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NOVA Intergalactic / NOVAEN

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The future is in your hands

NOVA offers you the possibility to do what you enjoy the most! From exploring the galaxy too fighting bad guys. All of this with the support and protection of an organization



NOVA was instituted in 2948 and has quickly grown to become one of the top ten largest
organizations in the Verse.
In NOVA, you will be able to take part in a wide range of activities that you enjoy through one
of our five branches catering to different styles of gameplay: NOVA Defence, NOVA Frontiers,
NOVA Core, NOVA Relief and NOVA Skyline. From exploring the galaxy, mining, salvaging and
racing to protecting your fellow org members and much more.

Why join NOVA?

Becoming a member of NOVA will allow you to participate in many of our events and operations
all while providing you with a safe environment to explore the verse. We offer something for
every player of different activities and commitment. With the size of our community someone is
almost always online to connect with in order to see new sites, new ships, and explore all that
Star Citizen has to offer.

In NOVA you will find operations to participate in on a daily basis. An operation is an event that
has one goal set on advance and in which every NOVA member can participate. All operations
are optional, so feel free to join in the ones that pique your interest. All of our branches
actively create medium and large operations, plus we have plenty of NOVA Teams in each
branch that you can join if you’d like to enjoy your experience along a group of likeminded

In summary, you will get access to:
  • A great gaming community: NOVA has players from all around the globe, young
    and old, all united by the passion of gaming. Once you join NOVA, you know you
    will never need to play alone again. All of our members are here to help each other
    and have fun together!
  • Better profits: Our goal is not to only have fun but to also gain profit for each
    other. Playing together we can achieve more. Depending on the activity
    conducted the profit will be shared accordingly. NOVA ensures that the profit you
    make is higher than if you were to do the same activity alone. Why not join one of
    our famous fund runs led by NOVA Core?
  • Great proprietary tools: In NOVA we have developed an array of tools to make
    the experience of Star Citizen more immersive and enjoyable. From our Discord’s
    own NOVA AI to our trading route calculator or our comprehensive Operations and
    Squadrons sections in our website, all of these great tools will be at your
  • Daily operations: When we say you will never need to play alone, we mean it. In
    addition to the constant activity our Discord server and voice chats have, you will
    find several organized operations every week any member can join!

NOVA’s Branches

NOVA Defence

The sword and shield of NOVA tasked with the protection of all the members and assets of
NOVA. They are our first and last line of defence and their duties can be compared to those of
a country’s military force: to protect and uphold the law in times of peace and to crush the
enemies of NOVA when called upon by High Command.


NOVA Core is the financial lung of NOVA where every industrial activity has its place and every
entrepreneur finds a home. The strength of having a branch dedicated to industry is the ability
to combine any and all its facets to increase the overall productivity of NOVA.

NOVA Frontiers

It takes a strong will to risk everything for the chance to experience something truly special, to
see the beauty in stark otherworldly vistas previously unseen by human eyes. NOVA Frontier’s
goal is to explore the verse in search of useful data and locations for NOVA.

NOVA Relief

NOVA Relief is a branch where helping each other and making a better place out of the verse is
the main objective. This can cover from the obvious medical gameplay to support our
organization to engaging in large scale humanitarian campaigns or rescuing stranded Citizens
lost in our vast galaxy.

NOVA Skyline

NOVA Skyline is all about style. From inter-planetary tours aboard its vast fleet of Origin VIP
passenger vessels to chartered flights when getting there is more important than how you get
there. But they do much more than ferrying passengers in luxurious journeys: social events,
entertainment and expositions are their bread and butter too.



Q: How do I join?

A: You can join by pressing the Join us now! button on the top right of the page.

Q: Should I join as a member or as an affiliate?

A: Upon joining NOVA, please set yourself as a Member, not an Affiliate. Currently NOVA does
not accept any new Affiliates.

Q: NOVA has 5 Branches to choose from, can I be part of more than one?

A: Absolutely! Every member is part of NOVA as a whole. This means you can participate in
activities from every branch whenever you want; only Fleet Admirals are assigned one specific
branch to focus on.

Q: What does NOVA being a lawful organization mean?

A: It means that NOVA does not condone or engage on piracy or grieving activities. Any activity
that has as an objective disrupting the experience of other players in the Verse is not allowed
in NOVA. Grey areas such as smuggling are allowed though, since it does not involve killing or
hurting other citizens.

Q: What time zone does NOVA operate in?

A: NOVA is active in every time zone. We have members from all around the world. Our vast
majority of members are currently from US or EU time zones, however.

Q: Does NOVA accept role play?

A: We have nothing against role play. Due to popular demand we have created text and voice
channels dedicated to role play activity. Any member is free to join these channels and stay in

Q: I have more questions!

A: Feel free to drop by on our Discord server and ask your questions there. We will gladly
answer them for you!


The purpose of NOVA is ultimately to allow all of its members to have fun and enjoy the Verse
with a great community of likeminded individuals. All of our activity and purpose is driven by
our Values and Behaviors:

Star Citizen is a game

Star Citizen is first and foremost a game, not a perfect real-life simulation. As in any game, its
core purpose is to provide a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone. Whilst there are several
dedicated NOVA Teams centered around realism and simulation, NOVA intends to cater for a
wide range of audiences and our primary objective is to have fun together. Respect how
others may want to enjoy their game experience.

NOVA will expand at pace with Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a work in progress. As in any Alpha, any planned or existing features are subject
to change at any time as we near the completion of the game. To avoid wasting time and
effort in creating structures for features that might or might not happen, NOVA will not
develop plans for any gameplay loop that is not currently already released in the latest Alpha.

NOVA is and will remain a neutral organization until the final release
of Star Citizen

NOVA does not and will not engage in alliances or enmities with other organizations before
the release of Star Citizen. We desire to preserve our freedom to ensure we start the Star
Citizen experience without a tarnished reputation or hostilities that might impair our initial
ability to grow and explore. NOVA members are expected to not be part of any organization
that takes part in piracy or grieving activities or organizations which have demonstrated
hostility towards NOVA with their actions.


By the Word and the Will of the High Lords of NOVA,
NOVA and Its people hereby set forth to establish an independent, lawful,
self-sustaining community where citizens from all origins may come
together to create a better future both individually and as a corporate

NOVA recognizes and adheres to the laws of the UEE so long as they do
not supersede, conflict, or in other ways overwrite NOVA’s own
policies or standards of living.
It is hereby decreed that NOVA shall remain a friend
of the UEE, the UEEN and the Imperium of
Man in all its glorious extension at all times and
against all enemies, without any boundaries or
limitations to this undying commitment.
To this end is NOVA Defence instituted and
tasked with the protection of NOVA and all
of its assets, bound to uphold the law and to act as
a symbol of what any and all Citizens should
strive to become.
So it is written, so it shall be.
Terra, 2948