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Northfield / NORTHFIELD

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Hello Citizen, welcome to Northfield!

We are a multifaceted organization that offers Security, Medical and Industrial services.

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The first peoples of the North lived there since time immemorial. Over the course of history, individuals from various corners of the world have arrived on those shores. Consequently, the Northern region has evolved into a tapestry of cultures, representing myriad nations from across the globe. This confluence has been instrumental in shaping the distinct Northern identity we proudly bear.

In pursuit of enhancing the Northern influence and reach, the it’s government took a strategic initiative to provide financial backing to the Northfield Corporation, which has since adopted the name Northfield. The corporation was tasked with establishing a robust corporate presence and executing operations within the farthest frontiers of the universe.

Today, Northfield stands as a significant and influential private enterprise, headquartered in New Babbage on the Stanton planet, microTech. The company efficiently operates across its three core divisions: Security, encompassing advanced protective services; Medical, which entails Search and Rescue as well as Combat Medicine; and Industrial, effectively managing resources and logistics.

Originally instituted as a government-owned entity, Northfield has evolved into a privately owned enterprise, relinquishing its ties to official governance while retaining its historical affinity with the Northern legacy.

As former inhabitants of the Earth’s North, our inclination lies in inhabiting the cold expanses of the galaxy. This inclination is twofold, both due to the inherent safeguard it offers against less resilient individuals and due to its nostalgic resonance with our place of origin.

To survive the Northern winter, one needs a body of brass, eyes of glass, and blood made of brandy.
— Louis Armand de Lom d’Arce Lahontan

Northfield is
  • a proud founding member of the Tau Alliance and signatory of the Treaty of Levski.
  • a partner of Trauma Team, an inter-organizational medical response group dedicated to providing care for all citizens.
  • a supporter of the ANZIA Racing, partnering to host races across the ‘Verse.


1. Be an Organization that cares for its members and provides them a safe place to conduct their business in the Verse.

2. Resources (UEC, equipment, vehicles and ships) owned by Northfield will be distributed to help ensure mission efficiency and success.

3. Northfield will be largely law abiding, only operating outside the law when it comes to the safety of our members.

4. Northfield will participate in a variety of trades and industries, assuming it has the resources to do so. However, currently our main focuses currently are (and in this order) Security, Trade, Emergency Medical Services.

5. Northfield will act respectfully to other Organizations, and will try to keep the highest possible standing. Should relationships degrade we will ensure all of our members remain safe and secure.



Striving to help make the universe more positive and safe because we believe that is the key to a brighter future for all.



To create prosperity and provide security for our members and allies from the dangers in the universe.



- Provide safety and success for its members
- Be financially successful as an organisation
- Make the best possible use of Northfields assets (personnel, ships, and other)
- Follow UEE and Local Laws to the utmost of our ability
- Be a stable organisation with skilled and knowledgeable leaders
- Grow to an appropriate number of Members to effectively meet its other goals
- Offer a positive influence to the Universe


Divisions of Northfield

Northfield Security Division

Northfield Security Division (NSD) offers a variety of services to clients as well as our own internal security, mainly conducting things such as V.I.P Protection, location monitoring, bounty hunting, ground defense, security advising, and PMC units. NSD conducts operations both in space and on the ground.


Northfield Medical Division

Northfield Medical Division (NMD) provides both medical support to NSD operations, but is also contracted by other groups to provide top of the line medical support, combat medics, Search and Rescue, and longer term medical provision as well. Within Northfield Medical there are two Branches.

  • Northfield’s Mercy Wing are our top of the line emergency medical service responders. Its main goal is to save the lives of all citizens. All those who join the Medical Division start out in the Mercy Wing.
  • Courage Wing Medics are almost always found embedded in Northfield (or other) Security Forces. They provide medical support for sanctioned operations, most commonly on foot or flying in and supporting Northfield Fleet actions.


Northfield Industrial Division

Northfield Industrial Division (NID) is a generally in-house operation that conducts mining, trade, transportation, salvage and everything in-between. NID is the main financial driver of the organization. Our Industrial Division currently has three Branches with always the possibility to have more should the need require.

  • The Mining Branch goes out into the extreme reaches of the universe to gather and refine minerals and ores. They work closely with the Logistics Branch to transport their commodities to where they need to go.
  • The Salvage Branch scoures former battlefields for scrap, components and weapons that can be recycled.
  • In addition to the buying and selling in the commodity trade, the Logistics Branch is vital to all Northfield operations. It ensures that we have the resources and personnel where and when we need them, Logistics is also tasked with ensuring Northfield’s fleet stays supplied and in good condition.




Full membership is granted once you have joined both the Discord and applied on the RSI Website.

Member’s Charter

1. Members will work together to complete their tasks, when possible.

2. Members treat each other as family, if there is an issue, approach it respectfully and have both sides work to a resolution, the Officers are always at hand to help resolve an issue. Should an issue arise with an Officer, please contact the other Officers to address the issue.

3. We are a legal organization, meaning we follow all local system laws. Yet, we recognize that not all situations can be addressed in a legal way and offer some room to maneuver extra-legally in very specific circumstances. Members are required to advise and discuss any action that is considered illegal as long as operating on behalf of Northfield.

4. Northfield is a strictly anti-piracy Organisation, meaning no acts of Piracy, planned or otherwise, will be tolerated. Other actions such as engagement in slave trading will also not be tolerated.

5. Members will have opportunities to vote and participate during Organization meetings. In meetings various things will be discussed, such as when signing business agreements with other Organizations, conducting certain operations and making decisions about getting involved in military or other conflicts.

6. Members place their fellow members first, but should also treat citizens of other Organizations as respectfully as possible.



Join our Discord to learn more about our Ranks and roles. As you will notice our RSI page ranks only signify which division a person is in. This is because our ranking system is much more robust than what we are allowed here.