and vote with your actions. The discord is still here to be used to organise events however and we hope it will be utilised to its fullest extent.

We hope you enjoy your time here at Community Projects Guild


Rules in the CPG are very basic. Just be a decent person to us and we to you. We dont mind if you are in another organisation so long as it’s not in conflict with the CPG. More can be found on Discord .