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Nights Remnant / NRMNT

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Social
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NIGHTS REMNANT – Born from Chaos, Shaped by Order, Defined by Power. Dive into our universe, choosing between the Corporate or Military branches. Explore more on our (Website), or relive our moments in (Our Videos)


2951 – Nights Remnant kicked off, formed from other org remnants. With our Overlord leading, we’re carving our space in the Universe.

2952 – Set up Military and Corporate roles. More members joined after our Propaganda Protocol launch.

2953 – Introduced divisions in Corporate and Military, becoming the pillars of our Org.

2954 – ???
Our story is still growing, to Pyro and beyond.


Nights Remnant isn’t just an org; it’s a community on the rise.

Our Goal:
We’re here to have fun and help others in the Verse. Simple.

UEE Stance:
We’re neutral with the UEE. Mostly stick to the law, but we’re flexible when needed.

Org Setup:
Jumping in is easy, be it Corporate or Military. We’ve made it straightforward.

We’re picky. We want top citizens. Our sign-up ensures that.

Your Choice:
Whether you’re all-in or just looking to chill in the Verse, Nights Remnant is the way to go.


Legend and Shake started Nights Remnant in 2020. After seeing orgs with too many demands or ones that fell apart, they wanted a community that puts members first.

But we’ve got rules to keep things smooth:

We might dabble in piracy now and then. But griefing other players for kicks? That’s off-limits.

Your real life always takes the front seat. No need to be here daily. Look out for yourself first.

You’ve got to be 18 to join. Expectations? Be decent and respectful to other community members.