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Northfield / NORTHFIELD

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“Do you feel most at home in the cold, would you rather a flake of snow than a drop of rain, love the sight of fresh fallen snow? Then welcome home citizen, welcome to Northfield”

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The first peoples of the North lived there since time immemorial. People from across the sea arrived at different times throughout history, most notably in the year 1534. Since then the North has been a mosaic of people from hundreds of nations on Earth and it is this nature that has made our unique Northern identity.

In an effort to expand the North’s influence in the ‘Verse, it’s government helped fund the fledgling Northfield Corporation, now commonly referred to as simply Northfield, to establish a corporate base and conduct business in any way they see fit.


Northfield has now become an important corporation, based from the chilly heights of microTech, conducting operations in many fields of business, including security, trade, transportation, medical services, and more. Though originally created for those from the North looking to see what the ‘Verse had to offer and do business together, Northfield has recently opened its doors to new members in a hope that they can create strong bonds with its people while living life in the ‘Verse.

As previous inhabitants of the North on Earth we prefer living in the frigid regions of the galaxy, it gives us separation from the warm bloods and we have become accustom to it, so look for us next time you see frost in the the air, we probably are not far away.

To survive the Northern winter, one needs a body of brass, eyes of glass, and blood made of brandy.
— Louis Armand de Lom d’Arce Lahontan, Terran

Our location on the edges of lawful space is to maximize our freedom to operate and take care of ourselves our own way and yet enjoy the benefits UEE security. As previous inhabitants of Earth we do adhere as closely to UEE law, in addition to any other regional corporate law, as possible, though we recognize that sometimes rules must bend. We actively encourage our members to not engage in criminal activities or conduct business in the darker corners of space.


July 2nd 2950

Northfield begins cooperating with A’Care Mining and Reclaimation (AMR), Independent Professionals Soceity (IPS), and Independent Miners Guild (IMGd), conducting Joint Training Operations in various fields of Combat.


August 14th 2950

Northfield introduces the Northfield Motorsports Racing Team and begins participation in the Expendables Cup


August 22nd 2950

Northfield (with members from IMGd and ORPEC) leads the opposing team in a ground combat training operation (Assaulting an outpost) against Oraxion, and claims an impressive victory by successfully overtaking the outpost by the end of the Operation.


August 23rd 2950

Northfield takes a key role in bringing multiple Organizations together, and becomes one of the Founding Father groups of The Citizen’s Council, a council committed to bringing smaller Organizations together and providing them a larger political, economic voice.

Founding Fathers includes: Northfield, Starpilot’s Superior Security Serices (S3S), Oraxion, Independent Miners Guild (IMGd), Outer Rim Protection and Exploration Corporation (ORPEC), A’Care Mining and Reclaimation (AMR), and Hithust Corp (HITHUST). If you are Organization Leader or head ambassador check out The Citizen’s Council at


August 29th 2950

Due to a non-neutral “neutral” party The Citizen’s Council was never ratified. The Organizations of TCC have since banded together and and created a new alliance, named the Tau Alliance.

The first Assembly Session occurred on this date and an informal agreement between the parties was established to create a Treaty.


September 5th 2950

The second meeting of the Tau Alliance Assembly occurs. The founding document, the Treaty of Levski is signed and ratified by the four founding members – ORPEC, AMR, IMGd and Northfield.


September 19th 2950

Northfield hosts the Celebration of the signing of the Treaty of Levski, and founding for the Tau Alliance


September 26th 2950

On a team with AMR, IMGd and FOREX, Northfield partakes in Operation ANIMUS VIRAGE fighting against TSN and MC, claiming victory in both stages of the event.

(Last updated September 26th 2950)


1. Be an Organization that cares for its members and provides them a safe place to conduct their business in the Verse.

2. Resources (UEC, equipment, vehicles and ships) owned by Northfield will be distributed to help ensure mission efficiency and success.

