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New Republic Navy / NRN

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Saving galaxies since 1996. We have expanded into Star Citizen! Join us and help the NRN achieve dominance!

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Long Live the Mighty NRN!


“The NRN is made up of friends, new and old, who share common interests and enjoy common pass-times: the wondrous fantasy/sci-fi world and the computer games based on them. The Mighty NRN strikes the balance between an open and inclusive fleet and an elite squad; for we accept pilots regardless of initial skill level, but require a good attitude, loyalty, and the dedication to improve skills and help out the organization. The NRN is fun, banding together into an organization to increase the fun we derive from our games. The NRN is a community, a home away from home in the virtual world where you can get to know very real people. The NRN is history, is legend, and yet is present and future potential. The NRN gives her members a sense of belonging, the support of a family, and a portion in greatness.”



The New Republic Navy is a gaming club founded in late 1996 in preparation for the game Xwing vs Tie Fighter coming live on the MSN Gaming Zone.

World Champions in X-Wing Alliance, our organization has grown over the years and now we are expanding our Star Citizen Division.

We are a freelancer organization, open to anything that’s generating credit income as well as helping out any contractors requiring help of any kind. The only thing we do not consent with is piracy and player griefing.

Currently, we are open for all kinds of activities the universe has to offer, although our main expertise is industrial work.

Did we pique your interest? More information can be found on Discord: or on our website:

Join us TODAY to fulfill your dreams!

Long Live the Mighty NRN! S

Star Citizen

Fleet Admiral/Division Commander: NRN_Das

[Editor: Fleet-Admiral Das]


The New Republic Navy is now recruiting all able pilots, ground combatants, traders and freelancers.

Founded in 1996 for the Star Wars space combat simulator games NRN has over 20 years of experience and tradition in space combat and first-person shooter games, as well as MMO’s. Over the years NRN has built an impressive service record and claim awards in 57 Guild Wars. No prior experience is required to join the NRN and training is always available. Real life comes first and we pride ourselves on respectful attitude.

The NRN’s primary mission is broad will involve para-military operations, but include divisions for all specialties of all combat and non-combative skill sets. The primary key is to work as a team and help each other prosper in the world of SC.

An extensive ranking system provides the necessary support and structure for the guild’s chain of command and organization. Members of every rank are valuable and can hold both leadership and support positions within a squadron, wing, or division.

Newly enlisted members can request training and report to the NRN Flight Training Academy. Academy Recruits will receive training in craft and system knowledge, basic flight skills, and combat maneuvers. As a recruit completes their training they may advance in the ranks. Upon completion of the training syllabus, cadets are awarded their Pewter, Copper, Silver, Gold, or Top Gun (PVP) Flight Wings and may retest at any time to advance said “skill rank”. Our instructors are second to none and have have been training recruits since the earliest days of space combat simulation. Their goal is to prepare you for any situation you may encounter with the hopes that you will one day equal them and earn Gold Flight Wings.

If you have any questions please contact one of our members or visit our website at

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I. Introduction

Before you get started, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules.

The primary basis for the rules in NRN is that it is based on the ranking system and with this comes some trust.
Although the NRN is not a role play guild there is some element of it in the ranking and rule system. It is hoped that people can follow small simple suggestions and move up in the ranks themselves. In many cases, the leader will have more knowledge than you do and it is hoped that by following directions we can win as a team.

So, although the NRN is based on a loose military structure, meaning every member holds a rank – still, this is a place to have fun and to find friends. Be polite and show respect to the higher ranks. If you feel you have been treated unfairly please contact the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) or any Admiral in the Fleet.

The NRN is an ‘Online Gaming Club’ established in 1996 with roots in old X-Wing Series based Star Wars games, we have grown to support a wide range of games and genres since that time.

II. The NRN Code of Conduct (CoC):

1. Please limit gossip about your fellow players and do not verbally mock or attack a fellow NRN member.

No matter what is or was said, we do not want the NRN to stoop down to the level of making fun of people to feel good. A mature attitude is a requirement to stay in the NRN.

The NRN prides itself on taking the high road. Griefing and attacking other guilds or players is not looked upon well.

2. Do not post or discuss explicit, obscene or offensive material.

NRN is a Gaming Club for all nationalities and all ages. Some content on the Internet is not suitable for the younger generations or would be considered offensive. Please use discretion when talking or posting within the NRN forums, disord, servers or other mediums of communication.

3. The NRN Supports International Copyright Laws

The NRN does not condone the use of pirated software and services. Committing acts of software or media piracy and/or discussing such acts may result in the cancellation of your membership.

Further rules:

No cheating: The NRN is a well known and honored gaming community and we want to keep this status.

Activity: Try to play at least once a week, check the boards/discord 3 times a week and attend the meetings if one needs to be held. Otherwise, you may be considered inactive and removed from the active roster. Voice is appreciated but not required.

Behavior: The NRN follows the universal netiquette. Be polite, do not impersonate members, only one NRN account is allowed. If possible have your discord name close to your character name.

The official NRN greeting is * S * (Salute).

Violations of these rules may result in a member being warned or kicked. If a warning is not heeded or is deemed serious enough the Admirals will decide on appropriate disciplinary action. If there are any problems to report contact an Admiral, or divisions DIA officer, or your commanding officer.

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