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In 2945, Levski-born miner Vanus “Vulcan” Herald acquired a used RSI Aurora ES from a junker in exchange for 1,500 UEC and a bucket of mobiGlas processors. From his uncle’s hangar on Levski, Vulcan worked overtime nursing his Aurora’s failing TR2 engine back to health. Once his beloved bird could fly, he went door-to-door looking to make an extra credit or two doing courier work under the name “NorseLine” (honoring his family’s ancient Scandinavian roots).

Soon, the business took off as NorseLine became known as a reliable, no-nonsense freighter among Levski’s most active merchants, including the Mackens, Luther Cordry, Miles Eckhart, and perhaps the occasional less-than-savory Nyxean pirate. By 2947, NorseLine had expanded so rapidly, that it moved its base of operations from Levski to Jata, in order to be closer to Banu, Earth, and Terra trade lines.

In spite of NorseLine’s booming financial success, it retains its feisty no-nonsense heritage of freedom and autonomy above all. Although the above-board nature of the business requires UEE compliance, the Messer era will never be forgotten by company leadership, and UEE power will likely always be viewed with quiet disdain. Most NorseLiners won’t hesitate to break bread with misfits, rebels, and outlaws provided that their trade interests aren’t at stake.


Today, NorseLine provides a number of transportation-centric service offerings. Our organization is designed to be self-sufficient and robust, with each aspect of moving cargo covered by our team.

Our freighting division is responsible for transporting a variety of cargo types. From the most nimble courier to the largest freighter, NorseLine’s fleet is ready to meet any challenge.

  • Ground vehicles and snub aircraft
  • Gasses (inert, flammable, or oxidizing)
  • Mined ore, rock, and metals
  • Construction materials
  • Habitation moving services
  • Agricultural supplies, medical goods, and foodstuffs
  • VIPs and military personnel
  • Discreet and highly-sensitive cargo
  • Data and digital commodities

Loss Prevention
Our private security division is focused on preventing loss of cargo and providing a variety of mission-critical protection services. Our security staff is military-trained and combat tested. From a single armed guard to a fully manned capital size escort, NorseLine is ready to challenge any threat to our bottom line.

Our best-in-class logistical support division ensures that our fleet and personnel are taken care of. We’re fully staffed with mechanics, refuelers, rearmament crew, on-site medical staff, habitation specialists, as well as a nutrition division led by a former award-winning Casselean resort chef. Whatever could go wrong…we’re prepared to make it right.

Often freighting is preceded by industrial activity. We’re equipped to capitalize on a variety of large-scale commodity-recovery operations, including mining, salvaging, data retrieval, and gas refinement.

Our financial wing provides both investment and loan opportunities to well-qualified clients. Our equity products offer the most competitive interest rates in the industry, and our loan options are second-to-none. Transportation and trade cannot happen without capital, and we aim to provide best-in-class backing to entrepreneurs across the UEE.


Vanus “Vulcan” Herald
The founder of NorseLine got his start hauling small goods for local merchants on Levski. After a long journey of hard work and dedication, Vulcan and his team have been able to grow NorseLine into the recognized and respected name that it is today. When he’s not hauling or transferring credits, Vulcan can be found relaxing at his hab outside Eri City or playing the tables at Cassel.

Epoxe Jones
Epoxe wasn’t always the people person that his title implies. Following an isolated childhood growing up on unincorporated asteroid mines, he made his way in life smuggling stolen goods on the black market. After his bounty finally caught up to him, he spent 14 years working the anti-matter mines at QuarterDeck. After an early release for good behavior, he moved to Levski and found work as a deck hand for NorseLine, quickly rising through the ranks. Without fail, Epoxe has the same lunch every day: Big Benny’s Spicy Thai and a Groovin’ Grapefruit Snazzle juice box. Don’t tease him about it. Chopsticks make a nice shank.

© 2949 NorseLine Corporation Ltd. (Dyna Tower, 132 Ventura Circle, Jata, Cestulus, Davien)



NorseLine was borne from the barren, forgotten dust of unincorporated space. We’re led by misfits and outcasts, and we make no apologies for our love of freedom and disdain for all things authoritarian.

Every member of NorseLine is free to leave without repercussions at any time, just as any newcomer is free to join our ranks at any time. Non-competes and forced tenures simply don’t exist in our world. Every member of NorseLine is here because they want to be here.

Free Trust
Trust is something that is lost, not earned. By default, as a new member or client, you’re given the opportunity to perform at your best. We don’t probe you or force you to earn your seat at the table. We’ve got your place set for you.

Supporting Small Business
We believe that every Citizen should have the right to work as a solo entrepreneur, and firmly stand behind the little guy. Every voyage we charter is a chance for small orgs and freelancers to engage with us on an economic level and share in the profits.

Responsibility Over Rules
We’ll lay down hard rules when we need to, but we have a bias for critical thinking and common sense. By encouraging good judgement and a philosophy of “treat others as you’d like to be treated”, we keep our rule book thin.

Play With Others
We’re sociable and enjoy interacting with other orgs. We encourage our members to explore the far reaches of the universe, leaving no stone unturned. We’re proud members of the United Armistice Association, Citizen’s Coffee Company, and Interstellar Diplomacy.

No Judgements
We put our work first. We don’t judge the political opinions and extracurricular activities of our associates. Whether you’re a patriotic UEE believer or a top Drake customer with five unexplained org redactions, we welcome you. As long as you fly true and are an asset to our business dealings, we’ll have your back.

© 2949 NorseLine Corporation Ltd. (Dyna Tower, 132 Ventura Circle, Jata, Cestulus, Davien)



There aren’t many rules, but we take the ones we have seriously.

  • Use your Spectrum name in our Discord to make co-play easy and simple.
  • Have fun off the clock, but respect chain of command and use comm discipline during chartered voyages. Do your best.
  • Keep it chill. We’ll help with serious interpersonal issues, but try to let the minor issues go. Less drama means more fun!
  • Keep the politics, offensive humor, and sh*tposting to a minimum. We’re not against those things, this just isn’t the place.
  • Be respectful. By all means, speak your mind, but make a good faith effort to not be rude, argumentative, or difficult. There’s a decent way to say almost anything.
  • Be here for the right reason. Joining us for purposes that aren’t good faith isn’t fun for anyone.

© 2949 NorseLine Corporation Ltd. (Dyna Tower, 132 Ventura Circle, Jata, Cestulus, Davien)