3. Northfield will be largely law abiding, only operating outside the law when it comes to the safety of our members.

4. Northfield will participate in a variety of trades and industries, assuming it has the resources to do so. However, currently our main focuses currently are (and in this order) Security, Trade, Emergency Medical Services.

5. Northfield will act respectfully to other Organizations, and will try to keep the highest possible standing. Should relationships degrade we will ensure all of our members remain safe and secure.


Industry Divisions of Northfield

Northfield Security Division

Offering many different services, Northfield Security Division (NSD) rely on effective training and many years of experience in the field. Providing everything from V.I.P. protection details, location monitoring, bounty hunting, outpost defense, NSD also is available to be contracted as PMC advisors and reinforcements.

Divided into two groups, ground and air, NSD has an access to an ever growing fleet of proven fighters and other military support vessels, all flown and operated by our highly skilled members. Our members who are a part of NSD are referred to as the Northfield Security Forces (NSF).


Northfield Trading Division

While generally not hired out for use by other groups, Northfield Trading Division (NTD) is the financial driver of Northfield. Operating in the trade and transportation of the many physical commodities found in the ‘Verse, our fleet of cargo scour the systems we are based in to find where resources are needed and take advantage of the supply and demand economy.

NTD heavily relies on the NSD air groups to escort them during their trade excursions. To transport goods NTD uses a variety of cargo ships, such as Drake Caterpillars, Banu Merchantman, the Freelancer family and more.


Northfield Emergency Medical Division

Most commonly found accompanying Northfield Security Forces in their operations or rushing to distress beacons, the Northfield Emergency Medical Division (NEMD) and their Northfield Emergency Medical Units (NEMUs) are regularly included in discussions of the top Search and Rescue groups in the ‘Verse.

Trained in personnel retrieval, emergency medical response and combat medical services, NEMD is outfitted with top of the line medical equipment and medical ships to complete their work in the quickest fashion.


(Last updated August 27th 2950)


1. Members will work together to complete their tasks, when possible.

2. Members treat each other as family, if there is an issue, approach it respectfully and have both sides work to a resolution, the officers are always at hand to help resolve an issue.

3. Officers are not perfect, just because someone has a higher rank do not be afraid to bring up the issue with them or other officers if needed.

4. We are a legal organization, meaning we follow all UEE Laws in addition to local and corporate planet laws. Yet, we recognize that not all situations can be addressed in a legal way and give some room to maneuver. We do ask that you get permission from an officer before conducting anything explicitly illegal as long as operating on behalf of Northfield.

5. Members will have opportunities to vote and participate during Organization meetings. In meetings various things will be discussed, such as when signing business agreements with other Organizations, conducting certain operations and before getting into major conflicts.

6. Members place their fellow members first, but should also treat citizens of other Organizations as respectfully as possible.



Board Officer: Most dedicated and involved members. Board Officers (Chief … Officer) make up the Board of Officers and along with the CEO ensure Northfield is a successful corporation, meeting its goals and having the means to do so.

Senior Officer: Second highest rank, help make up the leadership teams, and are assigned to work under specific Board Officers assisting them with their various departments.

Junior Officer: Lowest rank considered an Officer. Highest rank a member with an affiliate status can obtain. Are also often assigned to work for specific Board Officers.


Managers are the highest rank within Northfield that is not considered an Officer. Managers each control a team or Supervisors and Members and are assigned certain jobs by Officers/Leadership. Managers ensure the jobs assigned to them are completed, regularly overlooking the day-to-day operations of Northfield.

Supervisor: 1-2 Supervisors will be assigned to a Manager and work with them to lead their team in their assigned tasks.

Member: Lowest Rank, but by no means unimportant as they are the most numerous positions. Members are assigned to a Supervisor, who they themselves are under a Manager. Members complete most of the day-to-day operations of Northfield and are therefore vital to all our operations. Everyone not explicitly called a Member, is also considered a Member of Northfield (aka Employee).


(Last updated September 4th 2950)