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Generating camaraderie, wealth, and adventure since 2948.

Interested in joining? Message vulcan13 on Spectrum for more information.



NorseLine was founded on October 10, 2948 by Vanus “Vulcan” Herald. Initially started as a freelance hauling group, NorseLine has since grown into a self-sufficient spacefaring organization. Backed by a strong foundation of commercial and industrial expertise, NorseLine has been able to focus more of its efforts on exploration and combat, making it a well-rounded, financially stable, and diverse enterprise.


As an organization, NorseLine strives to maintain its culture of camaraderie, preparedness, and adventure. Its member base is made up of parents, military veterans, professionals, and (of course) sci-fi nerds. When they are not discussing new patch notes or organizing Caterpillar convoys, NorseLiners can be found lassoing each other in Red Dead Online (sometimes we all need a break from Star Citizen), breaking down episodes of The Mandalorian, watching cheesy B-movies together, or debating hardware upgrades. Without a doubt, NorseLine’s biggest asset isn’t its capital-class fleet, but its close-knit, family-like crew.


NorseLine’s commercial interests are inextricably intertwined with the UEE, meaning that while piracy and rampant lawlessness aren’t on our agenda, plenty of other activities are:

  • Small to mega scale mining
  • Transportation, freighting, and couriering
  • Salvage and reclamation
  • Fighter and bomber squadrons
  • Medical evacuations and rescue
  • Land-based warfare and ground operations
  • Naval combat and patrols
  • Exploration and science
  • And more!

Chances are, if there’s a gameplay style or occupation type, it will play a role in NorseLine’s overall strategy.

© 2950 NorseLine Corporation Ltd. (Dyna Tower, 132 Ventura Circle, Jata, Cestulus, Davien)


Our Mission

The mission of NorseLine is to empower every member to build lifelong memories through an immersive, one-of-a-kind space adventure.

Our Values

Every member of NorseLine is free to leave without repercussions at any time, just as any newcomer is free to join our ranks at any time. Non-competes and forced tenures simply don’t exist in our world. Every member of NorseLine is here because they want to be here.

We ask members to offer a modicum of respect to one another by steering clear of topics and content that offends or distracts from our true purpose. While not everyone is a fit for our community, we believe that the best adventures have a range of characters and opinions. Respect and deference helps us use our diversity as a strength.

We believe in the power of planning and organization, and simultaneously believe in the fun of spontaneity and shenanigans. We love immersion and role-play, and at the same time strive to be ourselves. We love dedication to our organization, and we also respect real-life responsibilities and needs. When we see two opposite extremes, we always look to see if we can strike a sensible balance somewhere in the middle.

© 2950 NorseLine Corporation Ltd. (Dyna Tower, 132 Ventura Circle, Jata, Cestulus, Davien)


Our Rules

There aren’t many rules, but we take the ones we have seriously.

  • Use your Spectrum ID as your Discord nickname. It keeps things simple.
  • Keep it decent. No constant sh*tposting. No antagonizing. No politics.
  • Keep it chill. We don’t get worked up. This is a game. We work hard and play hard.
  • Do your best. If you join a voyage, assist the team and follow the lead of the voyage commander.
  • Good faith members only, please. Don’t use your time in NorseLine to simply promote other groups or troll.

© 2950 NorseLine Corporation Ltd. (Dyna Tower, 132 Ventura Circle, Jata, Cestulus, Davien)