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This is the Society.

You don´t know us. You´ve never see us. But we are there. Everywhere.


“The Society” is an organisation which was appearing 70 years ago for the first time. Meanwhile a kind of scheme is identifiable. The government supposes that the society is more a network. They seem to have members coming from all social classes, from the simple worker up to the CEO’s of small to big enterprises with much influence in the judiciary, legislative, executive branches and even from the own rows, the inner circle of the administration of the UEE. All of these people once did mistakes and needed help after which they became part of the organisation themselves.


The Society is solving problems. We find whats lost. We deliver where nobody can go. We protect those who need cover. We get those who don´t want to be found. We strengthen positions and weaken others. We wipe the slate clean where it is necessary and we have the power to make possible what was impossible ever since. All for one and one for all.

This is the Society.


The Agenda:

The Society is a “Network” with only a small core crew – Members get activated on Demand – How big your role in the organisation will be is up to you-.

While the alpha phase/ in the pre release phase is ongoing:

-We will accept member requests. Feel free to apply.
-Let us know your intentions why you want to become part of the network, what and how you will contribute to The Society and what you want to achieve with and within the organisation.